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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tours Mai Hime Volume 7 Doujinshi Page 13,14

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only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos I like it lol.

I DO NOT DRAW doujinshis, I got the scans from Yamibo. The author of this doujinshi is 'Doropanda Tours' hence I don't claim ANY credits for it.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Page 13. Page 14.

Well, yeah most of you guessed right lol, Shizuru had a nose bleed =).

The results of the first Blog Poll in IchigoYuri, we asked you, 'Your choice for this May, Song of the Month?' ;

Blog Poll of 050507.

Thank you for voting, didn't expect so many votes =), I was like, 'Well maybe 20 people will vote and stuff'. Seems like there's still a lot of Strawberry Panic! Fans around, as a staggering 49 votes out of 86 votes want 'Encore - Strawberry Panic! - Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete - Mellow Berry Ballad Ver'. Um, yay? Enjoy.

Oh yeah, please vote in the next poll =), the poll of this month's 'What do you want to see more in IchigoYuri?'

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  1. Thank you for continuing this... I heart shizuru-sama so muchie

  2. Yay! Strawberry Panic! won! XD Thx for translating this!

  3. "if you've really forgave me then let me touch you"

    lol, of shizuru <3
    thanks very much for translating =)

  4. Kanzakis comment cracked me up the most
    rofl also Sizu with a nosebleed is funny. :D

  5. Hehe... funny Shizuru! Thanks so much for translating!! ^__^

  6. Hey luvin da new translations, cnt wait til da next lot r put up.

    Jus wnted 2 ask, where do u find all da Shiznat doujin's? I go on 2 YouTube, and find dat many people put doujins in der Shiznat Vids, and many of those doujinshi's r in English. I cnt read chinese lol which makes it rlly hard wen i find good material 2 read.

    Anyway...gd luck wit da translatin...!! 4rm Free Spirit 07'

  7. to Free Spirit 07',
    i got most of them from yamibo, a mandarin website.

  8. OMG, SO CUTE! Lol, Reito's always walking in on everything... ^^