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Friday, May 11, 2007

[CD] Stefanie Sun Yan Zi 'Against The Light' 2nd Limited Edition [CD+DVD]

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Whoa, finally got my copy of the 2nd 'Limited' edition of 'Against the Light', bought it from Choa Chu Kang, Lot 1's LaserFlair for S$21.90. Anyways for those overseas, you can always purchase it from click here, kinda expensive though.

List of Tracks;
★CD 完美演唱滿足聆聽12部曲
1. In the Beginning
2. 逆光
3. 夢遊
4. 咕嘰咕嘰
5. 我懷念的
6. 安寧
7. 飄著
8. 愛情的花樣
9. 漩渦
10. 需要你
11. 關於
12. Afterward

★DVD 精采影音限定回饋獻禮
<第一篇>孫燕姿 逆光慶功演唱會 漁人碼頭精采LIVE
[First Part] Sun Yan Zi in 'Against the Light' Concert LIVE
1. 咕嘰咕嘰
2. 夢遊
3. 漩渦
4. 安寧
5. 愛情的花樣
6. 需要你
7. 飄著
8. 我懷念的
9. 關於
10. 逆光

[Second Part] 'Against the Light' 5 MVs

Enjoy the pictures I took XD.

Front Cover.

Front and Second Cover.

Inside The Cover.

Nice, I like the pic on the right XD.

Second Inside The Cover.

Mini Poster Front? Mini Poster Back?

Screenshots of the DVD contents;

YanZi DVD Special Main Menu.

YanZi LIVE Concert List of Songs.

YanZi MV List of Songs.

So, wacha waiting for? GO PURCHASE IT NOW XD!

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