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Friday, May 18, 2007

akayuki's Celebrity Look-Alikes - Try it!

[Posted @ 10:00 AM]
Isn't this cool!!!!??? I have no desire to post my real photo online for those who don't know me ... so ... you can guess roughly how I look like from these Celebrities =).


First Result: Everytime I used a different photo of me, the results were pretty different haha. Geez, I look like Jay Chou!? My eyes were bigger okay, maybe cos I used the smiling photo ... -.-||||


Second Result: LoL, I must had look pretty good in this photo to be this alike to so many beautiful ladies XD.


Third Result: Great, I look like guys in this photo!? ...

I wonder if they just randomly pick photos alike to you or what ... not sure. Results sometimes vary much with the SAME photo, like the degree of alikeness ... sometimes from 60% to 55% ... -.-||| So don't take it too seriously k?

[Signing off @ 10:35 PM]

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  1. I played this several years ago and yeah they made me looked like tom cruise. Weird..I should look like Aaron Kwok at least coz I'm not white..hahaha