[Niinaryou] Hisa x Mihoko Doujinshi Script - Chakura ga Zenkai Waru Machi Mankai

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Whoa, after almost two hours of translating (yes I'm that slow), it's only what, 16 pages!? xD I'm done. Forgive me if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, man I'm so hardworking on things I like currently. *has forgotten about her translating job over at TS* I can almost mentally visualize monkey going 'JUICYYYYYYYYYYY!' lmao. Uh sorry? *Insert puppy face*

*gasp* There is finally SAUCE for this awesome doujinshi!

The images are over at yamibo, click here to fly over there, right NAO.

After that, you may click on the 'Click here to continue reading' image and enjoy the script ;D Oh yeah, I didn't translate the author's comments word for word but I managed to sum it pretty thoroughly.


チャクラが全開 ワルマチ満開
(Chakura ga Zenkai Waru Machi Mankai)
Saki Fanbook


チャクラが全開 ワルマチ満開
(Chakura ga Zenkai Waru Machi Mankai)
Fukuji Mihoko x Takei (Ueno) Hisa

-Page 3-

Author, Niinaryou (新和涼) Foreword (A Summary)

Basically, he/she said hi, introduced him/herself and that the Saki Fanbook is about Captain (Fukuji Mihoko) x Buchou (Takei Hisa). He/she said that he/she is a fan of them from the first volume and never expected he/she would draw a doujinshi on them.

He/she said that he/she likes Buchou (Hisa) best; he/she mentioned that the scene where Hisa ‘Tsumo’ was the coolest and the animation brought him/she back to life.

He/she next mentioned about the seiyuu of Hisa (Itou Shizuka) and that her voice is the best and the way she portrayed Hisa was wonderful. Later he/she started on the good things about the imaginations of Hisa with a past with Captain (Mihoko)

Lastly, he/she hope that the readers like his/her work, he/she will be happy and that, end of the foreword.

*Because of the Animation, I began to have this impression of Fukuji Mihoko.*

-Page 4-

Hisa’s Mum: Well then, Hisa, your dad and I would be going to visit your Grandmother.

Hisa: Un.

Hisa’s Mum: You will be concentrating on your studies after today’s tournament right?

Hisa: You’re right.


Hisa: However --- in this tournament,
--- I must get the priority ticket into Kazekoshi.

-Page 5-

-sfx (I don’t know what sfx is that ._.)


Hisa: Ron!


Opponent: !?


Hisa: 5800!

Commenter: And that’s the end of the first half of the round~!


Commenter: Ueno-san’s beautiful win (Ron) at the end!

Mihoko: *Her strategy of winning by waiting for an unexpected tile (Tenpai) to confuse the opponent’s rhythm is working very well.*

Mihoko: *This player used an ordinary yet ingenious way of playing ---*


-Page 6-

Hisa: *Could it be that that this kid closed her right eye on purpose ---?*
--- Your eye …

Hisa: Your right eye … is very beautiful.

Hisa: Do you know that?

Hisa: Blue sapphires and red rubies, they all have the same chemical composition.

Hisa: … That’s right, that’s why you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.

Hisa: Don’t be afraid, hurry up and show us your true abilities.
--- Show me your everything ---?

-Page 7-


-Thump thump

Hisa: *Blue sapphires and red rubies, they all have the same chemical composition.*

Mihoko: *W-what does she mean by that ---?*

-Page 8-


Mihoko: *What should I do? My face is so flushed … this is the first time someone said that kind of words to me.*

Mihoko: *Come to think of it, that person’s name, what is it?*



*Self-Service Vending Machines*

*There is a phone call for you.*

*Please come to the tournament office immediately.*


Hisa: What?


-Page 9-

Mihoko: Is it … Ueno-san …

Hisa: *Is it because grandma’s condition worse than expected?*

Hisa: It’s me,
--- I’m taking over the phone now.

-Page 10-

Hisa: Eh …
--- Accident?
--- Both my parents are …

-Page 11-

Author, Niinaryou (新和涼)’s comments about possible reasons why Hisa’s surname changed from Ueno to Takei. (A Summary)

Why did Hisa’s surname changed from Ueno --> Takei?
Normally people will assume that her parents were divorced and so on, but the author felt that it’s something more serious and that’s what he/she came out with. Takei is her adoptive relative’s surname and she used the surname. In order not to financially burden her relative, Hisa studied in Kiyosumi, instead of Kazekoshi.

This is basically what the author had assumed; the truth may or may not be revealed later in the manga.

*3 Years Later*

-Page 12-

Mihoko: Coming.


Mihoko: Ah.

Hisa: Hello.

Mihoko: Ueno-san …


Mihoko: I really didn’t expect that you will visit me.
-Page 13-

Mihoko: I … w-was …
--- was rejected after all …


Mihoko: Ueno-san …

Hisa: You are Kazekoshi’s …

Mihoko: Fukuji.
--- I’ve been searching for you for 3 years.

Hisa: Searching for me?

Mihoko: Please.

Mihoko: Please, you must remember me!


Hisa: !

Hisa: I’m sorry.

-Page 14-

Hisa: … Truthfully speaking, at the time we first met, lots stuff happened after that,
--- Thus my memories were kind of ambiguous.
--- However, after looking at your right eye, I remembered everything. About you and also what happened that day.

Mihoko: This is going to shake my resolve …

-Drip drip drip

Hisa: Waaah!?

Mihoko: I’m sorry, I-I on my own …
--- Hurt you and kept calling you Ueno-san … if only I had stopped and thought about the reason …


Hisa: Wait a moment,
--- I’m here not because I want to blame you …

-Page 15-



Hisa: Here …


Hisa: It’s because my heart is fragile.
--- I didn’t reciprocate your feelings properly, that’s why I’m here today.

Mihoko: *This is*
--- *Ehhh!?*

-Page 16-

Hisa: Daisuki yo (Like)
--- The colour of your eye,
--- That’s why please let me see more of it.

Hisa: *When we met again, in actuality, I wanted to say, it’s beautiful ---*

Hisa: *But.*

Hisa: … … Seriously,
--- A human …
--- Really knows how to grab another by his/her weak point.
--- My heart’s about to burst open already.

-Thump Thump Thump Thump


Mihoko: Ueno-san~ Nn ah.


-Page 17-

Author, Niinaryou (新和涼) Afterword (A Summary)
(Even though Buchou might seem that way but when she’s nervous, she looks really cute.)

Once again, the author said hi and introduced him/herself. He/she asked how readers thought of Captain x Buchou although on whole, it might look like most of its focus is on Buchou (Ueno).

He/she went on to say that he/she came out with the script from constantly looping ED3 ‘Shikakui Uchuu de Matteru yo’ and that he/she likes it a lot. Even the title of the fan book is also based on one of the lines in the song (lol).

After watching the animation, he/she started to play mahjong and that he/she used to enjoy read Saki as a yuri manga but if one knows how the game plays, the battle moments will be quite exciting. He/she continued that if he/she has a chance, he/she would like to try drawing a mahjong battling scene.

With that, everything’s done and he/she urged readers to go by –Saki- Volume 6 or rather reminding him/herself.

Lastly, he/she thanked everyone for supporting and if there’s a chance, he/she hopes to see everyone again.

-Page 18-

(Visit his/her blog! Nice pictures over there =D)

Random rants;

While reading and translating the doujinshi, I finally realized what Hisa meant by the sapphires, rubies and the same composition comment. Basically Hisa's saying that regardless of Mihoko's eye colour, red/blue, they are the 'same' to her and that Mihoko shouldn't hide that from people xD.

Which explains the lines;

Hisa: Blue sapphires and red rubies, they all have the same chemical composition.

'Hisa: … That’s right, that’s why you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.

Hisa: Don’t be afraid, hurry up and show us your true abilities.
--- Show me your everything ---?'

in the doujinshi xD.

Oh yeah, Mae has kindly edited the Momoko x Yumi, Flower doujinshi from the previous post, click here and scroll down to the comments box to download the link =D

Awesome editing there and thanks Mae! And to GNneko, you should draw a fanart on them ;D

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PS: Oh yeah I made a Saki -咲- page, with a drop-down menu of all Saki -咲- related posts. It's conveniently located up there right hand corner of the screen.

[Shiratama] Momoko x Yumi Doujinshi Script - Flower

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Hey there, saw a Momoko x Yumi doujinshi in yamibo and thought it's cute, fluffy and short enough to be translated ;D

The author is しらたま [Shiratama] and his/her blog is 福屋blog. There are a few NSFW K-ON! works there which I don't really like =\ But this, is awesome xD they need more love and attention!

The art's pleasing to the eyes and the ending makes you cry for MOAR!

[しらたま] flower Script;

-Page 1-

*Graduation Ceremony*


Momoko: Senpai.


Yumi: Sorry. +I'll be taking my leave.+

Kanbara: I got it, I got it. +Go for it.+

-Page 2-

Momoko: Congratulations ...
--- In your graduation.

Yumi: Seriously ...

-Drip drip

Yumi: It's not good to let someone see this expression of yours,
--- Momo.

-Page 3-

-Sob sob sob

Momoko: It's okay ...
--- Only Senpai would be able to see this expression of mine.


-Page 4-


-Clank Clank

Yumi: Alright.

-Rub rub

Yumi: Don't keep crying.

Yumi: If you continue crying,
--- I won't be able to stop myself from teasing you.

Momoko: It's nothing.
--- It's Senpai after all, so it's alright.

-Page 5-

Yumi: Hm...



Momoko: Kyaa!


Yumi: Momo!


Yumi: ... Are you alright?

-Page 6-


*Looks so beautiful and cool.*

*She's really strong yet gentle.*

Momoko: Un.
--- Thank you for catching me.

*I really don't want to part with Senpai.*

Momoko: ... ...
--- Um ...

-Page 7-

Momoko: Senpai ...

-Squeeze squeeze

-Rustle rustle

Momoko: Your hand ...

Yumi: Hm?
--- What's with my hand?

Momoko: No,
--- Um.


Momoko: In that kind of place ...

Momoko: Ah ...

Yumi: It's okay for me to tease you right?

Momoko: This is too ...

Yumi: As long as Momo don’t make any sounds, we'll be fine.

Momoko: Senpai's a meanie ...

*From here on, the pages will go into stealth mode*

- The End -

Yumi's so aggressive here that it's slightly OOC lol, but I don't mind =D

With that, *poof*

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 16 - Saki -咲- Ep22

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I've not watched Ep22 yet, merely saw screenshots over at yamibo thread hm. Kyoutaro and his ... vivid imagination lol. First Nodoka, now Mihoko's included in his day dream!? How dare he >:|

Anyways, seems like a mahjong intensive episode with a bit of Momoko x Yumi thrown in the end =D On the other hand, I can't wait for Episode 23 cos we have Mihoko x Hisa again! Whee \O/ I can almost imagine Mihoko going ...

'Oh, now you want me back huh!? Well, TOO LATE, I've moved on, hmph!'

Andd she looks awesome-ly hot here;

I've also uploaded my collection of Saki pictures in my photo bucket account. Click here and type in the password, hisaxmihoko to see them =D.

Here's a sample slideshow of the Hisa x Mihoko album;

If you have any other nice pictures to share, leave a comment with the image url and I'll upload in the account. I know there are many Saki pictures out there but I want those with cute/nice/awesome art styles, so yeah ... I'm a picky person xD.

Saw this awesome one-shot in yamibo a few days ago, [はっとりみつる] コンチェルト 第03話 [Hattori Mitsuru] Concerto, Chapter 3. But I think you need to log in to view the pictures =\ since the last few pages were pretty racy xD. But then you can always check out 4chan, Winterbraid (from Wings of Yuri) and an Anonymous editor had scanlated it already. Anyways I've uploaded the file in mediafire hope they don't mind =D.

You can find Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 from mangaupdates. His art style is not the best but the story and humour kinda makes up for it, making it a pleasant, fluffy and heart-warming!? read haha. Nasty twist in the end, the seme becomes the uke haha.

Random rants;

Hmm what else ... I lost my train of thought, I got a call from my dad just now concerning my mum while I was typing this. Yeah. Oh yes, I hope the mandarin sub of Saki Ep22 comes out tomorrow! Gonna dl it in dez library! And ... I'm having my presentation tomorrow =A=, I hope everything runs smoothly this time, I can't afford another screw up :<

AND, ozmg how can I forget, not sure if you heard about this but ... Kaishaku's new work? Himegami no Miko =O They look amazingly like a certain couple from Kannazuki no Miko or even ... Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora. Then again, you know Kaishaku loves to re-use character styles ... but I don't mind! I WANT IT! xD

Hopefully we hear good news from the site (updates) or something related to it soon =D.

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