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Thursday, September 17, 2009

[Shiratama] Momoko x Yumi Doujinshi Script - Flower

[Posted @ 10:24 PM]
Hey there, saw a Momoko x Yumi doujinshi in yamibo and thought it's cute, fluffy and short enough to be translated ;D

The author is しらたま [Shiratama] and his/her blog is 福屋blog. There are a few NSFW K-ON! works there which I don't really like =\ But this, is awesome xD they need more love and attention!

The art's pleasing to the eyes and the ending makes you cry for MOAR!

[しらたま] flower Script;

-Page 1-

*Graduation Ceremony*


Momoko: Senpai.


Yumi: Sorry. +I'll be taking my leave.+

Kanbara: I got it, I got it. +Go for it.+

-Page 2-

Momoko: Congratulations ...
--- In your graduation.

Yumi: Seriously ...

-Drip drip

Yumi: It's not good to let someone see this expression of yours,
--- Momo.

-Page 3-

-Sob sob sob

Momoko: It's okay ...
--- Only Senpai would be able to see this expression of mine.


-Page 4-


-Clank Clank

Yumi: Alright.

-Rub rub

Yumi: Don't keep crying.

Yumi: If you continue crying,
--- I won't be able to stop myself from teasing you.

Momoko: It's nothing.
--- It's Senpai after all, so it's alright.

-Page 5-

Yumi: Hm...



Momoko: Kyaa!


Yumi: Momo!


Yumi: ... Are you alright?

-Page 6-


*Looks so beautiful and cool.*

*She's really strong yet gentle.*

Momoko: Un.
--- Thank you for catching me.

*I really don't want to part with Senpai.*

Momoko: ... ...
--- Um ...

-Page 7-

Momoko: Senpai ...

-Squeeze squeeze

-Rustle rustle

Momoko: Your hand ...

Yumi: Hm?
--- What's with my hand?

Momoko: No,
--- Um.


Momoko: In that kind of place ...

Momoko: Ah ...

Yumi: It's okay for me to tease you right?

Momoko: This is too ...

Yumi: As long as Momo don’t make any sounds, we'll be fine.

Momoko: Senpai's a meanie ...

*From here on, the pages will go into stealth mode*

- The End -

Yumi's so aggressive here that it's slightly OOC lol, but I don't mind =D

With that, *poof*

[Signing off @ 10:41 PM]


  1. you put a link to the doejinshi itself? so I could read it and look at the pic XD and maybe I'll add the english to it...

  2. P.S. I really like that couple too! it's my favorate from "saki". it's too bad there aren't alots of fans to it...I was thinking of drawing a pic of them ;D

  3. There was also a HisaMihoko doujin in yamibo right? :3 I mean yamibo has a lot of things stored up in it. XD

  4. Present for you~

    Edited version. Hope you don't mind me editing it. :)


  5. YES!!!! I JUST SAW IT, I'M GOING TO TRANSLATE IT NAOOOOO! =D woots I'm so excited xDDDD.

  6. Thanks for the trans, loved it

    Also a big thanks to the editor too