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Monday, September 7, 2009

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 16 - Saki -咲- Ep22

[Posted @ 7:32 PM]
I've not watched Ep22 yet, merely saw screenshots over at yamibo thread hm. Kyoutaro and his ... vivid imagination lol. First Nodoka, now Mihoko's included in his day dream!? How dare he >:|

Anyways, seems like a mahjong intensive episode with a bit of Momoko x Yumi thrown in the end =D On the other hand, I can't wait for Episode 23 cos we have Mihoko x Hisa again! Whee \O/ I can almost imagine Mihoko going ...

'Oh, now you want me back huh!? Well, TOO LATE, I've moved on, hmph!'

Andd she looks awesome-ly hot here;

I've also uploaded my collection of Saki pictures in my photo bucket account. Click here and type in the password, hisaxmihoko to see them =D.

Here's a sample slideshow of the Hisa x Mihoko album;

If you have any other nice pictures to share, leave a comment with the image url and I'll upload in the account. I know there are many Saki pictures out there but I want those with cute/nice/awesome art styles, so yeah ... I'm a picky person xD.

Saw this awesome one-shot in yamibo a few days ago, [はっとりみつる] コンチェルト 第03話 [Hattori Mitsuru] Concerto, Chapter 3. But I think you need to log in to view the pictures =\ since the last few pages were pretty racy xD. But then you can always check out 4chan, Winterbraid (from Wings of Yuri) and an Anonymous editor had scanlated it already. Anyways I've uploaded the file in mediafire hope they don't mind =D.

You can find Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 from mangaupdates. His art style is not the best but the story and humour kinda makes up for it, making it a pleasant, fluffy and heart-warming!? read haha. Nasty twist in the end, the seme becomes the uke haha.

Random rants;

Hmm what else ... I lost my train of thought, I got a call from my dad just now concerning my mum while I was typing this. Yeah. Oh yes, I hope the mandarin sub of Saki Ep22 comes out tomorrow! Gonna dl it in dez library! And ... I'm having my presentation tomorrow =A=, I hope everything runs smoothly this time, I can't afford another screw up :<

AND, ozmg how can I forget, not sure if you heard about this but ... Kaishaku's new work? Himegami no Miko =O They look amazingly like a certain couple from Kannazuki no Miko or even ... Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora. Then again, you know Kaishaku loves to re-use character styles ... but I don't mind! I WANT IT! xD

Hopefully we hear good news from the site (updates) or something related to it soon =D.

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  1. I can't wait for episode 23 of Saki xD Even though I don't get mahjong, I still love the anime because of its ...uh...yuri pairings -cough cough-
    Hisa x Mihoko forever xD
    And looks like some new characters are being reborn xD

  2. Wahaha! When I saw the preview that there's gonna be another HisaMiho goodness, my mood suddenly shifted from angry and depressed to joyful, happy, cheerful, etc... I truly shouted and laughed for joy. It was so reminiscent of how I reacted to episode 20's Next Episode Preview. XDDD

    The YumixMomoko scenes were really cute! But I'd rather have more HisaMiho scenes since they're the only potential couple with lesser interactions.

    I'm too excited to watch episode 23!

    And also I found it funny on how Kyoutaro dreamed about Nodoka and Mihoko. I really laughed so hard! XDDD

    Also Hisa should definitely say the words Mihoko needed to hear out loud and clear to her. Mihoko would definitely blush a lot and collapse, then imagine Hisa catching her and watching over her as she was lying unconscious. Oh... LOL I was dreaming. XDDD

    Also, looks like that pic where you said Mihoko was awesomely hot, I definitely think she was smiling to Miharu either before their battle or after the battle. She's so pretty in the pic!

    Also, I was wondering why Mihoko glanced seriously at Hisa on the very last frame of the preview. XDDD It gets me more excited!!


    Also I surely think this time that Mihoko will be among the 3 finalists for the nationals! That only means, more HisaMiho scenes! Ahhhhhh... Second season should definitely give us more (in case there is).

    KYAAAAAAAAA~~~ Can't wait!

  3. to DynamiteiSei, I don't get mahjong either, but I do know how to win xD. Yeah, the anime got me to play online mahjong and read a little about it as well.

    Yeah, but I don't really mind Kaishaku using Chikane or Himeko looks-alikes AS LONG as they end up together ;D

    to L4000M, lol yeah, I wasn't interested in Ep22 anymore, looking forward to Ep23 maor! xD. Yeah I'm sure Mihoko will be among the top 3, perhaps Nodoka and Saki as well?

    I'm kinda sad that it's ending soon though, needs more goodness.

  4. I really hope they continue the Saki series, it'll be lonely without Yuki and her Tacos!
    I enjoyed all the pairings in the series have to admit Momoko x Yumi are kinda cute. Mihoko x Hisa is like that mysterious relationship everyone wants to see Bud.

    Himegami no Miko on the other hand I really cannot say no to another Chikane x Himeko pairing. :D

  5. to aotenshi, people were talking about a second season but I have a feeling they're going to finish off the nationals in the last episode or something =x. But then, the preview for ep24 seems like a ... well relaxing filler mahjong-free episode. The manga's not even at the individual stage, so second season will not be any time soon but highly possible, there's still Teru, Saki's elder sister to look out for after all ;D

    Yeah I like MomoxYumi as well, perhaps my second fave pair after HisaxMihoko =D ... Speaking of HxM, I'm disappointed with Ep23 =A=, not much about them, well except related to mahjong and just a handshake in the end, I mean WTHHHH!!! :<

  6. While I was generally disappointed on the Mihoko x Hisa front, the last scene with Hisa made the whole episode that much better. I mean, Mako asks how Hisa felt about the individuals, noting her seeming disinterest, and Hisa replies with,
    "I didn't have any interest at first. But... It wasn't half bad. The individuals were fun!"
    as the camera pans up and we realise she's gazing off at an unaware Mihoko. The focus, of course, is the "interest" part which is when Hisa is revealed to be looking at Mihoko.

    Hisa's finally beginning to take an "interest" in Mihoko? If that line of hers isn't significant, I don't know what is.

    Spoilers ahead:

    Actually, episode previews translated from Japanese have outlined that Episode 24 will involve Hisa inviting the Kazekoshi, Ryuumonbuchi, and Tsuruga teams on a joint training camp which will take place in Episode 25, Episode 25 being, apparently, the final episode. There'll even be a hot spring.

    But anyway, I don't think there'll be an attempt to get through the nationals at the speed of light, especially not in the final episode. It'd be foolishness and insanity to try to do so, not when there's a hook for a second season, promising more money.

  7. to Shiranui,

    Hisa replies with,
    "I didn't have any interest at first. But... It wasn't half bad. The individuals were fun!"
    as the camera pans up and we realise she's gazing off at an unaware Mihoko. The focus, of course, is the "interest" part which is when Hisa is revealed to be looking at Mihoko.

    o_o I didn't notice that, since Saki and Nodoka were in the background as well, so I'm assuming Hisa's referring to the Top 3 in general. I guess I need to put on my yuri goggles more often lol.

    Ah I see, =O hot spring. Oh, pardon my moment of insanity with the nationals in last few episodes line, I didn't know what I was thinking when I typed that =x

    Profits aside [They're already ripping people off with merchandises], plot wise, there is still a way to go and hopefully we get to see a second season as the manga develops =D

  8. Hisa replies with,
    "I didn't have any interest at first. But... It wasn't half bad. The individuals were fun!"
    as the camera pans up and we realise she's gazing off at an unaware Mihoko. The focus, of course, is the "interest" part which is when Hisa is revealed to be looking at Mihoko.

    Hey I'm glad I'm not the only one reading into that scene:). At first it looked like she was talking about Nodoka and Saki, but as the camera pans up, it's Mihoko who takes the foreground of that shot!

    Hisa is probably also talking about Nodoka and Saki because they do play a factor in changing her mind, but they were much more influential in the team tournament. Hisa faced off with Mihoko twice in the individual tournament where they split the wins, so I'd definitely read that as Hisa being more interested in Mihoko. *Happy thoughts*