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Saturday, May 9, 2009

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep7

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Candy☆Boy Ep7 1.

And this made the 13600 yen worth it. \O/

Candy☆Boy Ep7.

Awesome, after a long wait, Ep7 is out! 20 minutes to boot! Well the first 15 minutes are kinda filters =x anyways;

Before recapturing from Episode 6, there was this imaginary scene [probably] of Kanade waiting for Yukino while she's at her part-time job and as Kanade waited, she felt all sad and lonely. There was even this flashback of them promising to be together from that first ever episode with their touching their foreheads together scene. Now recapturing from Episode 6, Yukino had offered to work part-time to get some extra money so that Kanade can go to preparatory school/lab/cram school. Yukino started rambling about how and what to go about with the part-time job and basically pointed out that Kanade really needs to attend the lab. Pissed, Kanade kinda lashed out at Yukino's ever-present concern for her and that she hates herself when she sees Yukino acting like that. Somehow, Kanade felt like she's a spoilt brat, like that time when she said that she wanted to go to a school in Tokyo [The school they're attending now] and Yukino had insisted that she wanted to go with Kanade too.

Candy☆Boy Ep7 2.

After that, Kanade admitted that the 'money problem' was just an excuse because with her going to lab and Yukino with her part-time job, there would be hardly any time for them to be together and she didn't want that to happen. Like a big sister, Yukino consoled Kanade and assured her that this 'parting' would only be temporary and besides if this ensured them to be together in the future, this would be the best. Kanade mumbled that she understood the situation but ... she wanted them to be together, now and also the future. Yukino, the ever practical one? added that she wanted it to be that way too but ... in reality, one can't get both sides of the cake. Kanade calmed down after that and apologized to Yukino for lashing out at her. Yukino smiled and said that she's sorry too for being too sudden/pushy and told Kanade to think about her suggestion.

Candy☆Boy Ep7 3.

The next day, the twins were waiting for their train at the station and Sakuya managed to revive after the previous episode and was now plastered against Kanade. Sakuya was like 'I won't let something like that make me give up!' Kanade mumbled, 'It's better to give up...' Sakuya continued that she found out that they could change rooms each year and told the twins to see her next year. However, Yukino pointed out that, they're in their third and last year ... so there won't be a next year LOL. When Sakuya realized that fact, Kanade add, 'And that's how it is.' Sakuya went into protesting/whining mood 'I don't want that! I don't want that!' and even asked Kanade to please repeat a grade lol. Kanade was like, 'That will not happen.' Sakuya continued to beg Kanade at least attend the local university and that way she could continue living in the dorm. Kanade went 'Why must I do that?' -.-

Candy☆Boy Ep7 4.

While the twins were at their respective club activities, Kanade got a mail from Yukino saying that a kouhai's [junior] introducing a part-time job to her and probably might be late. Kanade called Yukino to ask about it and Yukino replied that it's better if she does some part-time to get some money for future usage. Yukino continued that she's not 'forcing' Kanade to go to lab just because she's holding a part-time job and that the decision to go or not lies with Kanade. Yukino had to interrupt what Kanade was about to say after that because the train's arriving and for them to talk later. At a senpai's [senior] graduation [I think] and the senpai suggested Kanade it will be better to attend lab as well for better future opportunities.

Candy☆Boy Ep7 5.

Yukino came back from her part-time job with some left-over pastries and asked if Kanade wants some? Kanade replied that she doesn't feel like eating and told Yukino to keep them in the fridge. Yukino teased Kanade by mentioning that well then, she'll have the banana custard one and Kanade immediately changed her mind, saying that she'll have one, that banana flavoured one lol. As the twins were going home together, Kanade commented that it's been a while since they had this feeling of going home together and it had only been a few days. Yukino promptly apologized but Kanade said that it's not Yukino's fault but her fault. Both of them then apologized to each other. As they reached the dormitory, Shizuku [Shii-chan~~] was there to welcome them back lol. Kanade was like, 'I'm back~' and then ... '!?' 'Why are you here!?' Shii-chan replied that since the twins were not coming back for the holidays so she figured that she come over for a visit. When Kanade asked Shii-chan about her school, Shii-chan answered that she has an additional week because the school's renovating the gym hall or something.

Candy☆Boy Ep7 6.

Kanade continued to question about the transportation costs, Shii-chan sarcastically replied that she's been saving for it, unlike certain sisters in which the twins looked away guiltily. When asked about the accommodation, Shii-chan added that she's going to stay with her sisters in the dorm. Kanade was like, but it won't do to suddenly come over and stay for the week ... however the dorm manager agreed to let her stay anyways. Meanwhile Kanade stared at the paper of approval with a -_- expression lol and Shii-chan was like 'What's with that why are you here expression?' Kanade answered that she's happy that Shii-chan came over but it's better and safer if Shii-chan took them about her trip down as it's dangerous for a young girl to travel alone and they would had fetched her from the airport. In any ways, Kanade smiled and thanked Shii-chan for coming over. Blushing [probably at Kanade's mega-watt smile], Shii-chan apologized to Kanade.

Candy☆Boy Ep7 7.

When it's time for bed, Kanade was sweat-dropping at Shii-chan who was hanging upside down lol with a kinda scary expression. Shii-chan mused that her elder sisters look cosy together. Kanade added it's kinda cramp if three persons sleep together on the bed ... Shii-chan cut in saying, 'How nice, how nice, being lovey-dovey like that~' At that, Kanade suggested that she'll sleep on the top then but of course Yukino protested.

Yukino: 'Huhh, Kana-chan's leaving me??~~
Kanade: 'Ehh!? But, Shii-chan ...'
Yukino: 'Ehhh~ How about me~? How about me~?'
Shizuku: 'Don't you bully Yuki-neechan, Kana-neechan.'
Kanade: 'Eh!? What was that? What is it my fault now?'
Yukino: 'You know, it's coldddd~'
Kanade: 'Don't you feel strange about this?'
Shizuku: 'Well then, good night.'
Kanade: 'Wait, what was that?'
Yukino: 'You're leaving me to sleep with Shii-chan, aren't you Kana-chan!?'
Kanade: 'You know, after listening to this, don't you think that you should know the situation now?'
Yukino: 'Whatever, whatever, whatever already! I'll sleep by myself then! HUMPH!'
Kanade: 'Oh man, tell me what I should do now?'

Candy☆Boy Ep7 8.

The next day, Shii-chan's sandwiched between her elder sisters at the train station, Kanade told Shii-chan that she could only accompany them half-way through their journey and reminded Shii-chan to go back to the dorm after that and that it's dangerous to hang around outside. Shii-chan replied that she got it already and that Kanade's as bossy as their mother lol. Kanade pouted and mumbled that she was just worried about Shii-chan. Yukino added that it's Saturday so Kanade's returning to the dorm early. When Shii-chan asked about Yukino, Yukino replied that she'll be late because of her part-time job and when asked why, she added that it's something for the future or something?

Candy☆Boy Ep7 9.

However, Shii-chan doesn't seem to buy it. At the dorm, Shii-chan noticed Kanade's cram school form and went 'Ahhh.' Back to school, Kanade gave a token of appreciation to Sakuya who was tearing lol as she hugged the gift. As Kanade was about to leave, Sakuya told Kanade to make up with Yukino soon and Kanade was like 'How did you know!?' Sakuya just smiled and said that that's because she likes the usual Kana-senpai. Kanade returned to the dorm, only to be greeted with a 'Ah, the baka Nee-chan's back' by Shii-chan. Shii-chan took out the cram school form and stated that that's the real reason that Yukino's taking up a part-time job isn't it? It's strange for Yukino to hold a part-time job after all. Shii-chan started lecturing Kanade and compared to Shii-chan, the lost of time between the twins were better off than hers. Shii-chan added that Kanade should think about Yukino's point of view and that if she fails to get into the art school, is Kanade going to ask Yukino for help again? Kanade does realized that she had been selfish and dependent on Yukino and apologized to Shii-chan. Shii-chan was like, 'You're apologizing to the wrong person! You're seriously a baka nee-chan!' Like a scolded puppy, Kanade went 'I'm sowee.' lol.

Candy☆Boy Ep7 10.

Later, Yukino got off from part-time work and was surprised to see Kanade waiting for her. The twins picked a seclude [=O] spot and Kanade told Yukino that she had been encouraged by Sakuya and then scolded by Shii-chan today lol. Kanade told Yukino that she's been been wilful and dependent towards Yukino and never placed herself in Yukino's shoes. Kanade continued that regarding the lab, she has decided to sign up for periodic classes and that she's not going to be half-hearted about this and will try her best to be with Yukino. Kanade added that the lab won't be her everything and she was thinking of asking Yukino to make decisions with her and try their best together. Kanade then apologized to Yukino for giving her troubles. Yukino smiled and said that from now on, they're going to be together, ne? Kanade agreed and added, yeah forever.

The twins then ate the pastries Yukino got from her part-time job;

Candy☆Boy Ep7 11.

Kanade: 'Ah Yuki-chan, there're some crumbs on the corner of your mouth.'

Candy☆Boy Ep7 12.

Yukino: 'Hmmmmm~.'
Kanade: 'What are you doing, Yuki-chan!?'
Yukino: 'Kana-chan, help me get it off.'

Candy☆Boy Ep7 13.

Kanade: 'Ah-mm.'
Yukino: 'Mm!?'

Candy☆Boy Ep7 14.

Yukino: 'Kana-chan... just now...'

Candy☆Boy Ep7 15.

Kanade: 'Hm? What?'

Candy☆Boy Ep7 16.

Yukino: 'Mou~~! Kana-chan no baka!'
Kanade: 'Ehh? But you told me to get it off, Yuki-chan.'
Yukino: 'That's true but not that way!'
Yukino: 'Mou~~! You seriously don't understand anything do you, Kana-chan!'
Yukino: 'Uueehh?'

-akayuki burst into flames and lies in a pool of blood-

Candy☆Boy Ep7 17.

After that, the twins were in their new dorm and bed and Yukino was whining that their bed this time was smaller. Kanade was like 'Huh, as long as I'm sleeping with Yuki-chan, I don't really care.' The girls went on talking about mindless things until Yukino told Kanade that as expected she likes Kanade~ Kanade was like, you're such a meanie, Yuki-chan, surely. Kanade went on mumbling before going 'I like Yuki-chan most or something like that, so good night already!' Yukino giggled and agreed.

Candy☆Boy Ep7 18.

As for Sakuya, like the stalker she was, she camped outside the twins' room with the rest of the occupants at the hallway staring with sweat-drops on their heads lol. Sakuya couldn't stop herself from pressing the doorbell and disrupting the twins' peaceful time lol. The episode ended with Kanade going, 'You know...'

OH MY! I didn't expect that ... kiss is it even considered as one!? Judging from Yukino's blushes, I'll say that kiss is plausible! LOL. *imagines Kanade going 'OMPH' over Yukino's lips* SOMEONE SHOULD DO A FANART OF A CLOSE-UP!!!!

Oh yes, there's an episode 8 in the volume 2 DVD ... I can't wait for it!? xDD *feeling rather giddy over the sugar rush and loss of blood*

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  1. Wee, TokyoTosho is alive =3. Thanks for info!

  2. Well it seems like your stalking paid off. If you stalk again I'll charge you for stalking, okay >=]

    Hm though it's quite interesting to know what the ep was about =]

  3. OMG! kanade actually kissed yukino's lips?! ur not kissing right?! I'm so gonna wait for the subs to be out! thx for updating once again ^^

    & glad to hear that ur doing good akayuki-san :D

  4. to Kano, lol yeah I was practically refreshing the page every 15mins =x

    to Yumiko, welllll, I said it's plausible from the angle and Yukino's blush. Kanade might had peck her on the lips or around the lips to make her react like that. No problems and yeah I'm glad too xD.

  5. where can i download it ?

  6. emm??
    there will be ep 08??
    did you mean there will be season 2?? x3
    coz i saw the torrnt file's title
    "Candy Boy 07 [FINAL]" ????!!!

  7. to fukohaibara, 'Episode 8' is a special episode that will be included in the Candy Boy DVD - Volume 2. It's the same with the special episode [EX01] that was included in the first volume of the DVD. Technically, this should be EX02 but the website stated Episode 8 ... so I just followed it.

  8. i'm wondering if are they really are a twin sister ? O_o
    i was watches almost all of they episode but i still get confuse......
    but epis 7 i haven't yet bcuz i can't understand it ~__~

  9. to anon, yes they are twins, to be exact, fraternal twin sisters, that explains why they look different from each other.