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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Volume 6 DVD Special

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The DVD special in Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Volume 6, also the last DVD special. Enjoy the screenshots!

Chibi Kuu.Chibi Kuu + Dog.Soujirou Giving A Speech.
Distracted Listeners lol.'Tarurotte To The Butterfly!Cross * Heart Shop~
Guess?!'Pink Sea Shells ...Kaon And Himiko On A Shopping Date~!
Pink Sea Shells Are Nice~!'Awwwwww~~~~~~~!Bursting With Yum~Yum~ Greatness~!
Kazuya's Still Hot.Lucky Kazuya, Sleeping On Waruteishia's Lap~!I Went MOE When I Saw This Expression Of Setsuna.
Because Setsuna Is FTW.Prince + Princess.Because Setsuna Is FTW Again~!
Kyoushiro + His Violin = Hot.... HappinessThe End.

Well, surprisingly this last DVD special gave me a really melancholy feeling lol, probably it seemed like an epilogue of the characters in Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora.

Soujirou became the president of the student council or something, Tarurotte's still hanging around Soujirou, causing distractions and ... trouble =).

Kaon and Himiko were happily dating like any normal couple [I hope] and I love the heart necklaces. It's like soooooooo sweet that I'm grinning non-stop after watching the special. One thing, 25 seconds of Kaon x Himiko is waayyyy too short, oh well, better than nothing.

Kazuya looked contented with Waruteishia ... well that's fine. I kinda like Setsuna's new haircut, which reminded me a similar situation of Nina from Mai Otome. Anyways, Setsuna IS STILL MOE regardless of long or short hair haha.

Next update, Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 2!

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Freaky Eye.

Kyoushiro's horse still freaks me out with its ... eye lol.

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