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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

August 2007 Purchases

[Posted @ 8:00 PM]
When I reached home from Haikou trip two nights, I saw these WONDERFUL brown parcels from heaven on my messy desk. FINALLY, my purchases from Amazon.com and Play-asia.com have arrived!!!!

Purchases From Amazon.com and Play-asia.com

Like usual times, I went to take my bath, settle down on my desk, check for updates and lurk in my favourite forum =). Then I started to open the parcels, woohoo, Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ #3, Sister Red #1 and Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set From Amazon.com in the big parcel!

Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ #3, Sister Red #1 and Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set From Amazon.com

Now for the small parcel ... Strawberry Panic! - St Spica Drama CD From Play-asia.com!!

Strawberry Panic! - St Spica Drama CD From Play-asia.com

Display it out~!
[Top Left to Right] Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set, Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ #3
[Bottom Left to Right] Strawberry Panic! - St Spica Drama CD, Sister Red #1

All August 2007 Purchases

Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set for S$90+ [Shipping charges included] by GENEON cos ODEX don't cater to shoujo-ai/yuri fans like me =( lol, like I give a damn.

Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set - 3 DVDs

Not sure about ODEX's DVD packagings but this is really nice lol. They have Non-credit Opening & Ending Animations, trailers and 3 pencil boards included in the DVD sets. Too bad they don't have the making or something hahaha, I'll be willing to pay more if they got ... anyways, it's nice enough la.

Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set 1 DVD

Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set 2 DVD

O_O Nice. LoL.

Kannazuki no Miko Full Box Set 3 DVD

Random musing ;

Glica Pocky - Bitter Chocolate and Grapes Flavoured.

Went to Ang Mo Kio Hub's NTUC Fairprice just now and I couldn't help myself but purchase these two yummy babies lol, I just have a soft spot for Pockys ... XD. I always have normal Chocolate Pockys in my fridge most of the time, sometimes for myself or for my little cousins to eat. I still wonder why is the Bitter Chocolate Pocky's for Men lol, don't they eat Strawberry Flavoured Pockys? ... Okay that sound ... weird lol.

Anyways, I'm not going to complain much about ODEX anymore, it seemed they're going in the right direction now, except in my opinion they seemed a bit hasty on the Video-On-Demand service ... even with the DRM, some I shouldn't mention who, netizens can still 'hack' into it and keep the file. But still ODEX seemed to be improving and the forum they set up in ODEX's website [FINALLY, it's UP! LOL] seemed to be looking good lol. I'm not anti-ODEX nor pro-ODEX, I just care about good products, if ODEX can produce good quality, worthy DVDs to my liking, at an affordable price, so why not?

Hopefully they can produce threes seasons of Maria-sama ga Miteru DVDs with the Maria-sama ni wa Naisho specials ... I'll surely buy! LoL, I'm serious =). I'm also thinking of purchasing more DVDs, maybe I'll just wait for ODEX to pick themselves up, re-publish some titles they had currently with better packaging, quality and translations. If I'm still not satisfied, well the moolah will go to imports haha XD.

Besides, I've confirmed to be studying in Australia, UQ next year, February, paid the deposit for the tuition fees just today ... and waiting for the application to process ... meanwhile can start booking tickets le ... O_o, I was kinda surprised the advisor said that, lol so early ah. So I think I'll probably be busy with school again next year ... no time for anime/manga ... sigh, just hold in for 1 year and half ... =_=|||

Well then, that's all for random stuff about my life, cya around.

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  1. huhuhu mind to tell abit of "sister red" looked hot but care to share more of the picture? I haven't heard nor looked before...

  2. omg! what nice kannazuki no miko boxes!

    btw, wont such shoujo stuff be censored and confiscated if they're checked by MDA?

  3. hey cool collection except i don't like kashimashi but whats sister red is it u no yuri/shoujo-ai.

  4. to anonymous1, sure, after I read finish the two volumes ... halfway through V2.

    to joanne, well not sure, KnM's pretty tame if you ask me, just some kissing scenes. If Girls Bravo can make it, why not this? Maybe I should try bringing in more ... to test the waters lol.

    to anonymous2, thanks! Ehh, Kashimashi's nice what haha, saw the RAWS of V5 [END] and I like the ending =). Well, there's a little hint of 'friendship' between some of the characters and the main, ahh, I'll just do a review after I finish reading it k?

  5. Hey there!nice blog you have :)one question:is there any chances for you to make a summary for the strawberry panic CD volume 2 or 3? i'd really apreciate it since I'm a fan and ejoyed reading your summary of the first volume that's all,thanks for your time,take care!

  6. Wow...Grape-flavored Pocky? I haven't seen those in person. We only have chocolate and strawberry here from where I live.

  7. to anonymous3, thanks, um that I'm not sure because I have very limited knowledge of Japanese well, I see what I can do ... if there's a Mandarin translation.

    to coeli, yeah I was pleasantly surprised too, it's expensive though, S$2 O_o and well it tasted like Grapes lol.