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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Volume 5 DVD Special

[Posted @ 7:00 PM]
A little late but better than never, some screenshots to the Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Volume 5 DVD Special!

Kuu: 'Ohayo, Setsuna.'Setsuna: 'Ohayo, Kuu.'Setsuna And Kuu Seemed To Be A Couple.
Setsuna's Jealous That Kuu's Fond Of Waruteishia Onee-sama.'LOL KnM Parody!!'Jealous Fangirl Alert!
Tarurotte Sensei?!'Waruteishia Seemed Fond Of Kuu Too!Jealous Setsuna Saw That.
Kawaii~!'Those Who Want To See Souma-, Uh I Mean Jin Die. XDSetsuna's A Serial Killer!?
Kaon~Mika: 'Your Setsuna's The Killer!'Random Fanservice O_o.
Kaon Taking Care Of Himiko.XD.Kawaii~!
Waruteishia: 'I'm An Angel.'Waruteishia VS Kaon.'Setsuna Suffers A Hit.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Parody?!'!? WTH!.'Kuu VS Kyoushiro.
The 'REAL' Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora.'Provided By Mahou Neko~And King 'Souma' LOL.

LoL, this DVD special was total random compilation of ... supposed KTS trailers!? ... so I'm going random here too! A morning-after bed scene greeting between Kuu and Setsuna, whoa, a dream come true for Kuu x Setsuna fanboys/girls lol. Followed by a All Maiden High School setting, where fangirls go crazy over Waruteishia Onee-sama~! Possessive Setsuna displayed irritation as Kuu showed fondness for Waruteishia. Insert random Kannazuki no Miko parody as Kaon caught the falling Kuu in a embrace. Tarurotte as a teacher!? Students go 'Nyan~'. Waruteishia asked Kuu to a dance!?

Kuu stammered that she had Setsuna ... Setsuna witnessed the scene ... and was pissed, naturally. Cue in dance party, Kaon and Himiko was paired together and seemed like Kuu agreed to dance with Waruteishia. Pissed off Setsuna took her anger on poor Jin lol, [Yay to those wanted Souma from KnM to die!?]. Random Appearance by Kaon. Mika informed the killer's Setsuna ... -insert shock-. Cue in random half-naked KTS guys performing in a concert O_o. Kaon x Himiko goodness~. Random battle between Tenshi [Angel] and Miko [Priestess], Waruteishia and Kaon. Random injury by Setsuna ... nooo~!. Neon Genesis Evangelion parody by Mika of Gendou lol. WTF scene as Kuu kissed ... a devil-like Kazuya?!

Final battle between Kyoushiro and Kuu ... as tagline [It's been a while], 'Let's go ... together ...' HAHAHAHA.

- END, The REAL Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora - XD.

Not much Kaon x Himiko scenes but the total randomness makes up for it, lol really enjoyable DVD special for me to post it up =).

Added a new banner to the 3 rotating banners ...

XD The Strawberry Panics! Get It? LOL.

The Strawberry Panics! Get It? LOL. I've been having this image of a panicking Strawberry ever since I saw the title, 'Strawberry Panic!', pretty cute. It might become my mascot for my blog haha XD.

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  1. The compilation was great and yeah I'm gonna buy the DVD becoz of those special

  2. Just saw it, it's was funny in my opinion. Like an alternative universe where anything goes. As a loyal ChikxHim fangirl, it was a dream come true to see Souma dead. Hooray for ever came up with the idea. Is this the last DVD special or is there a 6 DVD SPec.?

  3. I dunno about you guys, but I think if they stuck to the original trailer (this one) instead of the current, I think this would make the anime 50 BILLION times better.

  4. to anonymous, that's great =D.

    to ri, lol yeah, I believed there's a 6 DVD special, as stated here http://www.kyoshiro-sora.net/goods/dvd/index.html

    to wing of light, lol it'll be some random crappy stuff O_o ... I really loved Ep2 though, so if so, at least keep ep2 in lol.