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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

[Manga] Yuri Hime S Vol1 - Honey Crush Chapter 1

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Regarding the post about ODEX, let's not venture there anymore ne? More focus on shoujo-ai/yuri manga/game/drama reviews, translations and other stuff ... safe =).

Wanted to start reviewing on the stories in the Summer 2007 issue of Yuri Hime S Volume 1 but then Dynasty Scans already released one of the stories from the magazine and planning to finish the whole issue so I figured I won't do it anymore lol. But I really liked one of the stories from Volume 1, 'Honey Crush' by Tsubaki Asu also mangaka for 'He Is My Master' and the two main characters graced the cover of the issue =).

Since the first release's not 'Honey Crush', I'll just sneakily review this on-going series in Yuri Hime S =).


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Honey Crush 1. Honey Crush 2.

The story starts with a girl named Amemiya Mitsu [The girl in the sailor uniform aka seifuku] who fell in love with a girl, Misakura Madoka [The girl with long hair in the background behind Mitsu] who's not from her school. Mitsu couldn't gather the courage to talk to her and could only watch from afar after school. She yearned she could be nearer or at least be a friend to her dream girl and loathed the fact that she's a girl and obviously girls do not confess to girls lol. Blissfully engrossed in the beauty of Madoka, Mitsu met with an accident which leaves her ... dead lol. However, it seemed that her spirit's still on earth, flustered, Mitsu realized that she had to attain nirvana but ... how?

Honey Crush 3. Honey Crush 4.

Before Mitsu knew it, she's in front of Madoka's house and later in Madoka's room ... where she witnessed Madoka changing her clothes lol. Spurting blood from her nose, she sighed, 'It's okay if I died this way ...' LOL. Mitsu began taking down notes of her beloved Madoka and decided that she wouldn't rest well without knowing more about Madoka and so she started her life as a/an invisible spirit! with Madoka. Taking baths with Madoka, commenting her boobs' size, watching her change and sleeping on the same bed, Mitsu felt really blissful. One day, Mitsu by accident found out that she could make people even though they can't see her, feel her presence/pressure if she touches one. With a really lol sinister smile at her new found 'powers', Mitsu chased away all Madoka's admirers. Life's good as a spirit, Mitsu felt, Madoka's now hers and only hers.

Honey Crush 5. Honey Crush 6.

However, later the teacher announced that a transferred student to their class and she's Nohisa Kyouko who later turned out to be Mitsu's competitor for Madoka's love. It seemed like Kyouko knew Madoka as they were neighbours when they were younger. Still deeply in love with Madoka, Kyouko claimed that they even swore marry each other. Madoka then remembered Kyouko and unexpectedly dashed Kyouko's heart by then realizing that the Kyou-chan she knew was actually a girl LOL. Briefly dashed, Kyouko came back by seriously stating that her feelings for Madoka will not change and confessed she likes Madoka.

Honey Crush 7. Honey Crush 8.

Mitsu of course protested and Kyouko surprisingly could hear/see Mitsu but then quickly realized that Mitsu's a spirit. Mitsu was agitated by the turn of events, blaming herself for being too careless in thinking of chasing away guys but not girls lol yet Mitsu admired Kyouko's courage to confess to Madoka even though they were girls. Meanwhile, Kyouko's pissed off that Mitsu kept sticking to Madoka like glue and to gain 'first blood', Kyouko asked if Madoka knew anyone from the school [Mitsu's school] opposite them.

Honey Crush 9. Honey Crush 10.

Madoka replied no lol. Mitsu was depressed and reminded of the fact she's nobody to Madoka and Kyouko rubbed the fact in by flashing the statement at her lol. At the changing room, Kyouko's about to witness Madoka in lingerie view when Mitsu appeared and blocked the view LOL.

Honey Crush 11. Honey Crush 12.

Kyouko got back to Mitsu later by saying that Madoka and her used to kiss alot when they were young and Madoka confirmed that lol. Smirking, Kyouko stated that she also took Madoka's first kiss LOL. Kyouko later asked if Madoka had kissed anyone else, Madoka replied no and Kyouko suggested they kiss ... this time the 'adult' way.

Honey Crush 13. Honey Crush 14.

Mitsu protested violently by pulling Kyouko's shirt, hitting her head and ... pulling her cheeks making Madoka giggled at the sight LOL. Pissed and unable to stop herself anymore, Kyouko chased after Mitsu planning to perhaps hammer her lol. A while later, Kyouko managed to grab hold of Mitsu and told her to give up on Madoka because only a live person could give Madoka happiness. Kyouko started lecturing Mitsu that it's up to Madoka to choose who she wants to be with and if Mitsu kept obstructing, Madoka will never find happiness and if Mitsu really wish Madoka for the best ... however before Kyouko could finish, Mitsu started bawling that she knew but couldn't stop herself. Looking at the crying Mitsu, Kyouko began comforting Mitsu and apologized for her frank words. Mitsu then confessed that she seriously really likes Madoka.

Honey Crush 15. Honey Crush 16.

Kyouko understood Mitsu's feelings and replied that she too likes Madoka and feelings are not easily changed. Just then, Madoka walked up to them with a GUY beside her ... and introduced HIM as her BOYfriend lol. It was then explained that while Kyouko and Mitsu were away, Yamada-kun and Madoka met by coincidence and after chatting, realized their feelings for each other. Off Madoka went on her date with Yamada-kun leaving the stunned Kyouko and Mitsu crying their hearts out and blaming each other lol. I love the conversation between Kyouko and Mitsu at the end;

- Madoka left smiling with Yamada-kun on a date -
Mitsu: 'While I'm away, an unknown boy ...'
Kyouko: *Shocked beyond words*
Mitsu: 'It's always been me in charge of chasing the admirers away, now how are you going to repay me!?'
Kyouko: 'Get your facts right! If not for you obstructing me just now, I would had been with Madoka already!'

LOL they're both so cute, I'm expecting them to end up together in the end ... since their friendship!? ... see you in the next issue! XD such a tease. It's a really unexpecting twist ... lol, once rivals in love ... turn to lovers next time?

Expect more of such reviews/summaries in the upcoming weeks, from selected Yuri Hime series like Taishi Zaou & Eiki Eiki's works, ChiRan's works and Hiyori Otsu's works. I'm thinking of reviewing 'Hatsu Koi Shimai', I know it's licensed by Seven Seas, well think of it as promoting the title like I did with 'Strawberry Panic!' and hopefully more people will like and buy the title =).

Ohh, looks like Seven Seas updated their site with release dates of the newly acquired titles, see here, 'Hatsu Koi Shimai' aka 'First Love Sisters' and 'Voiceful' Volume 1 are in the December 2007 line up XD but it might be a tentative date ... yet I'm really looking forward to December ... uh not to forget November ... 'Strawberry Panic!' manga! ... heh ... and October ... kyaaaahh~~!

Oh yeah, Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Volume 3's out ... and seemed to be up in Takashimaya's Kinokuniya ... YAY, probably going to town this weekend or something =).

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  1. hey there. nice short manga.

    i wonder if u own iono-sama fanatics cause if u do can u please translate them and post it. thanks u ^_^

  2. to anonymous, thks =). Yes I do own 'Iono Fanatics' but it's licensed and it's by Infinity Studios, http://www.infinitystudios.com/ So please support the original version. Btw Volume 2 seemed to be coming out soon ... =)

  3. omigosh thankyouthankyouthankyou so much for this it so cute hope u can continue i want to know what will happed next and i think others too but u dont hav to rush ill wait as long as it takes (hopfully..)lol