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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy 42nd Birthday, Singapore!

[Posted @ 5:40 PM]

XD!! XD!!

... just another 20mins and the LIVE Telecast of the National Day Parade will be on Channel 5 heh ... those non-Singaporeans can still catch it ... online =), click here to go in the site.

So what's so special about this year's NDP? Well read here lol, I think this year's NDP is to be reckon with =).

Eh I sung Stefanie Sun Yan Zi's 'We Will Get There' aka 一起走到 In Mandarin ... but I can't seem to upload it now .. so I'll update it later k? It's up now =), kinda lousy.

Once again, Happy 42nd Birthday, Singapore!

[Signing off @ 5:52 PM]


  1. wat level is both of ur character akayuki?

    - jeffng9 -

  2. to jeff, both are level 40, cleric and ice/lightning wizard.

  3. guess we can play together then sometimes ^^
    i will try to add u in my buddy list hopefully its not full