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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007

[Posted 2:34 PM]
Went out to Marina Square with M, M's BF and LC last night to watch fireworks at Marina Bay/Esplanade ... very nice, I get to video it on my handphone and uploaded the first part of it on youtube and the second part just now so it'll take a while for youtube to process it, it's just like 15mins but very enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed it on video as much as I do lol, sorry for the voices and mine ... too excited, I just kept talking to myself hahaha.

Oh I'll be posting up the review and summary for 'Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu Drama CD Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan' 春夏秋冬ドラマCD 逆襲の赤ズキンチャン by Zaou Tashi + Eiki Eiki Part 1 later =).


EDIT: Part 2's up now, just click on my youtube nick there to see the other one.

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  1. I watched this too! Except I watched in on Saturday, which was the one by Spain. The one on Sunday's by China, right?

  2. I watched it on Sat which is the China team, I think Fri's Spain.