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Sunday, August 19, 2007

[Drama CD] Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan Part 1

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Yo, kinda feeling sick last weekend and early this week, Support the original by click here to purchase 春夏秋冬ドラマCD 逆襲の赤ズキンチャン [Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu Drama CD Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan] loosely translated as 'Little Red Riding Hood's Counterback'.

English Title: Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu Drama CD Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan
Japanese Title: 春夏秋冬ドラマCD 逆襲の赤ズキンチャン
By Zaou Tashi + Eiki Eiki.

Cover of Drama CD, Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan

CD Tracks;
01. 出会い [Rendezvous]
02. 衝撃 [Shock]
03. 揺れる思い [Jolted Feelings]
04. 不安 [Insecurity]
05. 仲直り [Reconciliation] <- Basically the casts of the Drama CD talks about the making and stuff, not sure what it's all about lol.

Main Seiyuu Cast;

01. 川澄綾子 Kawasumi Ayako as Matsuzaka Natsuki [Also Seiyuu for Sakuraba Aoi in Ai Yori Aoshi, Saber in Fate/stay Night, Himemiya Chikane in Kannazuki no Miko, Misaka Kaori in Kanon]
02. 能登麻美子 Noto Mamiko as Takashima Fuyuka [Also Seiyuu for Miyazaki Nodoka in Negima, Todou Shimako in Maria-sama ga Miteru, Kikugawa Yukino in Mai HiME/Otome, Tsukamoto Yakumo in School Rumble]
03. 田村ゆかり Tamura Yukari as Shiraki Haruka [Also Seiyuu for Kurusu Tomari in Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~, Takamachi Nanoha in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Sugiura Midori in Mai HiME/Otome]
04. 新谷良子 Shintani Ryoko as Shouya Akiho [Also Seiyuu for Senou Aoi in Mai HiME/Otome, Sakuraba Milfeulle in Galaxy Angel]
05. 川上とも子 Kawakami Tomoko as Reiko-sensei [Also Seiyuu for Soi Fong in Bleach, Kurata Sayuri in Kanon]
06. 那須めぐみ Nasu Megumi as Ayano-sensei [Also Seiyuu for Kashiwagi Sae in Peach Girl]

I did promised to review and at the same time summarize this Drama CD, basically it's very similar to the three chapters in Yuri Hime 5, 6 and 7, a little bit from the front part of Part A and back part of Part C of 'First Kiss' chapters from Yuri Shimai 5 and Yuri Hime 2.

Track 01. 出会い [Rendezvous] ;

The first part of the track can be read together with Lililicious scanlation of 'First Kiss' Part A because basically the conversation's between Reiko and Fuyuka were extracted from there but in the middle of the conversation, it's taken from the backpart of Part C of 'First Kiss' chapter which was not translated as yet. The track started with a story-like opening, 'Somewhere, there's a She-Wolf who fell in love at first sight with Little Red Riding Hood. At first, Little Red Riding Hood's terrified of She-Wolf ... as time passes, unconsciously, she fell in love with She-Wolf. That's why it's a serious matter ...' - Cue Drama CD title -

Takashima Fuyuka went to Reiko-sensei for advice regarding the 'She-Wolf', Matsuzaka Natsuki. Reiko-sensei jokingly asked what did Natsuki did to her, 'Sexually harassment? Stalking? Steal your underwear?' lol. Fuyuka actually replied honestly that even though Natsuki did all what Reiko-sensei listed LOL. Fuyuka's troubled that she wouldn't be able to live a normal school life because she was both 'respected' and hated by people and Natsuki's fangirls respectively. Even so, Fuyuka admitted that she does feel comfortable with Natsuki and wondered if the feeling she had for Natsuki's only friendship or even something real. Reiko-sensei replied that she doesn't negate that the feeling might be the latter and she understood Fuyuka's hesitation. But sometimes at some point of time, true feelings will show up so she adviced Fuyuka to trust her own feelings and go for it. It was then implied in this track that Reiko-sensei and Ayano-sensei were 'together' at that point of time =).

Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan 1. Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan 2. Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan 3.

Pumped with Reiko-sensei's words of advice, Fuyuka believed that it's a sign of 'GO!' for her lol, that's why, she decided not to run away from Natsuki anymore. Fuyuka then went to look for Natsuki, Natsuki greeted her, proceeded on to hug her at the same time exclaiming Fuyuka's cuteness, expecting Fuyuka to push her away and reprimand her. But that never came lol, shocking Natsuki. Moment later, Fuyuka merely asked if Natsuki's free tomorrow as it's Saturday and invited her to her home to play. Excited that it's the first time to Fuyuka's house, Natsuki wondered what to bring to give a good impression on Fuyuka's family. Fuyuka said it's okay because her family will be out tomorrow and there'll be noone home ... !! 'I'll be waiting for you tomorrow', Fuyuka ended LOL, that was like so suggestive that their classmates were feeling the UP 'sensations' lol. So on Saturday, Fuyuka sent her family off and laid her battle plans not to run away from Natsuki and her feelings and accept all of Natsuki! With that, Fuyuka's ready for Natsuki! LoL.

Despite all, Natsuki bought some cake over and they went on to Fuyuka's room where they had very very normal time of eating cake, drinking tea, flipping through Fuyuka's baby photo albums and lastly watching a THREE HOUR DVD movie. With that, Natsuki left when the sky's dark at Fuyuka's reluctance. 'W-wait a min! Two people in love, in the privacy of a room and only both of them in the house, isn't something SUPPOSED to happen!?', Fuyuka exclaimed LOL. 'N-not even a kiss, what's the meaning of this!? Even though I had prepared with determination myself for you, Natsuki, what are you thinking!?', she added lol. Fuyuka's will began to waver as she began to think that the person who's serious was only her ...

Track 02. 衝撃 [Shock] ;

Continuing from track 1, the next day, Natsuki's entertianing her fangirls while Fuyuka's suffering from insomnia from worrying and thought to herself that Natsuki treated all the girls well and maybe with her, she only thought of her as someone in the same plight and hence treated her well. Thinking deeply into her thoughts, Fuyuka recalled that she hadn't been touched by Natsuki often recently and wondered if Natsuki's getting sick of her. A shriek from a fangirl the opposite direction jolted her out of her musings, seemed like Shiraki Haruka [See Expressions of Love scanlation in Yuri Shimai 2 from Lililicious] who's as popular as Natsuki with the ability to grope girls' boobs at a terrifying speed also known as the She-Panther had arrived. She-Wolf, Natsuki and She-Panther, Haruka, I assumed were nemesis from the start, started calling names, with Natsuki calling Haruka 'Flat Chested' and Haruka calling Natsuki 'O-shaped Legs' to move outta each other's way lol. As the fangirls were screaming supports to their XX-samas, both Fuyuka and Shouya Akiho sighed at her troubles and her partner's stupidity respectively.

Fuyuka then realized that she's looking at the rumoured lover of Haruka. Akiho smiled at Fuyuka and greeted her. Surprised that Akiho knew her name, it's seemed like they were in the same situation of being respected and yet hated by fangirls of Natsuki and Haruka who were both popular idols. In mist of the quarreling between Natsuki and Haruka, Akiho suggested that they go to the rooftop for some peace and quiet. In Fuyuka's mind, she's wondering if Akiho and Haruka are really lovers or merely just rumours like herself and Natsuki. With that, Fuyuka blurted out her question, 'Is it really true that the both of you 'did' it?' LOL. Flustered by Fuyuka's directness, Akiho wanted to reject but seeing Fuyuka's seriousness, she admitted. Excited, Fuyuka asked when they did it and how? LoL. Akiho replied that why the time she knew what's happening, it's done LOL. [The manga even provided the flashbacks of Haruka's 'May I touch your boobs' to 'Eating Akiho out' scenario lol]

Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan 4. Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan 5. Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu - Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan 6.

As Fuyuka's marveling about it, Akiho asked about Fuyuka's relationship with Natsuki and Fuyuka related her situation to her. After that, Akiho consoled Fuyuka by stating that friendship and love were tough between same-sex relations. Sometimes things get complicated when the love seemed to be one-sided and the other just need support. Fuyuka confessed that that time her 'like' and Natsuki's 'like' were different and wondered that the distance between them is irreversible ... Just then, the bell rang, by then Akiho and Fuyuka had a friendship bonded between them as they had something in common to talk about. A few days later, Natsuki's feeling the distance as Fuyuka's not around her often. One of the classmates told Natsuki when she's looking that Fuyuka's out with Akiho and that recently they have been together frequently. Pissed, Natsuki went to Akiho's class to look for her, Haruka replied that Akiho's not around and asked why she's looking for her.

Filled with jealousy, Natsuki claimed that Akiho's suspiciously with Fuyuka and demanded Fuyuka's whereabouts. Haruka's honestly clueless about the situation. Natsuki then blamed Haruka for Fuyuka's disappearance, Haruka retorted back about her Akiho and vice versa. Haruka added that Natsuki's getting way too worked up just because Fuyuka was gone for a while and sarcastically wondered if it's because their relationship's not 'secured' with trust. Royally pissed, Natsuki grabbed Haruka's collar in anger, Haruka realized she hit the jackpot. As Natsuki's about to slap Haruka, Haruka stopped the blow and they decided to continue their fight somewhere else because people were watching.

That's all for Track 1 and 2, I'll continue Track 3 and 4 summaries next week ...

I really enjoyed the Drama CD, lol especially Kawasumi Ayako portrayal of Natsuki, just sooo cute~~. It's a fun and light hearted Drama CD, not much tension, fun fluff, more in the 2 other tracks.

Random updates; to prove my support for imports, I've began to import from amazon using vPostUSA lol, wow, it's the first time I used their services ... and probably start importing more as Seven Seas releases their Strawberry Line series towards the end of the year. Start selecting some nice shoujo-ai DVDs in my collection, I ordered Kannazuki no Miko DVD Box set [It's not licensed by ODEX! LoL] from amazon already, coming in early next month~ Can't wait~!

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  1. Yay for summarizing this. I dl-ed it and I don't know what they were talking about and yes its so helpful. Thank you for your kindess

  2. thanks and do u have any shoujo ai/yuri manga to recommend cause i'll be going to kinokuniya on wed so just asking for advice. pls name all the one u no. thanks ^_^

  3. where can i download this drama cd?
    pls tell me

  4. Thank you for the summary. I've been trying to find out happened in First Kiss since Lililious haven't scanned it yet. So, again, thank you so much, you don't know how it had made my day n_n Can't wait for the next update!!!!

  5. To anonymous1, no problem, look out for Part 2 =D.

    to anonymous2, oh cool, currently the only few shoujo-ai/yuri mangas [English] by Seven Seas I have were;
    - Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~
    - Iono The Fanatic
    - The Last Uniform aka Saigo no Seifuku
    - Tetragrammaton Labyrinth [But there's alot of blood and gore]
    - Venus Versus Virus [It's just subtext]

    Not sure about the Japanese side cos I don't buy them and I'm not sure if Kinokuniya has them but I'll list some I know;
    - Bakuretsu Tenshi aka Burst Angel
    - Gokujou Seitokai
    - Maria-sama ga Miteru

    Coming soon are;
    - Strawberry Panic!
    - Hatsu Koi Shimai aka First Love Sisters
    - Voiceful
    - Hayate X Blade
    - Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo

    There's also;
    - Kannazuki no Miko by TokyoPop

    I think there's more but probably either I dunno or I don't like the art haha. Hope this helps.

    to anonymous3, yamibo.com

    to Ri, no problems, =) I'll try my best.

  6. akayuki...just play yamakabe ED when the poll rolls and yamakabe got last place or anything..I think it's nice.

  7. Could you please tell me where can I download "Renai Shindan"? The latest episode seems to be focused on the relationship between two girls.

    Thank you

  8. Aha, a translation finally ^ ^ Well, this is an old post, so I think I'm a little late in saying this, but thank you a lot.

    By the by, I know that you already answered this question, and I've taken a look on yamibo.com, but unfortunately...I can't read chinese :\

    So I translated it with google, but I still can't seem to find the download link for this CD. Does it get erased after a certain about of time, or could you help out here?

    Much appreciated,

    - Sakusei

  9. to Sakusei, no problems.

    Here's the url;

    There're pictures/booklets to the different Drama CDs in the thread, which is alot, dl via Yahoo Japan Briefcase the ones you want. Then use WinRAR to extract the files out.

    There's a password to all the files so please make sure the password is right. It's in English so I believe there'll be no problems. If it's in Mandarin, use 7zip to extract the files, it's very good.

  10. Forgive me, I'm still a little lost. I've follow your instructions, but I'm not too sure about the Yahoo Japan Briefcase thing (can't read Japanese either). I've been following Yamibo's tutorials via pictures, but the link is where I stop at. Is there any specific way to get the link?

    Thank you once again, and I apologise for any inconvenience.

  11. to Sakusei, trust me, if I could post up the link I would but the poster cautioned that direct linking is forbidden, its a kind of rule in Yamibo.

    Anyways, here're screenshots of the 3 steps, I believe it'll be easier now =).

    Step 1;

    Step 2;

    Step 3;

    Good luck.

  12. Oh, I get it now! Aha, I feel really ignorant now...ah, thank you very much once more~

    *trundles off to listen*