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Monday, March 5, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep9

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=), happy weekend.

A Younger Kazuya.Kuu With Wings.Reminds Me Of How The Kid And ET Met LoL.

Summary to be updated later.

Setsuna Tries To Protect Kuu From Kazuya.It Doesn't Look Like What It Seems.Come With Me, Setsuna. *Kyahhh~*
Setsuna Attacks Kazuya.I'm You, You're Me.Kuu's Actually Waruteishia's Mecha AA!!!!!
Kyoushiro ...A Beautiful Present From Nice Nii-san Again.Kazuya's SOOOO Hot.
Heh, Save You? You're Just A Bother.Kuu ... Don't Go ...Mika VS Kazuya.
Mika SCORES By Striking Kazuya With Her Blasting Cello LoL.Kazuya SCORES By Hooking Up With Chibi Mika's Crush.Himiko To The Rescue.
Stay Away From Me.My Cursed Kiss Could Only Cause You Pain.Kaon-chan ...
I'm Giving Everything Back To You ... Himiko ...*Huggies!*Dakara, Heikidayo.
*Touched* Himiko ...Awww, Daisuki.Omg, Kazuya And Poison Ivy Vines!
Mika Pwned By Kazuya.Mika's Jealous Of The Happy Times Kaon And Himiko Shared.Kyoushiro In Model Angst Pose LOL.

Summary to be updated later.

Kuu Only Had Eyes For Kazuya.Kyoushiro Continued In Ep10 In His Model Angst Pose All Through.!? Soujirou Saved Himiko?

Oh my, I don't know where to start, okay let's confirm something, Ayanokouji Kazuya IS the Kazuya we see now, who looks hotter with the new haircut after staying among the skys for ten years. Kuu IS an Absolute Angel well, an artifical one I might say, probably a product of Kazuya's thirst for power. Next, it's really confusing to see Setsuna trying to stop Kazuya from taking Kuu away just because Kuu's Kyoushiro's. Manz, Setsuna's such a nice, sweet girl and Kyoushiro's a darn fool to leave her and settle to an 'empty' girl who later uttered that she doesn't know Kyoushiro at all. HA, I laughed at Kyoushiro's stunned expression! EAT UR DIRT! Anyways, in this episode, probably the most shocking was that, yes Kuu's an AA we all knew and guessed from like Episode 2? BUT. BUT. I never expect her to be Waruteishia's OTHER half and the scene she transformed to Waruteishia's mecha AA left my jaws hanging for an hour or so.

I was pretty puzzled when Waruteishia told Kuu that she's her and her's she and all those crap till I saw the transformation scene. Hm so Waruteishia don't have a natural mecha AA of her own then? But then, who is that mecha AA in the OP Kuu and Kyoushiro were sitting on? Another mystery for another episode haha. Anyways, love the scene where Kazuya busted Kyoushiro's gut again, took off with lightning speed and slammed his head against the floor. Woo, that was satisfying, loved that sadistic comments Kazuya made too lol and Kyoushiro's realization that his precious, brave Nii-san never thought of saving the world at all. The reason that his Nii-san 'saved' him was cos he's a burden hahahaha. The final blow was when Kazuya lead Kuu away, Kyoushiro desperately whimpered out Kuu's name. Know what? The two-faced backstabbing bitch actually asked who's he! HAHAHAHA. Kazuya's reply was totally funny, 'Who knows.' HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, enough the fun.

The exchange between Mika and Kazuya in the next half was hilarious, partly because of Kazuya's drama queen moves lol. Mika's choice of weapon, a mana blasting cello was equally funny. Never expected the reason why Mika would hate Kazuya was because he seduced a crush of hers LOL. That was a great twist, still wondering how Mika injured her eye though, apparently, both her eyes were still purple when she was young. I really like how Himiko leaped in in attempt to save Kaon from the mana blast she was caught in with Kazuya. Suddenly, the whole scene changed, it's like watching KnM all over again, and the background music didn't help either grrr. Kaon's confession of hurting Himiko too much by absorbing her life force and probably the only way to 'return' Himiko the favour was through death was totally touching. The distance Kaon placed in attempt failed as Himiko lunged for Kaon in a hug, awww, the way Himiko said, 'Dakara, Heikidayo' really reminded me of Himeko's exact lines from KnM. Our fave couple were finally together ... when Kazuya used his evil Poison Ivy vines to separate them grrr. Other than this, everything's good.

Last but not least, Kazuya pwned Mika, just like that. I thought she'll live longer, but nevertheless, Mika's desperation of Kaon's love were touching and Mika even willingly entrusted Kaon to Himiko shows that she's not that heartless after all. At least she knew when to back off and not go like, 'IF I CAN'T GET KAON, SO CAN'T YOU, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.' Peace to Mika, you have my respect in the end.

Art: 8.5/10 [Constant.]
Story: 8/10 [Manz, the Mika scene was touching as well as Kazuya lol funny model poses ...]
Characters: 8.5/10 [Seriously, Kazuya and his evil smirks makes me tingle lol]
Overall: 8/10 [I like touching scenes as well as shocking moments!]

Looks like Himiko's off to the Maboroshi no Jyou Tou Gakuen [Illusory Castle Academy] to save Kaon from Kazuya's evil clutches. It's a nice development.

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  1. I think there are two mechas involved. Mecha-Kuu and she has her own separate mecha, like Setsuna's Claíomh Solais, called Megingjord.
    ^ Megingjord...I think...

    Good observations though...I didn't notice the eye thing with Mika.

  2. Was it just me or did it seem that Waruteishia was bothered by some of the things that happened?

    poor Mika-sama having her first love taken. She was totally justified (not really but close)

    Kaon and Himikio finally!

    Kyoshiro was totally owned. He was so pathetic I could hardly continue watching...

  3. so i guess you did give up on vvv, oh well.

  4. Nevermind, I think that mecha-Kuu is Megingjord, and the one on the official website is Cielo's mecha or the mecha form of her.
    Picture from the episode 11 preview: http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/7646/ cielomechaqp8.png