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Monday, March 12, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep10

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Lazy, lazy ...

Kazuya's Bullying Tarurotte.Soujirou's Pissed.Iya~! I Want Soujirou!

Summary to be updated later.

What Am I Doing? ...Grrr.I'm Going To Save Them.
Ouji-sama ...Chibi Jin And Soujirou.!?
LOL, I Just HAD To Put This In XD.Goodbye Glasses.Himiko's Serious This Time!
To The Rescue!Come, My Darlings.Weird But Effective Combi.
Attack Of The AA AIs.Kyoushiro's Back To Normal, Without His Glasses.Soujirou ...
Gomen, Himiko ...=O.Kuu And Setsuna In Wedding Dresses!
Kazuya's Into S&M Too.Setsuna's Still Pinning For Kyoushiro....
Welcome To My Wedding!Who Called Me?Power Rangers Combine!

Summary to be updated later.

Kyoushiro's Eyes Look Weird.Kuu Look Weird.Oh My, Here Comes POWER RANGERS MECHA!

Seriously, they're seriously trying to do the Power Ranger Combination thingy, except they're in wedding costumes lol. Oh my god, I just remembered something, Kazuya with his 'poetic' metaphors reminded me of ... Kaname from Strawberry Panic! LOL. The spring, autumn, summer references to the respective Absolute Angels, Kaon, Setsuna and Tarurotte. So I assume either Kuu/Waruteishia are winter, together, they become the four seasons hahaha. Alright, some highlights in this episode, surprise, Jin's not a baddie! Whoa, maybe his skeptical expressions made me to believe he's a baddie but he's not. Anyways, I can safely assume that Mika's injured eye was caused by the July Melting Snow but I doubt they will clear this up la, since there's like only two left to kick Kazuya's can. Kyoushiro really pulled his socks fast, just halfway through the episode, he's throwing his specs, a 'fond' fragment of his Nii-san's memories away, oh well. I really like this 'new' and determined Himiko who actually stood up and insisted to Soujirou that she go save Kaon herself rather than wait like some weako heroine. Battle partners, Soujirou and Himiko was an unexpected pleasant change, however it's still weird to see that mana blasting cello.

I can sense some shounen-ai fanfics of Kyoushiro x Jin popping up after this episode haha, other than that, nothing much about them. Setsuna's such a wonderful girl, even when in the hands of the enemy, she's still trying to help blocko Kuu get back her memories of Kyoushiro by picking up the White Horse Brooch back in episode 5 when Kazuya threw it away. Somehow, Kuu seemed to recall some flashes of Kyoushiro. Can't wait for the next episode, will Kuu remember Kyoushiro which I doubt so, cos from the previews, she had somehow managed to merge with the other Absolute Angels and become the mighty power AA mecha.

PS: Kazuya's still rocks lol.

Art: 7.5/10 [Dipping.]
Story: 8.5/10 [Lots of development ... can't wait for the next episode ...]
Characters: 8.5/10 [Great battle combis there, Soujirou and Himiko, Kyoushiro and Jin.]
Overall: 8.5/10 [I really enjoyed this episode, except for the dipping animation in some scenes.]

PPS: Kyoushiro looked better with his specs on.

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  1. Kaon is just lovely...

  2. Waruteishia is the hottest out of the five.


  3. Kaon easy defeats her in that regard, no contest ;P

    Also, much love for Himiko finally fighting for her love ^_^

  4. Para quem ama manga site muito bom!!parabéns