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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep7

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A little late because I was waiting for the HKG sub.

Kuu and Setsuna Out Shopping!?Yaoi Tension!?LOL.

Started with Kuu's think-talk with her Prince ... which was totally stupid as she went 'Banzai! Banzai!' because the time had came that her fate intertwined with Kyoushiro and blah blah blah. She's so happy so happy that she's ... dying. After that, Ep7 opened as if nothing had happened in Ep5/6! It's like Kuu was never told she was an Absolute Angel and went out shopping happily with Setsuna. Oh did I mentioned that there's a school festival coming up and a mass dancing party too? Zooming back to Episode 1 where Kozue mentioned that if a couple were to dance together in that dance party, they will be together forever. Kuu saw some discounted colour papers on sale and decided to buy some to make a dance invitation to Kyoushiro. Meanwhile, Kyoushiro and Jin were having a little chat which got a little intense because Jin seemed to be rubbing it in that Kuu's the 5th Absolute Angel and soon Kyoushiro will be able to carry out his Nii-san's will, smirked Jin.

GASP!?Kyoushiro Asked Me To Do This.Kuu x Setsuna Fanservice.
I'm An AA ...Setsuna Spots.Chibi Kyoushiro.
Why Do I Hurt!?Tell Me, Nii-san.LOL!!! Reminds Me Of SOMETHING.
Kaon Suffers Again!?Chibi Mika.Nurse Kaon!?.
Himiko Looks On ... Kaon-chan ...Use Your Heart.Hyah!
I Fail. ORZ/OTL.ED Look-Alike.=O Finally! Waruteishia!
It's Starting ...Angst.Lustful Look.
GASP!?Kuu's Naked!?I'll Do Anything ...
Setsuna's Unaware!?...Will Kyoushiro Take The Bait!?!?

Kuu started to pen down her letter she's giving to Kyoushiro to the mass dance party but couldn't find the right feelings to describe them down. After that, Kuu decided to make the designs first and begin to cut some papers out. While she's doing so and talking to herself, she ventured in the subject that she's Ayanokouji's ... -Flashback to Kuu's dream of Kyoushiro stabbing in her chest- That moment striked Kuu, she's an Absolute Angel and forced down her tears. Just then, Setsuna walked in the room and hugged Kuu from behind. Setsuna explained that Kyoushiro told her to do it [wth!?]. Kuu's tears started flowing and she pushed Setsuna back, now Kuu's on top of Setsuna on the bed bawling her eyes out why that she's an Absolute Angel and it's cruel that she's an AA. [How about Setsuna!? She's one too!] A bath scene, without Setsuna, Kuu started to waste precious water by angsting against the pouring hot water. Kuu wondered what she's going to do, she's not a sword nor a human, she's just a useless empty person. Besides, Kyoushiro already had the perfect Setsuna by his side [You're damn right abt that]. Setsuna was vaccuming Kuu's room when she noticed the paper cuttings of the letter Kuu made with this Kuu x Kyoushiro lined in a heart shaped. Setsuna stared at it expressionlessly for a moment before summoning her Kurausoras's arm and made this movement which seemed like she's about to break the table ... however she stopped and closed the scrapbook. [Seemed like Setsuna had some integrity left in her, if Kuu's in her shoes, I wouldn't be surprised that she tore it up.] After her bath, Kuu tried to call Kozue, her best friend to help her but someone else answered the phone for Kozue, Kuu felt that her friend seemed to be having fun with other friend and freaked out when Kozue answered the phone.

Meanwhile, Kyoushiro doing his angst scene with his violin lol, in his mind, he's thinking that he's going to eliminate the world's enemy, destroyer and the most evil, Absolute Angels. That's his fate, his obligation to eliminate all of them ... Kuu's crying face flashed in Kyoushiro's mind and his violin's string snapped. Kyoushiro fell on his knees, clutching his chest, why did he felt such pain and sorrow? Somewhere else, Tarurotte lol, was the comic relief after the angst in the first part of the episode. She's trying to ... capture this carp which was even bigger in size than her hahaha and mumbling her revenge as she was doing it [Kinda reminded me of Free Willy scenes lol]. Soujirou looked on, with many thoughts running in his mind as there's supposed to be only 4 Absolute Angels, the 5th, Kuu suddenly appeared, which was a bad omen. Recalling his siblings' thoughts of AA, Kyoushiro's bend on destroying and Mika's experimenting ... Soujirou seemed to be the only humane sibling in the Ayanokouji family as he stared at Tarurotte's smiling expression as she played with the carp lol. Grrr, speaking of the devil, the scene switched to Mika and her 'Kaon Bashing' machine again. I'm reckoning the machine was to input Mika's aura in Kaon and probably to PUSH out the mana of Himiko in Kaon [Such cruelty]. Mika merely looked on as the bashing went on, in her mind, she think-talked that she wouldn't let go ... -Flashback- A younger Mika with a bandage across her face covering her left eye, her hand was held by a nurse who comforted her and looked hauntingly similar to Kaon. -Back to present- Mika mumbled that she wouldn't go of her once again, 'Mine, you're only mine', she added. Beside Mika, Himiko looked on with tears rimming in her eyes as she witnessed Kaon's suffering and pain.

[I'm skeptical that the nurse is Kaon, my six sense and gut tells me that the nurse was someone who looks like Kaon ... and either the nurse refused Mika's advances, died or married someone lol] Anyways, the rest of the schools were preparing and putting up props and banners for the upcoming School Festival. Kuu tried to bring out her powers since she's an AA and that morning, she had asked Setsuna what method she summoned Kurausoras. Setsuna merely replied that there's no method, just concentration and it will appear, the sword is in the heart. This reflected the determination in them to do what they're doing. Setsuna added that the bell was the source of her concentration, Tarurotte's was her shoes and Kaon's was lunar earring hence everyone has a different main source of energy. Setsuna answered that she doesn't know Kuu's determination and pointed that the answer lies in the heart. Back to present, with a opened can on a wooden pole in a distance away, Kuu began making nonsensical utters for her sword to come out and weird poses/actions lol. I really enjoyed poking fun of Kuu as she kept doing those stupid actions and the opened tin can solemnly sat there wondering what the freaking wrong was up with this girl hahaha. Kuu recalled what Setsuna said about being Kyoushiro's sword, what Kyoushiro wants to do, no matter what, anything, she will do it. Kuu mumbled that she too, probably shared the same thoughts as Setsuna. Well, I give credit to Kuu who doesn't give up as she think-talked that it's finally that she found a place she wants to go and someone she wants to be with who had asked her to go with him ... 'My prince ...', uttered Kuu as she snapped and yelled that she likes ... she likes, she likes, she likes, she likes, she LIKES! The AA marking on Kuu's chest glowed as she confessed her feelings for Kyoushiro and sadly, no powers of the AA came out lol.

Kuu collapsed on the pool of water below her out of exhaustion and cried silent tears. On the tower of the Maboroshi no Jyou Tou Gakuen [Illusory Castle Academy], Waruteishia, the 4th Absolute Angel made her debut appearance as she stood on the balcony capturing a fallen white feather from the sky. That must be a feather from this big whooper of a bird Um ... scratch that, staring at the white feather as it glowed, Waruteishia mumbled that it's starting as the glowing light of the feather engulfed and brought Waruteishia up to the sky ... After her summoning failed, Kuu went back to the bathroom to continue wasting precious water by letting the water run down the drain and into the river and to the ocean ... um okay, Kuu then heard Setsuna greeting the returned gloomy Kyoushiro. Kyoushiro totally ignored Setsuna's dinner and asked her to leave him alone. In his room, Kyoushiro laid in bed, confused probably whether to carry out his Nii-san's will as something's nagging him. Just then, the door opened, Kuu entered the room in her uniform and closed the door behind her. Kuu had this I can't describe, a cross between a seductive bedroom 'come hither' look and 'virginal innocent' expression. Kuu started to take off her tie, shirt, skirt, bra and finally her panties. 'I will do anything, if I could do it, no, I am willing to do anything, anything, so, so, I ...' Stood before Kyoushiro was a completely naked Kuu who was bashfully covering her chest as Kyoushiro was stunned to the ground. Kuu walked towards Kyoushiro and leaned against his chest, who was still shocked out of his brain cells. Hesitatingly clutching Kuu's shoulders, Kyoushiro muttered, 'Idiot' and there's a woosh sound and the screen turned black. - END -

Seemed Like Kyoushiro Didn't.Why Didn't You Take Me!?KAZUYA NII-SAN!!!!

Oh yeah, the possibility of Kazuya Nii-san appearing in Episode 8 is high. I'm guessing he'll appear when Kuu's about to ask Kyoushiro to dance with him in that stupid major dance party called the 'Last Dance'. You forgot didn't you? LoL. Everyone's just into KaonxHimiko, so am I lol. Then everyone will go GASP, what a bishounen~! Haha.

The brief appearance of Waruteishia speaks alot here, something's starting she mumbles ... and Jin's narration of someone rising from above all was kinda ... haunting too, smells like Hitler to me. Mostly Kuu and Kyoushiro's angst in this episode, sounds boring to KaonxHimiko supporters cos there's only a mere 30 seconds camero of Kaon been bashed up by Mika's stupid 'Kaon Bashing' machine again. Unless you're into screaming ITAI S&M, otherwise, it's ... totally heart wrenching for me. Anyways, seemed like Mika's totally into this nurse probably who saved her when she was young who looks hauntingly like Kaon. So ... the one she likes is not Kaon BUT someone who looks like Kaon and had died or left her. Mika was mumbling something about not letting her go again ... which highly meant that the nurse's dead. Hope for Kaon x Himiko yay.

I seriously laughed my butt off when I saw Kuu trying to get her AA out by doing this weird actions lol ... then suddenly it changed scene to this student hooking up a 'Turtle' LOL, which kinda meant she's looking STUPID. Lastly, the Kuu taking off her clothes in front of Kyoushiro scene was like so subtly hot lol, with Kuu's clothes slowly appear on the ground ... However the stupid random switches to the whatever party or school carnival the students were having was making me laugh lol. Anyways the episode ended with Kyoushiro calling Kuu, 'Idiot.' and a woosh sound ... and from the preview, Kyoushiro refused her probably.

Art: 8/10 [Great.]
Story: 8/10 [Kuu x Kyoushiro Angst.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [I still dislike Kuu.]
Overall: 7.5/10 [Nice.]

[Signing off @ 2:22 PM]

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