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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep5

[Posted @ 2:35 PM]
Sigh, this is such a bitter episode ... filled with angst ...

Kuu Baking A Cake.Kyoushiro Playing His Violin.Kuu Messed Up ...

Kuu recaptured what happened in the previous episode, Kyoushiro's Nii-san, Kazuya, the Prince with who's striking, strong, but gentle, a great smile and able to solve anything which comes in his way. That's Kyoushiro's reason for fighting the Absolute Angels, besides, Kyoushiro's brother seemed similar to the Prince in Kuu's dreams ... Kuu felt happy that she had something similar to Kyoushiro, although it seemed naive and amusing but it's after all their feelings intertwined together. Kuu feels that although it's a small small thing, to her it's a big and important event and wondered if this is a start of a beginning. To fill the empty her with warm and fullness ... I'm not sure what kind of special day Kuu's commemorating but she decided to bake a cake especially for this belated day lol. Kuu added that it's the feelings that counts, yep. Kyoushiro, as usual's playing with his violin having this hot, angst expression on. Just then, Setsuna entered the room, reporting to Kyoushiro on information regarding the other Absolute Angels. Setsuna said that there's some movement in the Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen [East Moon Seal Witch Academy] and gave Kyoushiro a data tape. After that, Setsuna questioned Kyoushiro for bringing Kuu to his school, Jyou Tou Gakuen, this seemed to be the first time Setsuna's questioning Kyoushiro's actions ... A loud noise broke the conversation, seemed like Kuu messed up the kitchen with her fail attempt at baking a cake lol.

Giving It To That Special Person ......Come Here ...
Emotionless Eyes.!?EVIL! KILL! ...
Still Expressionless.*Hopes* Kaon-chan ...Have A Safe Trip, Kaon-chan ...
Light Bulb.Hmm ...!? !? ...
Someone's Here.Evil Kaon.Argh! ...
*Smirk*.Kyoushiro! Please, I Need Mana.Evil Mika Smirk ...
I'll Do Anything For You.LOL, Tarurotte's So Funny!Where Am I?
No Reaction.Kiss Kuu!? In Front Of Kaon-chan!?Kissu ...
Still Expressionless.Light Coming Out From Me?I'm An Absolute Angel!? ...

Followed by a bath scene between Kuu and Setsuna, Kuu was thinking like how many times she's in this situation lol. Setsuna asked Kuu if it's okay that she didn't help her in baking the cake Kuu's making. Kuu thanked Setsuna for asking as with her help it would be easy and be more delicious but it would be more special to make the cake by herself. Kuu went on to ramble that it would be that feeling of a girl in love, making a special thing for the sake of that special person ... Kuu added that that's why Setsuna could make for Ayanokouji-san ... Setsuna cut in saying that she's Kyoushiro's sword. Kuu apologized. Setsuna shrugged saying that Kyoushiro had told her to battle with him together, that's why she will fight and fight and fight. Kuu then asked what Setsuna will do after the battle ... Setsuna didn't get to reply as she heard a noise and said that Kyoushiro's calling for her and left. Kuu mused to herself that although Setsuna's cute and capable, she's after all an Absolute Angel so no matter how strong, how beautiful, how many times they kissed, it's still ... Kuu flashbacked to the scene Kyoushiro sword to destroy all the Absolute Angels. Kuu think-talked that if she's Setsuna, she definitely couldn't take it. She wondered if Kyoushiro would really destroy Setsuna, since she didn't do anything bad, just only for the sake of Kyoushiro that she fought ... Kuu assured herself that Kyoushiro would never do that, definitely and told herself to try her best in what she's doing now which is making a cake. After her bath, Kuu told Kyoushiro that she needs to go out to buy baking utensils and ingredients since she spoilt it just now lol. Kyoushiro replied that they go together. Kuu think-talked to her Prince that she did it, she really succeeded! [She didn't say what she succeeded but I'm assuming it's in asking Kyoushiro out on a date!?] Setsuna seemed a little shocked at the turn out.

Meanwhile, at Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen [East Moon Seal Witch Academy], Mika-sama's giving a public show to the harem girls by kissing Kaon in front of them. Kaon started to absorb the mana from Mika-sama and her mana rating went from the normal 140% to 210%. The head of the experiment excitedly reported that the experiment was a success, Kaon could now no longer be restricted to absorb Eternal Mana from only one specific person. The harem girls were excitedly praising Mika-sama, saying that the time has come for Mika-sama to rule Academia and the world. After the kiss, Mika-sama asked who Kaon is. Kaon replied that she's the brand new Mika-sama sword, Tsuki no Rasen no Kaon [The Kaon of the Moon Spiral]. Mika-sama continued asking should Kaon do. Kaon answered that she will obey any orders from Mika-sama with her heart, give her all, even at the expense of shedding blood. Mika-sama told Kaon to prove it, Kaon moved forward and initiated a kiss right in front of Himiko who was almost in tears. The harem girls were saying how beautiful the glow Kaon's giving out with Mika-sama's help unlike somebody who's too weak for Kaon. After the kiss, Mika-sama commanded Kaon to capture Kuu back to her. Himiko proceed to send Kaon out on her mission, wiping her tears, Himiko forced on a smile and gave the lunar symbol earring to Kaon who merely looked at Himiko coolly. Grabbing the earring with minimum contact with Himiko's hand, Kaon's rushed movements kinda made Himiko fell. Nevertheless, Himiko call out to the walking Kaon to be careful, not to get hurt, try her best and have a safe trip. With each sentence Himiko spoke, her tears flowed down her cheeks, but Kaon displayed no emotions at all and didn't even look back. Spying through the binoculars from the tower, Mika-sama looked extremely pleased.

Kuu, Kyoushiro and Setsuna went to the shopping district in Academia. Kuu's feeling very excited, happy and filled with happiness that she's shopping with Kyoushiro. Kuu added that in the earlier episode where she was riding the horse with Kyoushiro felt like she's on honeymoon, this time she felt like as if they were like newly wed couple ... like real. Setsuna merely looked a little worried at the development perhaps. Taking two heavy bags, Kyoushiro offered to carry them, Kuu said that but it's her stuff ... Kyoushiro continued ... then he'll take off of the stuff then. Kuu thought to herself that they're getting more like newly wed couple~ Kuu went on to this stall selling brooches and wondered to herself what Kyoushiro would like. As she's musing over the colours and designs, Kuu think-talked to her Prince what should she do, if it's a Prince ... Kuu noticed a white horse brooch, so did Kyoushiro and they took it. Kuu felt very happy that they chose the same colour, white XD. Setsuna felt a pang of jealousy. Kyoushiro explained that white was Kazuya Nii-san's colour, able to turn into any colour. Kuu agreed and said that her Prince is like that too and she decided that her cake will be white colour too like snow. Suddenly, Setsuna felt someone coming, Kyoushiro and Kuu too, from the lake, Kaon arrived on Murakumo giving them a sense of hostility. Setsuna could feel that the now Murakumo and the past Murakumo is different. Setsuna immediately summoned Kurausoras, so did Kaon in this oh so hot sexy way lol. Setsuna went for a direct hit and Kaon took the hit with hers, apparently Kaon's more powerful and cracked Setsuna's fist. Kaon issued another blast aiming for Kuu, Kyoushiro pushed Kuu away. Damn, Kaon's hot. Pulling herself out of the water, Setsuna called for Kyoushiro apparently very weak and said that her mana's not enough. In this desperately weak expression, Setsuna begged for Kyoushiro. Kuu was surprised by Setsuna's reaction probably, turned and told herself not to think of weird things.

Kyoushiro seemed hesitant to leave Kuu alone, but when Setsuna began to cry out probably in this expression when he's calling out to his Kazuya Nii-san, he got up and ran to her. Kaon smirked at the chance and kidnapped Kuu. Kaon brought Kuu to the Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen [East Moon Seal Witch Academy], Kuu thought to herself that she will be alright since she's okay here the other time. When Kaon arrived, Himiko went over and welcomed her home but Kaon merely walked past her without any care. Even Kuu could feel that Kaon's not the Kaon-san she knew in episode 2 ... In Mika-sama's evil lair, Kaon pushed Kuu down and kneeled in front of Mika-sama to report her arrival. Kuu stared at Mika-sama with awe, Kaon pushed Kuu's head down to bow in front of Mika-sama. Mika-sama doesn't mind and asked if Kaon's tired and beckoned Kaon to her. Mika-sama went on to present Kaon's reward by kissing her to rejuvenate her Eternal Mana. Kuu was like 'Another kiss between girls again! It's not a kiss ... but but but it's so beautiful! Like a goddness bestowing a reward.' Himiko lowed her head when she saw the kiss. After the kiss, Mika-sama introduced herself as Ayanokouji Mika. Meanwhile, Setsuna absorbing mana from Kyoushiro, he also noticed that the now Murakumo's different from the past Murakumo, stronger. Setsuna smiled and said she doesn't mind, if Kyoushiro wants her to go, she will. Kyoushiro decided that they will get reinforcement. Setsuna then went to find Soujirou who was making a cake for Tarurotte to lure her to Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen to battle with Murakumo. Kuu put two into two and realized that Mika-sama's Kyoushiro's sister ... Mika-sama too confirmed this fact. Kuu said that she only heard of Kazuya ... Mika-sama commented that Kyoushiro's still pinning for that kinda person? Such a hopeless brother. Kuu seemed surprised by Mika-sama reference to Kazuya and said that Kazuya's outstanding and sacrificed himself to save Kyoushiro and the world. Making this determined face, Kuu repeated that Kazuya's outstanding when Mika-sama seemed skeptical at that trait of Kazuya.

Mika-sama went on to say striking, strong, but gentle, a great smile and able to solve anything which comes in his way ... and also very cruel. Yes, just like a demon. Mika-sama confirmed that Kazuya's a demon ... Kuu felt confused and said that Mika-sama's the demon as she's using Absolute Angels to create destruction. Destruction?, Mika-sama asked. Kuu went on to ramble the bad things like destroying stuff, sucking the life force of people, it's expected one not to do these things. Mika-sama replied that AA's are swords, for the purpose of destroying enemies, will there be other purposes? To the AAs who were born for the purpose of being a sword, they will do anything for the sole sake of living. Mika-sama added that that's tragic too. Kuu protested that even so, 'It's not right. Absolute Angels are not humans, although they are different from us, been forced to fight for the person they are with and made to do bad things, aren't they pityful?!' Mika-sama scoffed, 'Us?, Us, you say?' Kuu felt confused. Mika-sama added that Kuu doesn't know anything is it? Laughing evilly, Mika-sama understood what happened and commented that Kyoushiro did such a cruel thing and found it to be amusing. Mika-sama commanded Himiko to show Kuu, Himiko protested a little ... but Mika-sama pressed on. Stealing a glance at Kaon who had no emotion at all, Himiko mumbled Kaon-chan before lunging at Kuu and kissed her with tears in her eyes. Kuu's chest with the marking Kyoushiro saw in Episode 1 began to glow and sparks flow out lol. After the kiss, Himiko rushed out the room. With an evil smirk on her face, Mika-sama yelled out the fact to Kuu that yes, 'YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL TOO, SHIRATORI KUU!' MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Kuu could only stand rooted to the ground as the thunder clashed dramatically in the background. - END -

Preview Of Ep6, Kuu In Shock.Preview Of Ep6, Setsuna Looks Sad.Preview Of Ep6, Kuu Cries ...

Woohoo, Ep6 looks really interesting after Mika told Kuu that she's an Absolute Angel. Let me guess, in episode 6, more angst for Kuu as she come to terms that she's an AA. Probably a flashback past of how Kyoushiro and Setsuna met? Not sure about that, I'm just guessing. Kuu realized that she's an AA, the thing that Kyoushiro swore to kill, angst within Kuu as she tried to absorb that the one she likes would kill her in the end because she's an AA too.

Another bath scene for Kuu and Setsuna in episode 5 ... it's quite tame compared to the others ... kinda haha and no, Setsuna did not kiss Kuu here. Anyways, 5 kisses in this episode, 3 times between Mika and Kaon, once between Kyoushiro and Setsuna and once and probably the last between Kuu and Himiko. I wish I could just kill off Mika-sama lol, she's just so evil, the first kiss was to test out the mana level of Kaon. The second kiss happened when, Mika stepped back and let Kaon take initiative to kiss her right in front of Himiko, grrr. The third kiss was Kaon's reward for bringing Kuu to her. Manz, it's just so ... heart breaking for Himiko to witness her love one kissing another person and have probably no recollection nor concern for her.

Anyways, this episode also step up the tension between Kyoushiro, Kuu and Setsuna as Setsuna probably felt some jealousy pangs when Kuu and Kyoushiro had fun shopping together. Kaon in battle action was hot, even though she's evil but she rocked manz, hahaha poor Setsuna pwned by Kaon ... Setsuna even had to beg Kyoushiro to come to her to give her mana ... I wonder if Setsuna unconsciously doing this, she knew she's no match for Kaon and desperately wants mana so that she could still be with Kyoushiro. I'm sure the earlier shopping incident development between Kuu and Kyoushiro added to the desperation Setsuna's feeling that Kyoushiro's going to leave her ... when she's weaken, she couldn't help but revealed her true emotions. It was really sad for me to witness this sad and desperate side of Setsuna ... grrr.

And finally, it's confirmed by Mika in this episode that Kuu's an Absolute Angel, YAY lol. That darn evil Mika had Himiko kissed Kuu in front of Kaon just to prove that point. Poor Himiko was so heart broken that she ran off after the deed ... however, Kaon showed no emotions. The scene where Himiko sent Kaon off when she's going to capture Kuu was bittersweet, Kaon apparently shrugged Himiko off when Himiko was like gazing with love at Kaon as she presented the lunar symbol earring to her. Himiko still didn't give up, calling after Kaon to take care, don't hurt herself and have a safe trip. Sigh, angst angst angst.

Oh yeah, changed the banner to Setsuna from Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora, she's just so moe XD haha.

Btw, did this personality test,

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Haha, I really agreed with the Peter Pan Complex trait ... I seriously hate growing up ... taking responsibilities as an adult ... sigh. Yeah I rarely worry anything ... since I seldom even dream at nights haha and sadly, I don't make friends easily ... XD.

[Signing off @ 3:04 PM]


  1. Do I see Chikane and Himeko o.o in here...

    if its not troublesome for u could u brief me a bit for the plot of the story :P

    is it the same like kannazuki no miko?

  2. This ep was too heart-wrenching to even watch. I'm surprised I even got through it!

    I like to know where you got the new banner from! I want it! ;.;

  3. Hola, Chikane and Himeko do appear, in a way, this time they are called Kaon and Himiko, though, and serve a villain. Which creates a lot of angst for them because the villain got kinda pissed last episode that Kaon prefered to look wide eyed at Himeko over doing her job XD;

    It isn't the same plot - not even really like Kannazuki, but the subplot with Kaon and Himiko is interesting. Actually, it is the onlyx reason I watch it xD

  4. to hola, Zefi had explained it to you below. It's not the same as KnM but references were taken here and there in KTS.

    to wing of light, yeah ... I was like KILL MIKA KILL! Haha. Oh the Setsuna banner? Took it from a kaishaku artbook.

  5. I didn't expect to for Mika-sama to him.

    Then again, how could I not expected it.

    I just couldn't watch the Kuu's speech knowing that she was a AA.

    Setsuna was sooooooooo jealous in that whole episode.

    Can't wait till the next one.

  6. ack I mean "I didn't expect Mika to be related to him"

    Sorry about that.

  7. Thanks Akayuki whatever I head Mika.

    About Kyoshirou special ep.name "Tryst" which will release with DVD2 on May N, I leave the link for screenshort here.