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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep6

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Kaon.NYAHHH!I Have The Crest Of An AA ...

Recapturing from Episode 5, Mika declared that Kuu's an Absolute Angel which shocked Kuu to the ground. Meanwhile, Setsuna's testing Tarurotte's patience and leading her to Mika's evil lair. Back in the shrine, Kuu's legs weaken as she kneeled on the floor, Mika walked over and slashed Kuu's front top with her sword revealing the Absolute Angel crest on the middle of Kuu's chest. Flashbacks of the almost similar markings on Setsuna and Kaon's arms, it was confirmed that Kuu is indeed the 5th Absolute Angel which shouldn't even exist. Memories of Kuu's childhood began to flash in front of her eyes, from the day she met Kozue in probably primary school and the day she was born, with the white feathers floating around in the background which was hauntingly similar to Kyoushiro's account of the catastrophe called the July Melting Snow. Last but not least, the dark figure of her Prince and the appearance of her AA mecha.

Chibi Kuu Born ...I Suspect This Is Kuu's Mecha AA ...Kuu Switched Teams! ...
Setsuna In Kuu's Dreams.Kyoushiro Stabbed Kuu!?Angst Kuu ...
Wooooo.Angst Kaon ...I'll Make You Love Me!
Kuu's AA Marking.Kaon VS Setsuna.Must Hold On! ...
Mana Absorbing Time.Setsuna Going DBing.Blankout Kuu ...
No, It's Just Himiko.Zip It, Setsuna.Stop, Mika-sama, Kaon Wanted To Save You ...
Poor Kaon.I'm A Absolute Angel! SOB!Is Setsuna Crying? ...

Kuu was probably too surprised by the facts that she blacked out. Followed by Kuu's dream of having her normal life back with her friend, Kozue calling her name to have lunch with her. In that dream, there's no Kyoushiro the transferred student, their school buildings were also not destroyed, students were chatting and walking about as if nothing had happened. It seemed like the whole scene had reverted the Episode 1 where Kuu had failed to give her letter to the senior they met in the train. Kuu started to cry her eyes out in Kozue's embrace and related to her that she was just having weird 'dreams'. Leaning against Kozue's shoulders as they were having lunch, Kuu was feeling good and that having a normal life was wonderful, enjoying the expected daily habits and no matter how normal or unreliable she is. When Kozue say that it's not true, Kuu went on to say that she's bad in sports, studies and even cooking such a normal and useless person like her ... Kozue cut in saying that it doesn't matter because Kuu's an Absolute Angel isn't it? ... [The whole relax and happy feeling went down hill from here, wonderful contrast!] Suddenly, the students around Kuu was lying on the floor unconscious. Setsuna was standing behind her, repeating, 'Battling, battling and battling and in the end, I'll disappear ...' Kuu turned back, Setsuna asked her, 'What will you be?' Before Kuu could reply, Kyoushiro appeared behind her repeating that lame line, 'Let's go ... together ...' Kuu happily reached out for his hand ... Kyoushiro added, 'Zettai Tenshi, Shiratori Kuu, I'll destroy you ...' Kuu felt a stab through her chest, seemed like Kyoushiro had stucked his sword through her. Internally, Kuu shrieked, 'NOOOOOO!!!' But physically, she was strapped to the machine which bonded and brainwashed Kaon in Episode 3.

Mika's evil plan was revealed as the purpose of kidnapping Kuu was to merge the Absolute Angels to write off any weakness Kaon possessed and to increase the mana percentage to a minimum of 390%. Besides that, Kuu can also be used for one of Mika's sicko experiments and disappear into dusts in the weaken state. As the head of Mika's experiments congratulate Mika on the soon perfection of Murakumo ... Mika excused herself and briskly walked off alone to her room. As the harem girls were praising their Mika-sama's beauty, elegance and how she doesn't get any side effects when giving Kaon Eternal Mana. In the comfort of her room then Mika exposed that she's having chest problems and by taking one of her pills, she began to relax. Mumbling to herself, seemed like Mika still had that side effect when Kaon's absorbing Eternal Mana from her. Pissed that Kaon's still rejecting her, Mika wondered what's good about that girl who's nowhere compared to her ... scene changed to Himiko crying her eyes out that the fact she kissed Kuu and Kaon had no reaction. Himiko began to chant, 'Kaon-chan, Kaon-chan' as she sobbed. Sketches of Kaon was shown in Himiko's sketchbook and a coloured near naked portrait of Kaon. Standing in the rain, Kaon mumbled repeatedly to herself that she's Murakumo, Kaon, Murakumo, Kaon ... Back to Mika, she declared that she will make Kaon love her repeatedly, that she will give her up because she's her sword and she belonged to her. [Clearly displayed the angst in Mika, Kaon and Himiko]

On the other hand, Setsuna's still leading Tarurotte closer and closer to the Mika's shrine. In the shrine, they were preparing the experiment to merge Kuu in Kaon. Kuu was apparently not aware of her surroundings as she was lost in her thoughts that she's an Absolute Angel and will be destroyed ... after all she's useless ... a small useless AA. Kaon summoned out her mecha AA and as she was about to touch the AA crest on Kuu's chest, Setsuna broke in with a grand entrance. Kaon and Setsuna exchanged blows, in this unbelievable cool manner. Hiding behind the safety of the glass room, Mika ignored requests to retreat and stayed on to watch the two AAs fight. Mika then ordered Kaon to kill Setsuna, Kaon and Setsuna squared off but before they could, Tarurotte burst in, now there're 3 Absolute Angels in this mad battle! Kaon started to power up, gleaming in this golden light of Mika's aura. The mana readings were going out of control ... Mika refused to back off and told Kaon to carry on. Setsuna was obviously dampened by the power up glows of Kaon and Tarurotte ... even when Kyoushiro had given Setsuna's Mana to the maximum. Kyoushiro's main purpose was merely drag out the time as long as possible by having Setsuna hold the two AAs off. After throwing off Tarurotte in the air, Kaon went on to attack Setsuna who was already weaken from taking blows but not giving it up because of the sweet words from Kyoushiro.

Tarurotte attacked Kaon from behind, Kaon dodged it, blasting Setsuna off instead. Determined not to let Kyoushiro down because she's his sword, Setsuna glowed as she powered up attacking the two AAs. Kyoushiro took this chance to ride in on his white horse and ... parachuting down to Kuu's side. Kyoushiro slashed away the ropes entangling Kuu but Kuu was too blanked out to response as she fell limply against Kyoushiro. Mika took out her gun, pointed at Kyoushiro and told him to freeze. Mika started to insult Kyoushiro and their brother, Kazuya, calling Kyoushiro a tail from a demon. Kyoushiro retorted back that how could she hate Kazuya who had sacrificed his life and saved the world. Mika replied back that yes, she hated him even if he died, the things he did couldn't forgiven. Mika added that she felt like digging him out from his grave and shredding him into little pieces with her bare hands. Kyoushiro understood that Mika's hatred had lead her to destroy Kazuya's will, to let the Absolute Angels live and commanding them to do as she please. As words were exchanged between the siblings, the scenes were shown Setsuna been pwned by both Kaon and Tarurotte. Mika retorted back that that demon, Kazuya was the same, what crap about justice and compassion! Kyoushiro was apparently confused by Mika's words. Mika however didn't explain, merely yelled that if he wants to know, GO TO HELL AND ASK HIM and fired her gun at Kyoushiro. Kyoushiro managed to block the bullet with the handle of his sword.

Kaon started to power up again, unleashing glowing golden aura blasting debris away from her. The building started to collapse, the ceiling breaking down, Kyoushiro took this chance to run away with Kuu. Mika's in danger of being crushed by the falling ceiling bricks, Himiko rushed forward to probably shed her. Kaon's lunar earring glowed in the ocean blue aura she used to possessed with Himiko back in Episode 2. Using that ocean blue aura, Kaon protected Mika AND Himiko from harm. Mika was of course pissed when she realized that Kaon was not protecting her but Himiko instead. In a safe distance, Setsuna was all tattered and torn from the AA battle and begged Kyoushiro for Mana. Kyoushiro practically told Setsuna to zip it as his main concern was Kuu. Somewhere else, Tarurotte also escaped from the blast and was picked up by Soujirou. At Mika's evil lair, Mika slapped Kaon for saving Himiko without her orders. Emotionless, Kaon replied noone. Mika felt betrayed by her own sword and asked Kaon why. Kaon merely apologized and asked Mika to punish her. Mika backhanded Kaon's other cheek with redness and was about to meet the other cheek with her hand, Himiko stopped Mika. Himiko stated that Kaon- ... no Murakumo was merely trying to protect Mika-sama, which angered Mika even more because that's the reason she's pissed. Mika slapped Himiko with such force that she fell back on the ground. Kaon still displayed no emotions as Mika huffed and walked off. Back to Kyoushiro, Kuu and Setsuna, Kuu asked Kyoushiro if he knew about her being an Absolute Angel which he apparently did but didn't voice out.

Kuu went on to ask Setsuna who nodded and said she felt Kuu was not a normal human and that's why they wanted to bring her to Maboroshi no Jyou Tou Gakuen [Illusory Castle Academy] to find out more. Kuu confessed that she's happy that Kyoushiro had told her 'Let's go ... together ...' to a person as empty and useless as her. Walking in the same route, staying in the same house, like the feelings of being lovers, the happiness of a newly wed couple. Even though it wouldn't come true, but it's enough one could dream of it. 'No matter how much dangers, fears ... these could be forgotten but happiness, such happiness. To such an empty person like me, not only useless ... I'm an Absolute Angel ...' Crying her eyes out, Kuu turned to Kyoushiro and asked if Kyoushiro knew, she's alright with it that she's an Absolute Angel and not a human but she could cry ... Kyoushiro wordlessly touched Kuu's cheeks which made Kuu cry even harder leaning against his chest. As they hugged, Kuu kept uttering that she's not human, not human! ... 'I don't want this, I don't want this!' Kuu cried. Setsuna wordlessly looked at the scene like she always did ... - END -

Kuu Takes It All Off.Setsuna Saw Something Which Pissed Her Off.This!? ...

Woo, I'm looking forward to Ep7 ... I can smell the sexual tension and jealousy in the air haha.

Episode 6 was great, hints here and there of Kyoushiro's brother Kazuya being the Prince of Kuu's dreams. The appearance of Kuu's mecha AA and how Kuu was born, yes, on the day of the catastrophe called the July Melting Snow. Kuu's dream of going back to her normal peaceful life was dashed when she realized that most importantly, she's not a human anymore ... she's an AA. Kuu's fear of Kyoushiro killing her with his sword because she's an AA was reflected in Kuu's dream too when she was strapped to the machine which Kaon was before in Episode 3. Mika's evil plan to kidnap Kuu for the sake of boosting Kaon's Mana to a minimum of 390% and merging two AAs will write off Kaon's weakness making her invincible. However, Mika seemed to suffer from some ... illness MUAHAHAHA. The battle scenes between Kaon and Setsuna were awesome, especially Setsuna's grand entrance lol. Poor Setsuna was used by Kyoushiro as a bait for him to save Kuu ... Setsuna of course followed his orders till the end and even powered up herself when she was already so weak after being pwned by Tarurotte and Kaon.

The scene were Kaon supposedly saved Mika was interesting because Himiko had moved in to try and save Mika too [Hell knows why]. However, Kaon's lunar earring and mana had shone ocean blue instead of the golden aura Mika possessed. It goes on to prove that Kaon was able to sense Himiko's danger and used her mana unconsciously to save her, which means ... KAON STILL CARES FOR HIMIKO~! Long live LOVE!~~~ Of course, Mika was pissed that she punished Kaon by slapping her and me slapping her back twice as hard ... me cursing her butt off. Anyways, Himiko tried to stop Mika from hurting Kaon ... woo, which means she finally got some guts in her. The most shocking development was probably Mika confessing her 'love' for Kaon and her sick declaration of making Kaon love her, Ew, I saw that coming but still Ew. A mixture of angst with some hope in this episode for Kaon x Himiko.

I'm seriously feeling sorry for Setsuna ... sigh and pissed at Kuu's whining about her not being human and like being an AA was some deadly disease to her ... keh.

Art: 8.5/10 [Awesome.]
Story: 8.5/10 [Up, Up, Action.]
Characters: 8.5/10 [DIE MIKA! Hope you suffer in hell.]
Overall: 8.5/10 [Enjoyed very muchie.]


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  1. Does anyone here reminded of FF VIII's Squall rescuing Rinoa Scene in Lunatic Pandora (not sure) while watvhing Kyoshiro slashing the wires off to save Kuu? XD