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Saturday, November 8, 2008

[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep4

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Candy☆Boy Ep4 1.

Isn't this awesome? LOL.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 2.

LoL, I can't help it ... but who cares, HELL YEAHZ!

Candy☆Boy Ep4.

-Flashback when Kanade and Yukino were still studying in Middle School in Hokkaido.- Kanade and Yukino were pulling Shizuku who was in roller blades home. It was hinted that Kanade had lost in a game as she said that she's a pauper and has to listen to whatever the rich tycoon Shii-chan says. Yukino commented that she knew Kanade will lose and that she don't have to make such a senseless bet. Kanade was like huh!? Was the result foreordained?! Or ... the both of them were together in this!? Yukino was like, of course not, ne, Shii-chan? Un! XD. Kanade told Shii-chan not to wear the skates to school, Shii-chan replied that Kanade and Yukino both wore it to school to and the teacher never said anything. Yukino was like, mou, Kana-chan~ and seemed to blame it on Kanade lol. Kanade was like you meanie, it was your idea! But Yukino wasn't listening, pointing at a deer with a doe lol.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 3.

Shii-chan later commented that Kanade's physically weak [Because she called for them to stop for a while of pulling]. Kanade told Shii-chan not to underestimate the strength of a member of the cultural club. Shii-chan was like 'What are you talking about? Kana-neechan has no talent in being an airhead [LOL], you should leave that role to Yuki-neechan.' Shii-chan added, 'Yuki-neechan's a natural airhead, so daijyobu, daijyobu~' [It makes no sense at all LOL, is that a blonde joke!?]. Kanade replied that Shii-chan will understand when she's in Middle School. Shii-chan got a little upset saying that she doesn't want to go Middle School. Despite her sisters asking why and saying that Middle School's fun, Shii-chan avoided the question and took a photo of them with Kanade's digital camera.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 4.

After that outburst in Episode 3, both Kanade and Yukino were blaming themselves for not being good sisters to Shii-chan [LOL The background music reminds me of the bgm from X-Files or something]. Meanwhile, Shii-chan sulking in her room, viewing the pictures in her handphone and mumbling, 'Baka' after looking at the solo portrait of her Kanade drew. The next day, Sakuya was planning to sneak in the room of Kanade and Yukino to cheer Kanade up with a morning kiss~ LOL. Even Sakuya could feel the tension between Kanade and Shii-chan the night before and tried to lighten things up by offering herself [with a ribbon] to Kanade LOL. But that idea was shot down by Yukino who once again tied Sakuya up with futon and left her sleeping in the guestroom LOL.

As Sakuya's about to open the door, Kanade opened the door from inside, slamming the door against Sakuya's face LOL. That morning, after breakfast, Kanade asked Shii-chan if she wants to go out shopping her with. Shii-chan replied that its cold, so no. Sakuya was like 'HAI! HAI! Senpai! Senpai! I want to go! ME!' While Kanade and Sakuya were having their conversation. Shii-chan flashed back to when Kanade mentioned about going to Tokyo to study, of course Yukino wanted to go with Kanade too and finally 'Goodbye, Shii-chan.' Shii-chan suddenly got up and ran to her room, leaving the rest worried. As Kanade and Sakuya were about to leave, Kanade requested Yukino to take care of Shii-chan. Sakuya was like, woots, a date with senpai~! XD.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 5.

Yukino had a one-to-one conversation with Shii-chan after Kanade and Sakuya left. Yukino told Shii-chan that both Kanade and her like Shii-chan very much. Shii-chan admitted that she wants to be with Kana-neechan and Yuki-neechan forever, just the three of them. When Kanade said she's going to Tokyo to study, Shii-chan knew Yukino will follow her along too and that she knew that her sisters like each other very much. Shii-chan continued that she's happy for them when she heard that the relationship between her sisters were progressing well [Yukino was like *blush* =O, is there something there?] and that she must not come in between them [being the third wheel or something]. But Shii-chan can't help but become emo and act like a spoilt brat around them lol.

Yukino told Shii-chan that not long before Shii-chan's birthday, Kanade was swamped with assignments and stuff but was still determined to do a portrait for Shii-chan to show her their life in Tokyo. Yukino added that Kanade pulled all nighters to finish both her assignments and the present for Shii-chan and that had requested Yukino to make up reasons for being late. Yukino revealed that Kanade had not forgotten about her birthday at all and that 'thinking too much' trait of Shii-chan's the same as Kanade XD. So even they're apart, Kanade and Yukino always be thinking of Shii-chan. Apparently, Shii-chan didn't buy that crap lol and said that Yuki-neechan's lying to her isn't it? Yukino was like ehhh, wow, this thing looks great LOL.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 6.

That night, Kanade asked Shii-chan if she would like to take a bath together with her since it's been a while and all ... Shii-chan replied that she will take a bath herself and bluntly pointed out that that character of Kanade is disgusting. Sakuya was like, 'HAI! HAI! ME ME, I WANT TO GO! ME ME!' but of course Kanade ignored her [LOL]. Kanade was like crestfallen, 'Disgusting huh ... I'm being disliked by Shii-chan ...' [Awww~]. After Kanade left, Shii-chan asked Sakuya why Kanade, not Yukino since they're twins and Yukino who apparently, in her own opinion, kinder lol. As Sakuya's about to give Shii-chan a piece of her mind, Shii-chan took out a photo of Kanade and Yukino in Middle School which Sakuya grabbed and spilt out the beans LOL. Sakuya said that it was not long before summer vacation on a outing with her senpais [Both Kanade and Yukino were there] and when she told Kanade that her birthday's on August [Which is the summer vacation] and that she never got to celebrate it with her friends.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 7.

Kanade replied and told Sakuya to see it from another viewpoint and say 'Happy Birthday' to her parents instead. And 'Bam!' that was it lol. Later, Sakuya really did followed Kanade's advice and that made Sakuya's parents very happy. Sakuya later thought that it will be nice if she had someone who could say something like that by her side. Sakuya added that she never thought of comparing them just because they're twins, she does like Yukino-senpai but she just likes Kanade-senpai more. Shii-chan seem troubled after listening to Sakuya's words. That night, Yukino probably told Kanade everything about that afternoon and that Shii-chan understands it but feelings is another story. Just then, there was a knock on the door, *gasp* Shii-chan! [LOL] Who asked if she can sleep over once in a while? Kanade and Yukino smiled and said come on in =).

In bed, Kanade was like, 'Why are the both of you snuggling against me?', Shii-chan replied that that's because Kanade's the warmest~~~ Yukino went, 'See, I told you so! You must let Kanade in the futon first to warm in up before ...' -Insert Kanade Pinch!- LOL. That smack on Yukino's hand was unexpected LOL, I thought she broke a bone or something, man! After that, Shii-chan started sobbing and crying. Shii-chan then apologized and mumbled about being like this forever is fine. Kanade suddenly pinched Shii-chan's cheek and Shii-chan immediately stopped crying lol.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 8.

Kanade: 'Shii-chan is our sister. You don't have to control/deny yourself, be clear of what you want and it's okay to be wilful. It's not like our opinions/feelings of Shii-chan will change after that.'
Yukino: 'Even though we can't do anything about being apart but if it's anything else we can do, we will do it.'
Shizuku: 'Un, I want to listen more of nee-chan's voices.'
Kanade: 'Un, well then I'll call you every weekend. If I forget about it, Yuki-chan will call you. Surely.'
Yukino: 'Kana-chan, well that's kinda ...'
Kanade: 'Ahh, yes yes, I'll definitely definitely call.'
Shizuku: 'And ... the portrait Kana-neechan drew of me, I don't want to be alone, draw nee-chans in it too.'
Kanade: 'Un, well, Shii-chan, you must properly go to school too. High School, University and then we will be together.'
Shizuku: 'Kana-neechan ...'
Yukino: 'Un, that's because Shii-chan's our precious, precious sister after all.'
Shizuku: 'Yuki-neechan ...'
Shizuku: 'Un, even though it's both cold and troublesome but I will try my best.'
Kanade: 'Ehh? Why are you using that no good tone of voice? Also, don't tell me that it's really that cold?'
Yukino: 'It's okay, Kana-chan.'
-Wasn't Listening-
Kanade: 'Ne ne, Shii-chan? Shii-chan? Listen to me, Shii-chan?'
Yukino: 'Daijyobu yo, Ne? Ehh.'

Candy☆Boy Ep4 9.

Sigh and phew I'm glad they have sorted out their differences in this episode, I don't really like the whiny and crying Shii-chan TAT ... I assume the next few [3 to be exact =A=] episodes will be more fluff of Kanade and Yukino in the new dorm? I really like Shii-chan, she's kinda the tsundere type ... lol XD, or on her way there heh.

Random rants;


GARH, man, the right cheek looked deformed lol XD. YESH! Three papers down, with one more to go. *slacks this weekend away* Ah, I'll do Hyakko Ep5 tomorrow, LOL the scene of Torako and Ushio's so damn funny ... especially the karaoke scene ... man, talk about badddddd engrish. TWELVE BEAST GODS! OZMG! LOL. Somehow I feel that they're english subtitling some Bollywood song or something LOL. *Reminded of Girly Man on Youtube* ... If you don't know what's that, just search for 'girly man' in youtube and you'll understand what I mean XD.

Ushio, Moe~! XD.

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  1. *Can't wait for the subbed episode* ~<3

  2. I was so surprised. This episode had some unexpected (for me) revelations. I thought, after ep. 3, that Shii's loved one was Yuki. I thought it was obvious that she liked Yuki and disliked Kana -- because she was always happy happy around Yuki, while she was always mean to Kana. I was sooo naive... >_< I should have guessed the truth...

    It's evident, after this episode, that Shii does get along fine with Yuki, yeah, but... the one she truly has the hots for is Kana!!! She was just being tsundere about it. XD

    (Hehe, I wonder what it is that Kana has that makes all the girls go crazy for her. A pheromone or something? lol)

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  4. Twelve Beast Gods! It was so awesome I had to google it. It's an elaborate Japanese/English pun on the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. http://tinyurl.com/6qppzf

  5. I wouldn't say that Shi has a thing for Kana. She just really admires her (probably partly because they're similar) but resents not getting as much attention from her (as opposed to Yukino). But yes, bring on more Kana/Yuki/Sakuya cuteness! XD I actually really wanted to dislike this show (I just thought it would be some crappy show that only creeps who thing two sisters in love is "hawt"), but the cuteness and humor of the show won me over. ^^

  6. to andrea, yep XD.

    to nene, lol I think Shii-chan likes both Yuki-nee and Kana-nee equally ... and maybe she's still a little upset that Kana-nee took Yuki-nee away from her XD. You might be right ... lol Shii-chan is tsundere towards Kanade only XD.

    Must be the megane =O lol.

    to Koh-san, whoa, thanks for the info, please take a look at my Hyakko Ep5 post =].

    to anon1, haha true, as I mentioned I think Shii-chan loves her sisters euqally, just that she has different ways of expressing herself to both of them =]. But anyways, everyone's resolved in this episode ... kinda.

    Yes, I would like more servings of fluff please too XD.

    Don't read much into it, just sit back and enjoy the show.