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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hyakko Ep5

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Ah, sorry, I got busy with studying last week ... >_> *looks away* But-but, I'm really free now lol, man, suddenly, I'm filled with some sense of emptiness after all the exams and I can't help but feel ...


*WOOTS* I'm so excited, I'm really going home soon!!! I can't wait to go home, see my family, my parrots, my mangas and ... and buy more mangas!!!! XD. I miss the feeling of going to CC and Kinokuniya to snook around for mangas in corners ... sigh. Nothing beats brick and mortar shopping ... well online shopping maybe =P.

Alrighty, enough of my rants;

Hyakko Episode 5 - Combi of Chapter 7 and Chapter 5.

Hyakko Ep5.

'Oh, My Angel.'

Hyakko Ep5.

I'll be straight, I practically zoned out at the first what ... 3 minutes? LoL, wasn't really interested in what Yanagi's saying ... On the other hand, Shishimaru's soo cute and funny lol, he reminds me of Hosaka from Minami-ke LOL. On top on that, he used Ayumi to confess to Torako lol, what a klutz. LOL @ him nose bleeding at the photo of the alluring Torako XD.

Hyakko Ep5 1.Hyakko Ep5 2.Hyakko Ep5 3.
Hyakko Ep5 4.Hyakko Ep5 5.Hyakko Ep5 6.
Hyakko Ep5 7.Hyakko Ep5 8.Hyakko Ep5 9.

Oh well, I really preferred Chapter 5 XD, I just love Torako x Ushio moments lol. Ohh Ushio's seiyuu is Kaido Yuuko (Also Seiyuu for Ootori Amane in Strawberry Panic!), no wonder the voice sounded familiar ... lol Kinda weird to imagine Amane going yankee-like with a sneer, 'Whacha looking at HUH?!' XD.

As mentioned, lol I have no idea how many times I've repeated the karaoke scene ... ahh, it's just so funny haha XD. Which reminds me, Koh-san mentioned in the previous blog post comment about the song 'Twelve Beast Gods' being an elaborate Japanese/English pun on the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Very very interesting read and more info here; http://tinyurl.com/6qppzf and in shoujoai forum. Thanks to Koh-san once again XD.

Hyakko Zodiac Chart.

Maybe this chart will be clearer? I got it from the Hyakko Volume 3 Chinese scans, yeah and the size is originally that small, I don't have a bigger picture of it.

I thought to myself that seiyuu of Torako has a nice singing voice, despite her trying to go out of tune by screaming LOL especially at the '朱に染まる ほほ~~' *SMACK* lol. Ah, Torako's seiyuu, Orikasa Fumiko sung 'Rinne no Hate Ni...', the ED of Shingetsutan Tsukihime anime ... ohh nice.

XD, I love Ushio's moed expression and Torako's 'I know your secret now' expression haha XD. Ah, I just watched Ep6 too ... hm, I'll talk about it next time =], off to work on my secret project heh.

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  1. you have parrots?? coooool haha. but man ep 6 is out now? lol 5 hasnt been subbed yet and if i watch it raw i only pick up like 1/10 of what theyre saying.. yeah its fun to recognize seiyuus in series. i've been catchin mai nakahara (sp's nagisa) a lot

  2. Don't forget we have new Girl Friends chap :)

  3. just watched ep 5, and i see what u meant by the karaoke scene lol, when torako tried to hit those high notes then ushio threw the book at her face, that was so funny! cant wait for ep 6. btw i hate that teacher, there's nothing that i like about him, and i wanted to smack him after he scolded those 2 ><

  4. whats the name of the song that torako sings in the karaoke scene is there an mp3

  5. to tsuyo_puyo, yeah XD African Greys. Indeed, lol yeah it was so funny and they were 'fighting' each other when the person-in-charge came in and threw them out. Lol, no comments about the teacher, he's quite a nice and funny actually, well a teacher's supposed to 'care' for a student's well-being isnt it? =).

    to Jo, oh yeah! Chapter 16 is out by MakiMaki! =A=, this chapter makes me wanna tear my hair out.

    to anon1, no idea ... o_o anyone else knows?

  6. to Gojira, no LOL. I like it this way. And it's 'sentences', remember to use spelling check =).