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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hyakko Ep6

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Hyakko Episode 6 - Chapter 10 and Evangelion parody for the last what 5 mins? It's quite amusing to watch actually lol, to put Torako's ... *spoilers* lol nah, you'll know it in the next episode [maybe] well the guy who's the fox in the chart as the baddie. He kinda reminds me of Gin from Bleach with those slanted fox-like eyes lol.

Hyakko Ep6.

Literally, Nene said, 'It's my hobby/interest.' but the 4chan in me made me type out that line.

Hyakko Ep5.

Well, this chapter is all about Tatsuki, her raging over Torako (once again lol) and her housekeeper Toshiko-san. Hm a little about her familt background and of course her childhood albums.

Hyakko Ep6 1.Hyakko Ep6 2.Hyakko Ep6 3.

LoL @ the TrickstAr *reminded of Mizuki Nana's Trickster* XD. It's really funny to see Suzume going star-eyed over Tatsuki's ehem ehem, 'Adult Underwear' lol XD. Well, I'm not really fond of Tatsuki ... but it's a heartwarming episode I guess ... =].

Hyakko Ep6.

What's Hyakko without some yuri undertones?

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  1. Off topic as always. The first Candy Boy Ep 4 (I think) fansub is out by Shin-gx. The patient ones should wait a bit. The rest... Dig in!