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Friday, November 7, 2008

Candy☆Boy Ep4 on NicoNico LIVE @ 18:00!

[Posted @ 7:16 PM]
MUAHAHAHA I finally got in!!! LOL, 196 too! I hate my stupid internet speed so freaking slow, =A=, kept getting disconnected like for 10 mins ... I could barely make out anything ... except this scene!! MUAHAHAHA.

Candy☆Boy Ep4 on NicoNico LIVE!.

Awaits patiently for the official online release at 20:30 XD oh nos it's 19:00 LOL so yes it's OUT NOW!

TAT I got kicked out in the end ... sigh *kicks connection*. At least it's not impossible to get in LOL woots.


Random rants while I was waiting for time to pass by;

A true Candy☆Boy fan will click on this link and buy the DVD ... lol.

OZMG, I'm so gonna purchase the DVD!!!! Out on 10th December ... OZMG but it's so fucking expensive ... ¥6800, ... like $104 Singapore Dollars. Man, but I feel so like purchasing from Amazon Japan especially when there's the vPOST christmas promotion ... AHHH I WANNA BUY ... along with mangas ... *Adds to Cart* man I feel like purchasing 極上ドロップス #1 LOL and 半熟女子 #1 ~~~ AHHHH and 百合姫 Wildrose #1 and #2~~~~ ... hmm Candy☆Boy 主題歌CD - Bring up...LOVE/romance ... and Bring up...LOVE/恋のカタチ *checks total amount at cart* ... =A= ¥11,628 !!!

Hmm, what else should I buy? GIRLFRIENDS #1!!! LoL, man, at this rate I will keep adding everything I see. Hmm but then maybe I should wait for GIRLFRIENDS to be completed before buying ... I mean #2 will be out soon so ... hmm. Maybe I should wait for the Yen to drop before buying ... lol ... it's kinda high right now compared to 2 months ago.

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