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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Fanfics Recommendations

[Posted @ 4:41 PM]
It's been a while ... well I'm still ... halfway through the KnM doujinshi ... and hopefully post the whole doujinshi by the end of this month.

Now, on to the topic of this post which is related to 4th June 2007 blog poll;

160602007 Blog Poll.

Ended the poll early. Reckon alot of people who visits my blog do read fanfics huh ... for the benefit of those who don't know what fanfic is, here's the definition from Wikipedia;

'Fan fiction (frequently abbreviated to fanfic or occasionally just FF or fic) is fiction written by fans of a given story, using characters and/or settings that they themselves did not create, definitions of the concept more detailed than this - most especially regarding what can or cannot be considered fan fiction - vary widely.'

I myself read quite abit of fanfics however I never commented on one before, it's just too troublesome I guess. So let me recommend you some of my favourite and currently reading shoujo-ai fanfics out there =). Oh yeah, I must warn you though some of the fanfics ranged from PG-13 to R-21 so ... beware of what you're reading XD.

Kannazuki no Miko fanfics; [Chikane x Himeko, Chikane x Otoha]

1. Reset by Seravy, Latest Chapter 5, Not Completed

2. A Better World by Teresa Kaiju, Completed

3. A Better World [Bedroom Scene] by Teresa Kaiju, Completed

4. Final Healing by Jen-chan, Completed

5. Blinded by Jen-chan, Completed

6. Lovers Eternal by Tsuyazakura Kouyuki, Completed

7. Fairy Tale Variation - The Little Mermaid by Tsuyazakura Kouyuki, Latest Chapter 9, Not Completed

8. But Can't by Jen-chan, Completed

9. When The Moon Comes Out by Chibi Marshmallow, Completed

10. The Fantasy of Last Life I - The Remnant Sun at Daybreak by Faithkasume, Translated by forgettingriver, Completed

11. The Fantasy of Last Life II - The Solitary Moon Arching over the Sky by Faithkasume, Translated by forgettingriver, Completed

12. A Kannazuki no Miko Fairy Tale Variation by Amoristseal, Translated by milogirl, Latest Translated Chapter 4, Not Completed

13. Do You Love Me? by Caitir, Completed

14. Rememberance and Love by Chikane-chan, Latest Chapter 8, Not Completed

Crossovers with Kannazuki no Miko; [Chikane x Himeko, Kaon x Himiko]

1. In Her Shoes by Jen-chan, Latest Chapter 1, Not Completed

2. Reality in Past, Memory in Present by daughterofmars, Completed

3. Temptation of a True Embrace by Jen-chan, Completed

4. All Those Yesterdays by threshold, Latest Chapter 2, Not Completed

5. Scarlet Lune by Shy Girl1988, Latest Chapter 1, Not Completed

6. A Christmas Dinner Party by Jen-chan, Completed

Mai Hime fanfics; [Shizuru x Natsuki, Natsuki x Nao, Shizuru x Natsuki x Nao !?, Shizuru x Natsuki x Mai !?, Mai x Mikoto x Reito, Haruka x Yukino, Chie x Aoi]

1. The Levels of Affection by Vilkacis, Completed

2. Reckless by Conri, Completed

3. The Little Things by Seravy, Latest Chapter 11, Not Completed

4. Evolution by Vilkacis, Completed

5. Forgiven by Tiger Dauthi, Completed

6. As The Cherry Blossoms Bloom by WS.Blue, Completed

7. All With Good Intentions by Kieli, Completed

8. Two Plus Two Equals Five by Tiger Dauthi, Completed

9. My Girl by Ashishu, Latest Chapter 9, Not Completed

10. Shades Of Gray by Tremalkinger, Completed

11. The Ties That Bind Us by Tremalkinger, Latest Chapter 6, Not Completed

12. To Blossom by mini nessy, Completed

13. Syncope by Kyanobenthes, Latest Chapter 1.9, Not Completed

14. Rearranged by betsunii, Completed

15. Mai HiMACE by penguinmayhem, Latest Chapter 9, Not Completed

16. On Reality by paxbanana, Completed

17. The Chase by paxbanana, Latest Chapter 16, Not Completed

18. Mistery by windam, Completed

19. Another Chance To Bloom by Tiger Dauthi, Completed

20. Indecent Proposal GUTB, Latest Chapter 3, Not Completed

21. Unfinished Dishes by bernium, Completed

22. Standing by Avy, Completed

23. Reasons by Vilkacis, Completed


25. A Second Chance by irina67, Latest Chapter 6, Not Completed

26. Experimenting by irina67, Latest Chapter 6, Not Completed

27. Words In The Trees by Vega62a, Completed

28. Love After Life by ficeler37, Completed

29. The Challenge by ficeler37, Completed

30. Riding the Roller Coaster by ficeler37, Completed

31. The Gingerbread Princess by Icemera, Latest Chapter 3, Not Completed

32. Roommates Diary I - New Routines by ficeler37, Completed

33. The Kyoto Hunt by Ange Sinistre, Completed

34. Clothes Shopping by Itanshi, Completed

35. Himes On Crack by ficeler37, Not Completed

36. Royal Flush by Kieli, Latest Chapter 3, Not Completed

37. Tea Leaves, Coffee Beans, and a Touch of Mint by Love-is-god, Latest Chapter 6, Not Completed

38. The Manga Reaction by shanejayell, Latest Chapter 2, Not Completed

39. Ambiguously Happily Gay Forever by Seravy, Completed

40. Roommates Diary I - Double Date In Hell by ficeler37, Latest Chapter 9, Not Completed

41. Mai's World by kouya, Latest Chapter 38, Not Completed

42. My Terrible Secret by guubear, Latest Chapter 5, Not Completed

43. Not Quite Over Yet by guubear, Latest Chapter 26, Not Completed

44. An Heir's Responsibility by phantom.ryder, Completed

45. Heir's: The Second Coming by phantom.ryder, Latest Chapter 2, Not Completed

Mai Otome fanfics; [Shizuru x Natsuki]

1. Beauty and the Beast by Unit 667 Ra, Latest Chapter 9, Not Completed

2. Relocation by Gorms, Latest Chapter 3.1, Not Completed

Crossovers of Mai Hime x Mai Otome fanfics; [Shizuru x Natsuki]

1. Do You Want It? by yeyeo, Completed

Maria-sama ga Miteru fanfics; [Sei x Shiori, Sei x Youko]

1. Sei It Ain't So by LeeT911, Completed

2. What We Left Undone by Shigan, Completed

3. Bad Sheep by Instant Boy, Completed

4. Tutti i Fior by L.J. Gormley, Completed

5. Between The Sheets by Azfixiation, Completed

Strawberry Panic! fanfics; [Shizuma x Nagisa, Shizuma x Miyuki, Kaname x Momomi]

1. Strawberry Panic Drabble by EA_Simpson, Completed

2. We Met by Estrea, Completed

3. Strawberry Panic: S.O.S (Save Our School) by Baka Gaijin30, Completed

4. Strawberries and I by yeyeo, Completed

5. Endless Love by Useful Oxymoron, Latest Chapter 3, Not Completed

Mahou Sensei Negima fanfics; [Konoka x Setsuna]

1. Around the Clock by Tiger Dauthi, Completed

2. Period 00: KonoSetsu by Yuki Myco, Latest Chapter 4, Not Completed

3. Broken Wings by KRAgito, Completed

4. A Taste of Bliss by OkashiraShinomori, Completed

5. For Everything, There Is A First Time by OkashiraShinomori, Completed

6. Tears Of An Angel by OkashiraShinomori, Completed

7. Trial By Heart by Houndemon, Completed

8. So Close by Houndemon, Completed

9. Third Quarter Waxing: First Moon by Scyggy, Latest Chapter 3, Not Completed

10. Half of a Soul by Furu Kei, Latest Chapter 11, Not Completed

11. Love Knows No Boundries by TzuiAssassian, Completed

12. New Year's Kiss by GreySocks, Completed

13. Room Of Consequences by GreySocks, Completed

14. Konoka's Betrothed by OishiYakumo, Latest Chapter 11, Not Completed

15. Another Omiai? by akichimihito, Latest Chapter 7, Not Completed

Other Random fanfics; [Noir, Sailor Moon, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Pretty Cure, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, .hack/SIGN, Bakuretsu Tenshi]

1. Scattered Shards by Shigan, Latest Chapter 6, Not Completed

2. Black Turned Red by Kirika, Completed

3. Red and Black: Shattered Peace by Kirika, Latest Chapter 21, Not Completed

4. She, upon a Crimson Field by Shigan, Completed

5. Standing Element by FallingWing, Latest Chapter 30, Not Completed

6. A Time Forgotten by Arana, Completed

7. Parental by Satashi, Completed

8. I’ll Take Care of You by Satashi, Completed

9. Destined Night by Satashi, Completed

10. Broken by Satashi, Completed

11. Ruby Eyes by Satashi, Completed

12. Diamond Dust by Satashi, Completed

13. Onyx Days by Satashi, Completed

14. Emerald Dream by Satashi, Completed

15. Tourmaline Feelings by Satashi, Completed

16. 6th Division by Satashi, Completed

17. 6th Division: Reminisce by Satashi, Latest Chapter 3, Not Completed

18. SNL, A Digital Short by Satashi, Latest Chapter 2, Not Completed

19. Where I Belong by Tsuyazakura Kouyuki, Completed

20. Gunarm by Sakurazukamori6, Completed

Original fanfics;

1. The Pleasure of Pain by PlatinumPlayer, Completed

2. Threads of Fate by SayurixMion, Latest Chapter 17, Not Completed

3. A Thousand Years of Prayers by Tsuyazakura Kouyuki, Completed

4. AI: Artificial Love? by Kouji Tamino, Completed

5. Soul Mate by Ladako, Latest Chapter 26, Not Completed

6. Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber, Completed

7. Yuki's Diary by VIII of Swords, Completed

8. Hostage Of The Heart by Ambrosia, Completed

9. Second Son by A. K. Naten, Completed

10. Of Tears And Broken Hearts by keilanch, Latest Chapter 13, Not Completed

As you can see, my sources were mostly from shoujoai.com, fanfiction.net, mediaminer.org and fictionpress.com. Seriously, I took like 2 days to find back the links I bookmarked in my favourites, most of them were you know not found and stuff ... sigh. I know there's more great fanfics out there I missed in this list, share yours too and comment! XD.

Oh yeah, remember to vote in the latest blog poll to get your choice as Song of the Month for July!

[Signing off @ 5:26 PM]


  1. 'Beauty and the Beast' is finished now ^^ so go and read the rest. It's quite funny XD

  2. a really good fate/stay night fanfic
    with the RinxSaber pairing ^__^

  3. to sarcastic-dog, really? I was kinda hoping for an epilogue heh.

    to suikyuubi, thanks for the recommendation, I'll read it after my trip in the weekend ... looks interesting XD XD.

  4. Oh wow, thanks! *blushes profusely* I'm glad you've enjoyed my KnM fics; there's just not enough KnM fics out there. I just wanted to let you know though, that I wasn't the one who wrote "Reality in Past, Memory in Present"...

    I'm surprised that Greywing's Shiznat drabble cycle didn't make your list? It's pretty well known in the fandom, and absolutely beautiful...




  5. to jen-chan, ah, sorry for the mistake ... =_=|||

    I must had missed it ... I went back as long as Page 50+ of shoujo-ai.com just to bookmark back the links lol.

  6. Wow. I just saw this now. And I wanna say thanks for the rec.


    ...this makes my heart go thump thump (in a good way).

    - keilanch

  7. Blue lone wolf does fluffy Mai hime fics that puts a smile on everyone's face.
    Recently Leebot has done a couple of good fluffy fics too.
    'My highschool sweetheart.' by Blue Lone Wolf in particular is a really good feel-good fic. Seriously, I loove the fluff. :DD Google blue lone wolf, then all the fics done by blue lone wolf come up. All of them are great....

    Anyway, that was to share the Shiznat luuurve!!! ;P

    Are there any good angst Mai hime fics out there? i mean like they have to have a happy ending... xD

  8. This is probably the best list ever. Though you should update it. There's some good new ones out there. Thanks for the links to awesome stories.

  9. Umm, hi. :)

    Whether or not anyone sees this, I just wanted to humbly leave a note that I'm continuing "Syncope" and it's now up to chapter 1.11, though I've moved off Livejournal onto my own Wordpress blog (I'll still update the LJ with chapter links).

    Thanks for the ol' plug!