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Friday, June 22, 2007

akayuki's Nokia N95 + akayuki sings Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~

[Posted @ 9:58 PM]
Heh. Heh. Heh. I just can't stop grinning =).






HANDPHONE!!!! Or CELLPHONE!!!! Whichever you're comfortable with. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Fresh from de oven. Well not really.

Nokia N95 1.

Front side, heh I upload the HOT pic of Kaon from Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora DVD Special Volume 2 in already.

Nokia N95 2.

Back side, the 5 megapixel cam ... cool.

Nokia N95 3.

Side view ... quitr slim and ... light.

Nokia N95 4.

OH MY GOD, I almost just fainted when I turned the screen this way!!!!

Nokia N95 5.

Managed to upload my favourite Anime songs in already ... this is the latest, Romeo x Juliet OP Single 'Inori ~You Raise Me Up~' by Lena Park. The bass quality is really cool.

Nokia N95 6.

Overall, I can't really give any verdict about it, I'm not a handphone expert ... but it's kinda 'slow' when switching and hangs for a little moment but I can totally understand, look at the freaking functions, it's overloaded -.-||| especially with the GPRS function in it ... haha.

Almost one month after I tried singing Misato Aki's 'Kuchibiru Daydream' Strawberry Panic! OP2 ... I'm back with Kosaka Riyu's 'Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~' Claymore ED. Seriously, I can never reach Kosaka Riyu's standard so cut me some slack k? If you like it, please vote for this song hehehe, I really like this song.

- Click PLAY -

As usual, I made alot of mistakes, just took 2 tries before I posted this up haha, I was too fast in some lines and too slow in some lines. So enjoy?

Oh yeah, I'm going to Batam this weekend so ... yeah cya next week.

[Signing off @ 10:32 PM]

PS: Watching Kannazuki no Miko Ep12 [END] in my N95 ... so cooL!

Kannazuki no Miko Ep12 [END].

Ah the leaving scene always made me cry ... and weep ...


  1. very nice phone but mostly picture.lol

  2. Now that is indeed hot XD

  3. Oh my GOD. You might not be an expert on phones, but you're just about at the top of the market with that phone... I'm jealous, I want it, but my phone is only about a year old and I can't shell for what it would cost to import that N95. -_-


  4. to anonymous, uhhh thanks haha.

    to anonymous, yeah!

    to Tenkaichi, :) your turn will come soon, maybe try the iphone? Seemed like the reviews were pretty good and the screen's wide, great for watching anime XD.

  5. The 8GB Nokia N95 is slightly different in design than the other versions of the N95. While it keeps the same boxy shape and overall dimensions (3.8 inches high by 2.8 inches wide by 0.8 inch deep),