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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lilycle ~LIly LYric cyCLE~ Vol. 2

Hm so it seems I take forever to get something out as well but I shall (hope) to finish putting down my thoughts on this series before finding something else to do again and forget about it. After that, I wonder what I'll have to wonder what I'll write about. But anyway, welcome back and thanks for reading to those that read my thoughts on the first one. I'm going to introduce the second volume to you now.

Volume 2 of Lilycle is titled "bitter honey' and is about two sisters, the seemingly perfect older sister and the energetic, athletic younger sister. I'm not sure if you can call it incest since the yuri in the Lilycle series is so soft. In my opinion, you can interpret it whichever way you want but I'll leave it up to you to decide on that.

Our characters here are Shiina Mayu (椎名真優) [CV: Asakura Azumi (浅倉杏美)] and Shiina Mai (椎名真衣) [CV: Uchida Maaya (内田真礼)]. Character intros are here by Particle.

1. Sunao jyanai yo ne (素直じゃないよね) [07:59]
2. Itsumo no futari (いつものふたり) [08:09]
3. Tokidoki himitsu mo aru keredo (時々秘密もあるけれど) [08:24]
4. Yappari issho ga ochitsukushi (やっぱり一緒が落ち着くし) [07:27]
5. Chikaku ni iru ara ganbareru (近くにいるから頑張れる) [21:31]
6. Zutto soko ni aru kizuna (ずっとそのにある絆) [11:46]
7. Free Talk (フリートーク) [08:07]

[Spoiler Alert]
From the title of the volume 'bitter honey' it's rather safe to say that at some parts of this story there may or may not be parts that gives you a heart clenching feeling... To be honest, I think I felt a bit of that when I first listened to this. Since the pairing here are sisters, the story starts early in the morning with Mai, being the athletic one, going for a jog before school with Mayu just waking up. From their conversation, you can hear that Mayu is quite the tsundere (well she's doesn't actually exhibit it this early but you can totally hear it in Azumin's voice). Well in the end, from the beginning of the story they have really been doing not but spar with words just like siblings always do and even over the smallest things like Mayu not waiting for Mai before heading to school. What I find funny is Mai's reaction when Mayu tells her that the stuff she does is stupid or something. Though you can tell, these two have a really good relationship. It's rather cute that Mayu specifically orders that Mai don't call her by name but call her "Onee-chan" while in public/school though.

A tsundere-type older sister and rather obedient younger sister. This volume has some funny parts as well. The story actually consists of Mayu, being in the fine arts club (I think), working (overworking) on a piece for a contest. You may guess who the subject is. But throughout the story it seems Mayu is fighting with her inner self about how she can be the older sister that Mai can look up to. Well, it's safe to say that she's just worrying too much. Mai loves her sister just the way she is after all~

Well this volume seem to have generated more words than the last but maybe it's just I like this type of story as well. Whether or not there's actualy yuri undertones in it, that is. But anyway, remember if you happen to find a way to listen to this without buying, support them by actually buying too~ (Says the one that doesn't even have a copy of her own). Amazon.jp

[By Yukase]

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