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Friday, February 20, 2015

Lilycle ~LIly LYric cyCLE~ Vol. 3

I totally put off this post so much longer than I thought I would. But hey at least I remembered and didn't delete the audio files from my (now) second hard drive after making the switch from a laptop to a desktop... Have I gotten bored of this series? You bet I am, rather there's new materials out (like the extra summer and winter parts and new volumes but I haven't been too interested in it.) However I have decided to finish this mini review-ish kind of thing whether anyone reads it or not just cause my boredom and minor OCD is acting up again.

Anyway, volume 3 is titled “Motto, Zutto, Gyutto,” (もっと、ずっと、ぎゅっと). Our main characters this time is, put simply, an Ojou-sama and her maid. A longer explanation is that the Ojou-sama, Kugayama Arisu (玖雅山アリス) [CV: Uchida Aya (内田彩)] and her maid Oribe Ibuki (織部伊吹) [CV: Ootsubo Yuka (大坪由佳)] are childhood friends. Ibuki has recently started working part time in the Kugayama household and living there as well. Arisu, in terms of personality is a tsundere. She's proud but can't really do anything by herself (or so I've understand from the character intro page on the Particle website.)

1. Okitekudasai Ojou-sama! (起きてくださいお嬢様!) [06:09]
2. Tsundere desu ne Ojou-sama! (ツンデレですねお嬢様!) [13:19]
3. Ibu ha acchi itte te! (イブはあっち行ってて! ) [05:04]
4. Watashi datte ochikomu desu! (私だって落ち込むです! ) [18:09]
5. Chanto wakatteru kara... (ちゃんとわかってるから...) [08:23]
6. Zutto soba ni inasai yo ne/// (ずっと傍にいなさいよねっ///) [11:41]
7. Free Talk (フリートーク) [07:40]

[Spoiler Alert]
I'll be honest, the first time I heard this volume, I had no idea what exactly the plot is. However from the beginning of the first track, we can see that Ibuki, or Ibu as Arisu calls her, is very attached/attracted to her. In a way we can say she's rather ossan in personality (basically a middle-aged man, but rude form) and Arisu is already full blown in tsundere mode first thing in the morning. It's fairly interesting to listen to and pretty much hilarious in my point of view and these scenes happens very often. There is a few times, if you're familiar with the seiyuu, that makes you wonder if Ibuki's personality is hers or her seiyuu's (lol). However in the beginning you can hear that Arisu doesn't always want to be treated like a kid (they are in high school) and wants to be able to do things by herself or don't want to bother Ibuki too much.

I think this volume is probably the only one with every previous character as a supporting character. Considering Arisu is a first year (same as the main characters from vol 1 and Mai) and Ibuki is a 3rd year (same as Mayu from vol 2.) Somewhere along the way in their day at school, Arisu has come to terms with how she wants to be independent and has told Ibuki to "stay away" in her tsundere way, probably meaning she feels like she's holding Ibuki back from her friends. However pretty much without spoiling too much (and I'm getting too lazy to type too much) it's clear they both would get depressed and spend their day separated from each other. Through a lot of chatting with their friends, they'll realize that they don't want to be separated after all even if it'll happen (with Ibuki graduating school first). But hey just like Ibuki said, they don't have to think too much about being separated too fast, they should just try to enjoy the time they have at the moment more (but they do actually brainstorm some plans of what they can do in the future to stay together.).

This volume in the end, feels more like a comedic volume (with Ibuki's personality) with points where I can laugh aloud pretty often but other than that I don't really think there are many points I can point out that made this volume too interesting (The comedic parts is good enough imo). Yuri-wise, this volume do have more than the other two, however way you put it anyway (lol) Anyway, buy to support, ne~ Amazon.jp

Now I don't know what else to write about so I'll probably go back into hibernating until I find something interesting to write about~

[By Yukase]

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