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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lilycle ~LIly LYric cyCLE~ Vol. 1

Lilycle (りりくる) is a drama CD series by Particle. The first volume is titled "Koigokoro Friends" (恋心フレンズ). I think this volume has been translated but I am not entirely sure since I listen to them as they are. The theme of this volume is 'best friends'... Perhaps it's better to put it as 'best friends turn lovers'? However Lilycle at best is very light on yuri but also rather sweet in my opinion. But of course the seiyuu in them makes it a rather good experience for me listening to them.

Our main characters here is Wakamiya Hina (若宮陽奈) [CV: Mikami Shiori (三上枝織)] and Segawa Ayame (瀬川彩愛) [CV: Takamori Natsumi (高森奈津美)]. Here are character introduction released on youtube by Particle (The one on the top left). Please note that I don't do translations... My skill in Japanese isn't that good yet so it'll be strictly romaji (can be English too if it's katakana) and kana.

1. Tomodachi, dakedo (友達、だけど) [4:25]
2. Soba ni iru kara, Ureshikute (傍にいるから、嬉しくて) [11:56]
3. Issho ni itai, Dake nano ni (一緒にいたい、だけなのに) [7:10]
4. Yappari chanto, Mukiatte (やっぱりちゃんと、向き合って) [16:25]
5. Tsutaetakatta, Kono kimochi (伝えたかった、この気持ち) [16:32]
6. Futari dakara, Koi (2人だから、恋) [7:32]
7. Free Talk (フリートーク) [9:46]

[Spoiler Alert]  
From the beginning, Hina confesses to Ayame by saying "I like you" but of course, she didn't get the true meaning behind the confession and thinks she means it in the best friends way. Because we all know that when the confession gets accepted too early, it'll be the end of the story since we usually want a happy ending. The story is actually uneventful other than the fact that a small misunderstanding between the two that leads to a silent treatment with each other. Of course within the story there are supporting characters that kind of wakes one of the two up for a reconcilation. Well that actually happens in most other stories out there but really listening to the end of it where they decide what to do next after realizing that they actually really like each other... Now that part felt like I was kind of intruding on something by listening to them... Lol. Overall I like this volume the most out of the three volumes that's currently out just because at the time I was listening to it, I was in the mood for some light fluff.

Now as for where to get a copy of it for yourself if you feel the need to... I don't think I've seen anywhere that has an English site selling them. I do know for sure that Amazon.jp has them. As for where to get them online... I have my own sources =P You're not getting them but I'm sure if you can just do a basic search, you can find it~

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  1. It's the simple sweet stories which tend to hit home with people. Hmm i have no japanese knowledge , gave up trying a long time ago :-p.