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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Out of Nowhere, An Introduction Arrives

Hello, Yukase here. Today I bring you an update in the form of introduction. Personally I don't know where to begin so let's start with why I'm here posting and Akayuki seemingly disappeared.

No, this isn't some bad news... Aka's just being lazy and hasn't updated this blog since January so I decided while chatting with her, "I want to give this blog some updates since it feels like a waste to let it sit here without updates." Well that's the short version. The long version... I don't think anyone would want to read it but it's actually about the same length. (Yes I don't make much sense.)

Now onto some of my interests... First of all has to be Kalafina. I'm a Kalafina fan and that's the most important part even if it doesn't pertain to this blog's theme. I'm probably not going to post too much of my thoughts of them here though. Second would be seiyuu, Japanese voice actresses, I won't say who is my favorite and such since it's also not blog theme related. However I might post some drama cd related stuff yuri stuff if I find them. Third is an interest that changes a lot but currently it's idolm@ster (puchimas especially.)

Anoyway before I get too distracted about my favorites, I'll make it clear that I do read yuri manga since they are the only type that I read. However my only source of yuri manga comes from whatever is posted on Dynasty Reader since I no longer look for raws or go to the scanlation sites for updates. I am rather out of date with the yuri scene such as what everyone is into and all nowadays but I have no desire to try to keep up with it. So we'll see what I will end up posting, lol.

Lastly, before this introduction of blunt words become too long, I'll take the time to thank Aka for letting me post in this blog and I hope you would enjoy your stay~

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