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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winner of citrus Manga Giveaway

[Posted @ 1:41 AM]

So, the winner of citrus V1 manga giveaway is deadfish!

And deadfish, if you're reading this, I've emailed you regarding the details. (under the email address you gave in the comment post).

To the others, thanks for participating! =D

Updates on Doropanda TOURS Vol13/13.5;
My friend has scanned it in record time =o and it looks really good. I'll post more about it soon! Look forward to it! Oh, I've also taken off the phone scans cos it's now an embarrassment LOL


  1. Hi there! Just commenting to let you know that I have received the package yesterday! Can't tell you how excited I was! XD Thanks again for choosing me and I definitely enjoyed it! In fact I've just had a long and tiring week that this feels like a reward lol!

    Anyway, really really thanks a bunch! You have made my week! ;)

  2. Congratzzzzzzz xDDDD

    And an applause to ayayuki <3 You deserve it <3

  3. Hey so can you explain to me how to buy those kind of doujin by online? I've searched bout it too many times by now but no one has ever really explained it thoroughly so I'm preferably lost here,any kind of information could give me tons of help really..uhm alright then,thanks again..oh and btw congrats for the package ^^ sincerely well..me I guess

  4. I'll write up a more detailed blog post on buying doujin online within this week. I've only bought from yahoo japan auctions via buyee, mandarake and nagomiweb.jp. since they provide reliable international shipping. They're not really cheap options cos most of what is put online is marked up and the shipping charges can be super expensive.