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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Time - Stefanie Sun Yan Zi

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After 4 years of waiting ... IT'S TIME [是时候] for STEFANIE SUN 孙燕姿!
Stefanie Sun's 11th Album, It's Time was released on 8th March 2011 [Yes I'm late in reviewing her album =x], if you still haven't gotten your copy yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? GO GET IT NAO!!!

It's Time - Stefanie Sun Yan Zi.

I think there are limited copies [with red sticker] and the red sticker entitles you YanZi's signature if you go to her autograph session on 1st April 2011, yeah it's no April's Fool joke.

For those with no red stickers on their copies ... well, I'm not sure if you can get her signature [most probably queue up behind those with red stickers], keep your receipt and make sure your copy is the SG/TW version, NOT the CHINA version. Yes I got two copies and one more from the YanZiUnlimited fanclub which comes with YanZi's signature \O/ WHEEEEEEE should have ordered 2!

It's Time Album [Front].
Bloody awesome, I've waited a long time for this.

It's Time Album [Back].
=O Interesting, feels like I'm unveiling an important letter.

It's Time Album [Inside].
Everything's in black and white, just like life.

It's Time Album.
Album booklet and CD [1].

It's Time Album.
Album booklet and CD [2].

Album Tracks;
01. 世說心語 * – Shi Shuo Xin Yu
02. 追 – Zhui
03. 當冬夜漸暖 *** – Dang Dong Ye Jian Nuan
04. 時光小偷 – Shi Guang Xiao Tou
05. 空口言 **– Kong Kou Yan
06. 明天的記憶 * – Ming Tian De Ji Yi
07. 180度 * – 180 Du
08. 快瘋了 – Kuai Feng Le
09. 愚人的國度 ** – Yu Ren De Guo Du
10. 是時候 ** – Shi Shi Hou + 11 ** [Hidden Track]

itunes Playlist.
I've looped the album 30 times already =D oh and Bad Apple's in there as well lol

當冬夜漸暖 is my favourite song of all followed by 空口言, 愚人的國度 and 11 the hidden track.

Price: HMV - S$26.95; Gramophone - S$24.95; CD-Rama - S$21.95 [As on 16th March 2011]

Also, YanZi's on this week [16th March 2011] iWeekly No. 698.

YanZi on iWeekly No. 698.
Yummy, it's only S$2.

'It's Time' is awesome and totally worth that 4 years wait =D

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