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Saturday, February 19, 2011

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 22

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Hey there! It's been a long time~ 4 months plus to be exact haha. Yeah I'm still here, just that I don't watch anime online/offline anymore ... I don't even read manga much now =A= I guess the 2 (almost 3) years of being away from manga (physically) made me lose interest in touching them ... mm I'm still reading shoujo-ai/yuri mangas (scanlations), not really squealing or trolling over when the next releases are coming out anymore haha.

There are still awesome people out there scanning shoujo-ai/yuri stuff though, kudos and more power to them. Although I might not read/into it much anymore, I still like to come home and read some fluffy (or smutty >D) manga.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

On to whatever I can remember scanlations released in the past 4 months, what's in my shopping cart, what manga I'm desperately waiting for, newly released shoujo-ai/yuri manga and 'should I get them or not!?' list.

New titles scanlations worth a shot;

1. Himawari-san scanlated by Kawaii Scans
- This is pretty cute, I like the clean art style, the oblivious and charismatic Himawari-san xD.

2. Kimi Koi Limit scanlated by Payapaya Scans
- I have the manga and at first I was pissed off at the main character, cos she 'cheated' (by howling another person's name in throes of passion orz) on her current beau. And I liked her beau, main character kinda reminds me of Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi ... GRRRRR.

3. Nobara no Mori no Otometachi scanlated by Yurikai
- This has roughly the same plot as Mousou Honey kinda? Two childhood friends enter high school, the main character meets a Prince-senpai from school and 'fell in love' with her, add some blushes, kisses, groping-- okay maybe no groping, that was a fragment of my imagination lol. Said Childhood friend has a crush on main character for a long time and turn angsty while main character doki-dokis with Prince. I might be too hasty in comparing the two titles because Volume 2 is coming out soon for this series =o and 2 chapters were scanlated.

4. Mousou Honey scanlated by Kawaii Scans
- Okay, this is the title that has the blushes, kisses, groping and no problems there. I WANT MY SMUT who cares if the plots are the same or what! SO THERE. I feel like I'm contradicting myself.

5. Sweet Guilty Love Bites scanlated by Kawaii Scans
- Oh I have this as well and all hail smut~ If you like PWP smut or Yukemuri Sanctuary (same mangaka), this is the title for you on a trashy weekend.

6. HeartCatch PreCure Doujinshi - Heaven is Just There scanlated by Payapaya Scans
- OZMG, a smutty (well compared to her other works, this is relatively tame =\) doujin by Myao (Morinaga Milk) of Pretty Cure. I don't watch it but I don't care, I just visualize them as Akko and Mari xD.

7. Blue Friend scanlated by Yurikai
- I'm still raging over the fact that whenever I see Blue Friend #1 in stock in Amazon Japan, the next day I wanna order it along with #2, I HAVE TO WAIT 5-9 days or weeks again =A= WHY!? It was in stock the other day! Did Japan buy everything in less than 24hrs!? DAMN YOU JAPAN/SHUEISHA, PRINT MOAR DAMMIT. That happens every time I go in Amazon Japan to add stuff in my cart =\

In Shopping Cart;

- Actually I'm not sure if I should get Basute Tishan ... the samples/preview I saw were boobies everywhere and looked hilarious haha, like a snippet from Girls' High.

Newly Released & Waiting List;
Newly Released & Waiting List.

- The newly repackaged Girls Love (was Yurihime Wildrose) looks set to be as smutty as its predecessor, check out some of the samples/previews here at yuri_amagasa. And I really like Kuru Yome, ah you can also preview a chapter from the official Tsubomi website. Click on the cover and then look for 'お試し読み'.

Wondering List;
Wondering List.

- The Wildrose Re:Mix are basically a compilation of a couple of stories from Yurihime Wildrose, no idea which, most probably not getting them since I has all 6 Volumes of them ;D and it was given 1 sad star in Amazon Japan ;_;

I guess that's al-- NO WAIT, almost forgotten about GIRLFRIENDS drama cd \O/ yeah yeah, I know it was released uuuhh almost a month ago? And I did mention about it in my facebook status haha but meh I'll upload the cover just for the kicks.


Like most drama cds, it follows pretty closely to the manga so I don't think there's a need for word for word translations. I'm still looking for websites to buy it though =\ and willing to accept my credit card GRRRRR.

With that, comes the end of this blog post, hopefully the next update is not another month away ... mmmm =x

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  1. This reminds me. I need to read Mousou Honey soon. I'm a huge fan of the artist ever since Gokujou Drops.

  2.  oh what are the translated titles for your wondering list?