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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amazon Japan and USA Purchases September 2010 Part 2

[Posted @ 3:10 PM]
IT'S TEN TEN TEN! And my birthday \O/

YES! MY FUJINO SHIZURU WAVE FIGURINE IS HERE~ xD along with Marimite OVA 4th Season DVD, Yurihime Wildrose #6 and Line.

Pictures intensive post ahead! A few selected shots from my StarCruise Virgo trip and sample snapshots of my Amazon Japan Purchases! Click read more to view them =D

How can one not get fat from this luxury!? TELL ME!!

Next up as promised, I've snapped 14 shots of my purchases from Amazon Japan. You can request a few more pages from any title if you wish but I do not want to damage my books so don't ask for proper book scans. Just holler in the comments section, for example - "I WANT PAGE 56 of [title of book] PLUZ" and I'll take a shot of pages 56-57 or 55-56 depending on the positioning of the page requested. I'll take a max 3 requests for each title, not including what I've posted. ENJOY!

1. スリーピングビューティーの見た夢 by 四ツ原フリコ;

2. ラブフラッグ★Girls!! by 高橋依摘;

3. 少女ホリック by 青井はな;

4. キミ恋リミット by 百乃モト;

5. くちびるに透けたオレンジ by ロクロイチ;

6. sweet guilty love bites by 天野しゅにんた;

7. フィダンツァートのためいき by 田中琳;

Anddd, not to forget; 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Fujino Shizuru Wave Version

Hope you liked the previews, if you want moar, request a page in the comments section! =D

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  1. Happy birthday! been following your blog for a while. Great stuff and info you got here! Your blog is one of the reasons why I'm kinda hooked into shoujo ai/yuri XD. Now I'm envious of your manga collection!! >_< v


  2. That Shizuru figure is gorgeous!! I'd like one but I'm quite short of money now after getting Minna and Mio plushies along with the Macross Frontier DVD.