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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shezaei Neko's ShizNat Fanart Contest

[Posted @ 3:10 PM]
On behalf of Shezaei-Neko, I'm here to promote a ShizNat Fanart contest that she's holding based on the ShizNat fanfics she had done. If you have been reading her fanfics, what are you waiting for? DRAW HER SOME SHIZNAT FANART NAO! If you're new to her fanfics, check out the list of ShizNat stories on her fanfic profile here and you can also find more details about the contest at her LiveJournal =3

1st Place: A Natsuki Figure and the newest Doropanda TOURS Doujinshi - Kanjou Seibutsu EX [OMG!]
2nd Place: A Gashapon Midori Figurine
3rd Place: A Mikoto Key Chain

The deadline for this contest is on 20th November 2010 so get drawing now! =D

[Signing off @ 3:23 PM]

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