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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Join Us At Skype!

[Posted @ 9:10 PM]

Bored? Got an open mind? Like Yuri? JOIN US at Skype:

Yaranaika? hosted by yuuki90.

Join now

Chat about what's on your mind. More about public chats.

A vampire will be validating your blood type and freshness >:[ I mean participants will be validated before they can chat and see the chat log, so hang on?

[Signing off @ 9:11 PM]


  1. lol no. uh bored. and it seemed fun that skype is able to create a public chatroom?

  2. I'll call that desperate especially what you people said in that other group chat...

  3. Yeah, it was fun playing around with the settings of a skype chatroom... It was easier than I thought. And we made new friends :] double-win!

  4. @ 夏野: Your actions contradict your words, how can you criticize when you have not only read this post (it means that you have been curious in first place) but you have also joined the chat, so if I'm following your logic correctly since you have participate in the chat you are desperate too.

    -Talking about our hobbies or meeting new people through the world I don't see what’s desperate about that? Since when being passionate and social is synonym of desperate!?

    I came here in first place to thank you akayuki for the Mai Hime Dōjin but I got carried away after reading 夏野's comments. XD

    Skype chat it's an excellent idea but unfortunately people who are not very comfortable speaking in English can be somehow reluctant to join...

  5. I'm sorry but just so you know, I just so happened to be supportative of a friend and decide to VISIT her blog only to see this post not I was curious. Thank you very much. Also if you HAD read, I determined that they were desperate only because of what they have said in a SEPERATE chat that I was in.

    Sorry if this counts as spamming your blog, Akayuki.

  6. A misunderstanding, kiss and make up, you two lol. *runs away*

  7. Seems like your harem failed you, Akayuki! Time to UP the YURI content and bring the girls back!!