Tired ... But Happy~

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Whee, finally finished our Integrated Presentation!!! LoL, feel happy but so tired at the same time, not in the mood to watch any animes tonight ... probably i juz wanna sleep after i watch Peacemaker Kurogane and Scrapped Princess ... whee tonight's Scrapped Princess's debut!!!

Peacemaker Kurogane's debut on the 24th ... [Take notes] Hahaha.
Yeah tired, don't wanna type so much, but IP's ok ... except for SM part LOL, we missed out 3 parts damn it... think we're gonna score lowwww on it. Damn. But the rest's fine ba, i was so nervous, my hands were so cold and i was probably shaking LOL.

Anyways, yeah tat's the end, talk more about it later tomorrow or something yeah bye cya.

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PS: ~~ tired. Sleepy...

Gokujou Seitokai Ep9

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Whoa lol, it was a great day ... i slept like a log when i finished last night's ep of Shaman King Ep64 [END] On Arts Central ... Yeah i slept till hm 8.00am then i went back to sleep again after checking on lappy. Then i slept till 3pm LOL. That's a total of ... 15hrs! LOL. I didn't dream also ... so that means i'm really darn tired ... Hahahaha ... anyways here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep9 screenshots as promised!

A Blank Signed Cheque Stuck On The Wall!Huggies.Heh Heh Heh Now You Can't See Me.
I Broke Mi Arm!Hyaah!Sayuri.

Ep started with ... some bishoujo driving a motorbike into the school's gate and then she stopped stylishly LOL and asked Ayumu for direction to the Gokujou Seitokai. Then the members are playing poker hahaha, then Rein won the game by cheating hahaha. The girl from earlier then barged into the meeting room and kinda challenged Sayuri ... and her name's Kimizuka Yuuko. The rest of course won't stand back and see Yuuko attack Sayuri right? Haha so Yuuko apologized for barging in but she told Sayuri she'll coming tomorrow and settle matters.

Nanaho then asked Sayuri to explain herself then Rein was like covering up for Sayuri and ran off, Nanaho also didn't push any further. Sayuri was kinda over ... reacting haha, then Rein hugged her to calm her down. Rino went over to Yuuko and told Yuuko that Sayuri-senpai's a good person, Yuuko agreed but she said she'll still seek avenge for her father. Cindy then told Kanade about the incident over phone and Kanade kinda flashbacked to how she met Sayuri and Rein and how Sayuri was the genius swordsman and on the day of a match, she withdrew.

So Kuon got the Covert to investigate. Rein and Sayuri didn't had their dinner, then Rein went over to Sayuri's room and found her mopping in a corner. Then Rein was like telling Sayuri that the accident was not Sayuri's fault and not to blame herself over it. Rather touching moment between Rein and Sayuri. Seina went to do some investigations at Sayuri's home and stuff yeah then found out that Sayuri acquired the Hida Kassatsu-ryuu Fighting Style [Designed to KILL] and hence the accident.

Back to Yuuko's flashback, Yuuko was cheering for her dad in a match with Sayuri and Sayuri sub-consciously used the Hida Kassatsu-Ryuu and hurt her master aka Yuuko's dad badly till he was not able to hold a sword again. Kanade then invited Sayuri and Rein to join Gokujoi Seitokai when she saw them alone there with Sayuri still sad over the accident. Kuon then reported what Seina told her to Kanade and was curious that why didn't Sayuri abandon her sword away when she caused hurt to someone. Then Kanade simply replied that because Sayuri likes it.

Then Sayuri explained the matters to the rest of the Seitokai then went to the school gate and fought with Yuuko while the rest watched as witnesses. Uh, not bad fighting scenes ... so yeah Sayuri won of course lol. Nice ep. LoL, next ep sounds fun, swimming pool ep!~ LoL.

Sigh, feels so kimochi ii~ this afternoon lol i watched quite alot of animes! ... Tsukuyomi Ep19, Gakuen Alice Ep10, Devilman Lady Ep25 and Ep26 and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep3 ~~ Wheee and i screenshot fmp - tsr ep3 and dml ep25 and ep26, it was fun. Ah i haven't watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep10~~~ LoL, later ba ...

Still bothered wit integrated presentation slides ... shessh.
Brb, i go print ... ah, i think i'll juz finish this la ... ook, let's see, yeah meeting tomorrow at 9am to finish up everything muaha. 9am is i suggest de LOL, finish fast can quick go home then i go BUY MY MANGA!!! WHEEE!!!! LoL, i got 6 books to purchase sia ... then after IP on wed, i'll go buy Zettai Kareshi #6 [END], wah so fast end le ... ok gtg cya.

Oh yeah, i think our posters, flyers and marcom ideas ROCK LOL, so cool i like the posters alot ... haha but i dunno if others will understand mah ... bleh. okk cya

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PS: Lalalala cya

God Damn Busy Week ...

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... I probably will be missing in action for a week till probably next wednesday ... but i promise i'll post up Gokujou Seitokai Ep9 screenshots this weekend. Cos my IP slides and MRSH stuff will be almost done, yeah just rehearse our presentations and stuff. Shouldn't be a problem after this friday ...

But i can assure you that after next wednesday, i'll keep on posting Gokujou Seitokai screenshots ... ha ... well i hope, that is if i don't die before next wednesday lol..

Manz, so damn busy with IP, i realized we got so many stuff we haven't do yet XP. Sigh. Ok cya.
Oh yeah, and stupid sia, so damn pissed, i realized so many things juz now and for the last 2 days, my grp did things that are irrelevant ... sigh ... gtg chiong cya.

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Gokujou Seitokai Ep8

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It's raining Gokujou Seitokai for 3 straight days! LoL and on for 6 days ... cos only 6 more eps! Then it'll be Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid time! I downloaded Ep3 and Ep4 le ... Ep5 and Ep6 were out but not by the sub group i wanna download from LoL. But however RAW's up to Ep6 le ... hmmm Well, here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep8 screenshots anyways.

You Bunch Of Bakas!Rino's So Smart!Benkyou Benkyou!
I Failed Maths.Don't Be Sad! Kanade-sama Gives You Big Hug!Big Hug From Rein.

LoL, this started with some dreamy scene with Rino running into the arms of Kanade and doing alot alot of fun stuffs together ... yeah we're looking at the diary of Rino. LoL. Then Pucc-chan reminded Rino of her .. mid-semester's exams LOL. Then at the meeting, Kuon was talking about if any of the Gokujou Seitokai members failed ... Nanaho added in that she will be kicked out of the Seitokai. Haha. Then Kaori was like ... the person beside me [Rino] is having major problems hahaha. Then Rino was like shaking and saying how stupid she is. XP. Hahaha Rein and Cindy then also said that they have problems with exams too and the three of them make the Baka Girls Trio! LoL.

Hahaha, the next day, the three of them were wearing this ... LOL sterotypical male student uniform of crammers hahaha. LoL then after a while, Rein was like giving up le haha then Seina got her on by betting that if she don't fail her exams, she'll get a week of unlimited snacks lol then Rein was like so hypered up hahaha. Then back to Rino lol, actually Pucc-chan's the one doing all the test questions for Rino hahaha so Kaori went over and smacked Pucc-chan off Rino's hand haha. As expected, Rino scored badly for ... lol all her papers [5,4,3,2,1] hahaha. So Nanaho assigned Sayuri to Rein, Mayura to Cindy and the rest will help Rino. LoL, then Pucc-chan was having fun chatting on Kaori's hand LOL.

So the following's about the rest of Seitokai helping Rino in her studying. Haha, then after a day, Rein and Cindy are making good progress but Rino ... [2,3,4,5,6] haha. LOL then Rino worked hard again and got ... [3,4,5,6,7] hahaha. Kanade was kinda worried about Rino and told her not to push herself too hard. Then Rino's so depressed and stuff, and kept blaming herself for not remembering and stuff ... sad. [Kinda like me LoL] The rest of the Seitokai was ... worrying and stuff. Rino later couldn't take it any longer and was crying and stuff. Kaori then asked Pucc-chan for the reason why Rino's like that lor then Pucc-chan was saying that probably Rino's too stressed up on the thought that she'll be forced to leave the school and be alone.

Hahaha, Pucc-chan is having fun on Kaori's hand hahaha, Kaori then thought of this idea of cheering Rino up. Rino went back to the dorm and found noone there ... got scared but the rest prepared a 'party' for her to cheer her up =). Happy ending, Rino and the rest passed yep, 51 marks ... quite good le lol compared to [3,4,5,6,7] hahaha. Nice ep, Kaori's pretty nice afterall, she knows how Rino feeling after her mum died and stuff yeah cos Kaori's parents died too yeah.

Oh, i was busy posting replies at Chuang Yi forum yeah ... hahaha sigh ok let's see, what did i do today ... yes, i went to school as usual at 9am ... and yes i was 15mins early! Then went for EM Revision lecture ... waste my time, go there for 30mins only hahaha and copy stuff yeah. Then after that my grp and i went to do our IP at the student desk help at blk72, level 5 haha. Actually XT's lappy got problem then we don't wanna waste time mah, so we did our IP there also ... then around 2hrs in that nice room, we were damn hungry lol. So we went to canteen 1 and had our lunch. Then we went to the underpass to find places but no places so we went to atrium. Yeah ... so we did our IP there for another 2-3hrs? till 4pm and went for our SM consultation at blk72, level 7.

Oh yes, i forgot to mention something LOL, my lappy kinda overheated? I dunno la i think it's not my freaking lappy's fault cos ... it's still working now THANK GOD!!!!!! And i'm still blogging lol. I was listening to Mika Nakashima's Glamorous Sky and surfing the net when suddenly the power went off [I didn't have my battery with me] yeah so i thought it's some power shortage or what then i see C's lappy still on le, then i felt weird ... not long after i smelt something! i smelt something burning like ... those chemical burning! I was like What the Fuck?! Is it my lappy overheating?! Damn, i was so god damn worried!

I quickly pulled my plug away from the lappy, turned my lappy upside down and quick fan it with my IP notes LOL. Whoa, my grp mates were also helping me fan, the smell was so strong even my friends could smell it. Manz, my heart literally dropped to the depths of Hell Level 18 sia lol. I was so god damn worried about my animes clips, my Gokujou Seitokai, my Kannazuki no Miko, my Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid, my Loveless, my cute cute pictures, my manga scanlations that i had pain-shakingly collected till 5.31GB, my wallpapers, my Kannazuki no Miko HARD SOUGHTED doujinshis, my shoujo-ai/yuri/shounen-ai/yaoi scanlations, my fave links, my anime/jap/eng/chinese mp3s!!!, animes OSTs/Drama tracks/Character singles, my saved homework from year 1-3 ... and MOST MOST MOST IMPORTANTLY MY Stefanie Sun Yan Zi PRICELESS clips!!! GARK! Haha. I'll choked to death by my tears manz ... luckily it's ok ... *Sob ...* I promise i'll be good, i won't steal, curse nor kick anyone anymore lol.

LoL, i got so many things in my lappy manz ... i'll still forever love my lappy, my lappy rocks! =) ook, after that scare with my lappy which i hope will be the first and the LAST haha. We went for our SM consultation ... KCM, our tutor seems like in a good mood so yeah we prepared quite a bit and we just had to do somemore thinking which is i think can de la, i realized that there're so many things we have to consider sia ... everything we give must have proof and figures to back up. Most importantly, 'Do secondary research so that you can make logical assumptions.' How true. Ha.

Anyways yeah, then we were so damn tired, went home le ... except C, he still got IBS ha. Muahahaha. I finished whee! Ha. Anyways yeah, off to study ... no read through notes for tomorrow's SM Quiz! Whee. I think i'll juz study tomorrow morning ba, i'll type out notes for SM and EM ba ... and probably think of new ideas for Marcom, we got consultation tomorrow also ... and MRSH too sigh. Toldja it's a busy week ha.

Cya Cya.

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PS: Off ta do noteys!

Gokujou Seitokai Ep7

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As promised ... i'll post up Gokujou Seitokai screenshots till Ep14 ba ... hehehehe, that means 7 more eps to go! Here's Ep7 screenshots!

LoL, Sayuri Looks So Cute Here.HotBath Scene!LOL Seina!
LoL Sayuri's 'Seducing' Pose!You're Surrounded!Worrying Friends.

LoL, Mayura's ep lol. She ... is dressing up and stuff, going out for a date. LoL. Then the rest of the Gokujoi Seitokai were talking about it and stuff. Then Pucc-chan was kinda saying that the guy Mayura's seeing might be a baddie after Mayura's or rather Gokujou Seitokai's money lol. Haha then they think of many scenes of Mayura being dumped and stuff haha.

But nevertheless, they are still worried about Mayura so they went to check after her and stuff. Woo hotbath scene! LoL. Nothing much. Juz Rino chatting up with Mayura aha. Then as expected, the guy Mayura's seeing's a baddie lol. Nanaho and Kuon were chatting ... on the rooftop woo ... nice scene. LoL, then the whole Gokujou Seitokai except Mayura and Kanade went to ... uh persuade the guy Mayura's seeing.

Lol, first up, Kaori ... she couldn't stand the guy and whacked him haha. Next up, Seina LOL, she's so funny, she wore this sunglasses LOL [See screenshot 3] she went up to the guy and asked him to break up with Mayura ... the guy juz plainly said no and Seina said, I see and told the rest, it didn't work LOL! Hahahaha.

Third, they decided to use LOL!!! romantic overtures! LoL, means using beauty to seduce ba! And they sent Sayuri out!!! LOL Then Sayuri was like posing and making this 'Ohuu, Ahaa, Ehee' noises LOL!!!!!!!!!! The guy juz looked at her and said, 'Don't spread your cold.' LOLLLL!!! Fourth, Cindy LOL, she went up and didn't said anything LOL. Then, Rein went up lol and got mistaked as a kiddie LOL.

Last, Rino went up and ... kinda asked if that guy like Mayura then blah blah blah. Yeah, at last, they kinda bashed him up? LoL. Yeah Mayura was talking to Kanade about helping Mayura's friend to look up the guy the Seitokai thought was Mayura's boyfriend and stuff. So it means that the Gokujou Seitokai had mistaken la, Mayura wasn't going out with the guy afterall, she's just helping her friend to check out the guy.

Kanade was like, why didn't you tell us sooner and stuff ... friends will help each other and stuff meaning ba. Haha. Then the guy came up and was like reading a script LOL hahaha 'breaking' up with Mayura. Yeah happy ending anyways. Everyone was being so nice to Mayura sia lol hahaha.

Ah, i slacked so much today, i didn't do anything at all, except now, blogging lol. I slept till 11am ... had breakfast ... fried rice, it was nice heh. Hmm, then i realized there's no more One Piece so i switched over to Channel U and watched SuperStar repeat again. Manz, i love XinHui's voice alot, she's so good! I really like the last song she sung, VERY GOOD, VERY TOUCHING and so talented. I almost cried. I love the part where she suddenly was so hyper then went down to soft and mellow voice ... soooooo ... perfect! I never heard of the original singer sing before ... yeah and she IS better than Kelly in terms of voice and control. Sigh.

Oh, i'm going to watch The Apprentice le ... 10.30pm then start ha cos of the National Day Rally ... i watched for 45 mins then i went to bath ... hahah then i blog le ... hahaha, later after watching The Apprentice i'm going to watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep8 and Ep9 ba ... ehhh ... hahaha.

Right now i'm downloading Shounen and Shoujo Ai scanlations wooo, i download this very NICE LOOKING ART title! Flower Virgin Soil's the title haha. The art's really nice in my opinion heh. Oh yeah i downloaded Read or Dream scans from Otenba too ... yeah, ok off to watch cya! Oh yes, i downloaded the OP, Glamorous Sky for NANA Movie! By Mika Nakashima. It's not bad! Quite cool ok. cya

[Signing off @ 10:29 PM]

PS: .... off to watch!!

Gokujou Seitokai Ep6

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Anime time!~ LoL, i've been so busy and lazy these days ... busy doing SPSS, exploring it and yeah ... exploring ... so boring lol. So i'm dropping alot of anime titles to blog ... no time la hahaha. So i'm blogging two current titles, Gokujou Seitokai and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid then Loveless, Mai HiMe and Devilman Lady on hold lor lol i'll blog them when i'm free and in a mood LOL. Anyways I'm already lagging on Gokujou Seitokai so many eps le ... so i'm probably blogging Gokujou Seitokai eps these few weeks till it's up to the latest. Yeah, so here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep6 screenshots!

NANI?!Puc-chan ...-.-||||
Iyaa ... LOL!Moi Face!So What If I Love Teddy Bears?

LoL, it's curry rice for lunch again ... for ten days ... cos of last Ep's curry rice battle, the Assault team made too much heh. Rino was like eating the curry rice so happily lol. Then Mayura was also having curry rice then the Covert side, Kuon and Seina were having Cake LOL, then Kaori was like ... i want also haha. Then Pucc-chan told Rein and Sayuri that eating curry rice is good for dieting LOL, then they eat faster lol. Then Rino asked if it's true and Pucc-chan said he's juz joking lol. LoL, then Rein and Sayuri's reactions so funny lol. Then Nanaho was like looking at Pucc-chan for a while then made this 'great' fuss of why she didn't realized this sooner lol, then said Rino was actually controlling Pucc-chan and speaking via ventriloquism LOL. [Now then they realize XP] Then the rest of the group also just realized it lol. Then Pucc-chan kinda insulted the Gokujou Seitokai and Nanaho got worked up and they took Pucc-chan away from Rino ...

Rino was like crying LOL! [See screenshot 2] Then they locked Pucc-chan away. Haha. Nanaho was then reporting to Kanade about it haha. Rino was somewhere begging Kuon to let her see Pucc-chan LOL. Cindy then walked into the 'jail' and saw Pucc-chan ... said 'Oh, cute.' then ... wore Pucc-chan on her hand ... Somewhere, Rino was telling Ayumu what happened and stuff and Ayumu said that she understands how the Gokujou Seitokai feels and said that Rino changed when she's speaking as Pucc-chan, Rino retorted that she's not speaking at all and it's Pucc-chan who is speaking lol. Ayumu was like huh, Pucc-chan is just a puppet isn't he? Then Rino was like no, he's my friend! Then Rino flashback to her mum's death and how Pucc-chan cheered her up and became her friend =) After crying and stuff, Rino then decided that she's going to convice Pucc-chan not to bad-mouth people again and went off. Rino asked Nanaho if she could see Pucc-chan and Nanaho told Rino that Pucc-chan escaped!

Then the rest of the group were like scared lol cos on the wall of tat room Pucc-chan was locked was written that Pucc-chan shall have his revenge! LoL. Rino was worried about Pucc-chan all the time ... Then later Kuon, Seina and Nanaho were in a room talking about Pucc-chan and who his targets were lol, [The whole of the Assault team] hahaha, Nanaho was like who gives a damn ... then suddenly a loud thunder striked and Nanaho actually shrieked LOL!!! SO CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA, [see screenshot 4] LOL Kuon and Seina stared at Nanaho for a while then Nanaho was like what? Then they turned away and said nothing hahahaha. Suddenly a scream was heard, it was from Mayura and three of them plus Rino and Kanade rushed to the scene and saw Rein and Sayuri fainted on the floor with Pucc-chan's writing on the wall, 'Pucc-chan has arrived!' LOL! Nanaho was like no way ... and Kuon warned that Nanaho should be worrying lol, then thunder striked again LOL, Nanaho shrieked again! LOL.

Next was Kaori, and on the blackboard was written, 'I will curse Kinjou Nanaho next!' hahaha. Nanaho was like interesting and accepted Pucc-chan's challenge and waited in the meeting room lol. Pucc-chan was like charged but Nanaho caught him with her eh yo-yo string lol and the culprit was revealed! Cindy kept saying 'No. No. No.' it was not her and stuff LoL then Pucc-chan jumped to Mayura's hand ... haha and Mayura was like what the, the puppet's talking on itself! Rino then begged Pucc-chan to apologize if not they wouldn't be together again lol. And yeah, Pucc-chan apologized and stuff and Rino asked Nanaho to forgive him. Then everything went well ... Till Pucc-chan drew with a marker on Nanaho's face LOL. [See screenshot 5] Nanaho got so mad that she used her uh yo-yo string, tied Pucc-chan and threw him out of the window ... as Pucc-chan was thrown out, the thunder striked him and ... Pucc-chan landed on the ground burnt.

The group ran down, Rino picked Pucc-chan up and this very drama scene of Pucc-chan dying plays 'My role ends now ... ja ne.' ... LOL. Nanaho was like ... sorry and stuff ... Kanade went over to Rino then said that Pucc-chan feeling's okay right? Just by playing dead? LoL Then Pucc-chan woke up, laughed and mocked at Nanaho LOL, how could a puppet die muahahaha and ran away lol. Nanaho was like what the ... and chased after Pucc-chan lol. While Rino's sleeping, Pucc-chan and Kanade kinda had a heart-to-heart talk lol. Then Pucc-chan was like somewhere mocking Nanaho's reaction last night ... lol Nanaho was like ... grrr i'm so gonna skin ya alive then chased after him with Rino lol. Funny ep =)

Yeah, just now we went to Sembawang, Bottle Palm Tree Village i think, i forgot the name le lol, to have our dinner yeah it was nice. Yum yum! The moon's so bright and round tonight! So nice. Went to school at 12 noon to do Integrated Presentation in sch's atrium lol. It was ... ok la, we did the target audiences, do up some graphs and analyazed some stuff. Yeah at least we are going somewhere and i did up the slides too whee. I'm gonna rest tomorrow then do abit at night ba yeah. Cos ya know why? Mon-Fri is so gonna be a HECTIC WEEK lol, 4-6 [See if our slides and stuff correct or not lor] consultations appointments with tutors ... sigh and SM tutorial to do ... go for revision lectures ... sigh.

I've got this feeling i will not sleep more than 5-6hrs for next week lol. So i better rest well tomorrow to prepare for hell! ... Hahaha. Ok talk about animes/mangas! Whee lol i'm downloading Gokujou Seitokai Ep14 and Ep15 now LOL. I got like Ep 7-13 haven't watch yet ... manz, i need to watch Ep7 tonight! Lappy no space! LoL. I watched Magister Negi Magi last night and i couldn't stand it any longer cos the Kyoto eps suck! So cut short sia ... well one part did rock, lol the part where Konoka kissed Setsuna LOL THAT'S THE ONLY BEST PART lol. Hahaha, so i deleted it and i decided not to blog it anymore. Man, if u wanna know about the story, READ THE MANGA! IT'S A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER! LoL.

Oh, i bought 3 mangas today, Girls Bravo #1 [New title! Whee!], Mirmo Zibang! #5 and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #3! I forgot to buy Tsubasa Chronicle #9 lol, i couldn't remember what i didn't buy when i was at CC, cos i remembered i need to buy 4 mangas ... but after a while of thinking, i gave up lol. I'll juz buy TRC #9 with the next batch next week ba lol. Got 6 mangas coming out whee! 1 new title but end of 2 titles ... sigh.

Anyways, i need to go watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep7 tonight! Tomorrow then watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep8 and Ep9 ba! Don't expect long summaries in the future ba ... cos i might not have the time anymore ... sigh.

Oh long time no ... Anime Song of Da Day!!!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid - Minamikaze by Shimokawa Mikuni

[Signing off @ 11:25 PM]

PS: MSN Suck, keep disconnectin sia! Damn MSN!

[Manga] Kannazuki no Miko

[Posted @ 11:06 PM]
LoL, i know i'm lazy so it's a manga review tonight again! Whee lol. But it's a great title le! Kannazuki no Miko! Yeah, a shoujo-ai title =), the art's nice. Oh it's kinda ecchi but, overall, it's kinda probably a PG-13 ba.

Kannazuki no Miko.

Ok Kannazuki no Miko's got anime and manga to boot. In my opinion, anime has its good points and bad points while manga got its good points and bad points too. So to me there's no 'Anime's better!' nor 'Manga's better!' The story for the anime and manga is a little different but no major differences la [Like Himeko ending up with Souma in manga?!] Hahaha. Otenba had translated 3 chapters of KnM but i have already read all 13 chapters of KnM lol. I rock right? LoL. Yeah, it was in mandarin so i just look at the pictures and try to digest the mandarin words in my little mind lol which i failed to do so.

Actually i think the most major differences would be the rape scene and the ending ceremony. LoL, major spoilers ahead for the manga, in the rape scene for the manga, Himeko was actually ... uh raped and deflowered with a flute by Chikane whereas in the anime, we don't know if Himeko is still a virgin or not [Most probably not], but at least we don't see the scene itself happening right lol. Yeah Chikane in the manga is more evil, however, more real and ... evily sexy lol [What the?!] Hahahaha. Yeah more kissing scenes with ... eh yeah more kissing scenes LOL.

Ok for the ending ceremony right, in the anime, Chikane and Himeko did this 'sword-dancing' thingy where Chikane was confessing her love through trying to attack Himeko. [THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT SCENE HOW COULD KAISHAKU LEAVE THAT OUT?!!!!] So touching and heart-warming sia. But no, they changed to SOME CHESSY scene lol, about Chikane trying to leap off some cliff, Himeko holding her hand saying that she want Chikane-chan to be with her and stuff ... then Himeko's hand slipped, Chikane fell on her robot's hand then Himeko leaped into Chikane's arms and they kissed. [Wat da] Then it's back to the Chikane being taken away by the wind and locked up in some temple in the freaking moon lol as seen in the anime. The manga's more short and edited la. I like the anime's parting better, i cried ya know lol.

And the manga has no 'Chikane-comes-back-from-dead-when-Himeko-cried-wait' scene!! LOL LOL LOL that scene was sooo damn chessy lol ... and no Himeko very touching confession ... and no 'Shut-up-and-kiss-me' scene shessh. But in the manga got this nice two page [I supposed] that Himeko chose Chikane over the world? Not sure abt that but got nice kissing scenes and ... groping muahaha.

The manga's ending is kinda weird too, i don't bother to read since it's in mandarin, like i could understand also lol. Manz, my mandarin is getting from bad to worse to hopeless lol just like my maths! Overall, i find anime's ending more ... like something to look forward too. I think the manga had a happy ending, the two mikos lived happily in their own world and stuff. The anime didn't say anything about happily ever after but just an implication of a new beginning. Hahaha, makes the mind go wild of all the possiblities of what will happen next huh. OVA PLEASE! LoL.

Ook, enough of KnM, ok, eh i was kinda busy doing my EM project report during the weekend, i was in such a ... bad and depressing mood i have no mood to type so i slacked around. I tried to do IBS script on monday but ... couldn't. So i typed the IBS script till 3am this morning lol, so tired manz. I'll go sleep after i watch Naruto Ep146 later. Ah, my mood became better after i watched GSD Ep42 lol then suddenly i could type out my 360+ words WISP reflection and my 3 pages IBS script! Speaking of 'Anime-power!' LoL.

Oh, speaking of IBS, YAY, NO MORE IBS LE! YAY! I got B- sia. LoL, not bad le, she still say i sound confident?! LOL she must be blind. I was sooo nervous sia. I bought 10 mangas for her to see sia, she seemed busy and a little overwealmed then a little pressed for time also so i didn't even show her the freebies lol, i had no time and skipped quite alot. Ah. So sad, it's over anyways, B- is good for me. Yeah, better go watch Naruto Ep146! Lappy no space whee cya.

[Signing off @ 11:41 PM]

PS: Stop pestering me to hurry up socky lol.

Damn quick post ...

[Posted @ 10:55 PM]
LoL, right now i'm transferring the January-Early April posts from myotaku.com to blogspot.com yeah i guess i'm giving up myotaku.com soon if ... there's no supporters here lol hahaa.
Blogspot's quite a nice place XP.

Anyways, it's actually e-learning week for me this week cos NDP05 and stuff yeah, lol and i did all my e-learning tutorials of course lol. Yeah, tat's all time to watch Inuyasha cya. Oh yes, last night's Inuyasha is soo touching, Kagome is so ... big-hearted lol no wonder there're so many Inuyasha x Kagome supporters around hehehe.

[Signing off @ 10:58 PM]

[Manga] Strawberry Shake + vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 3

[Posted @ 10:15 PM]
Whee, a manga review tonight for a change! Actually, it's cos i'm lazy to watch Magister Negi Magi Ep20 LOL and because the title is too long to put as subject mah, then i add in the vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 3 ... wah so long le lol XP.

Strawberry Shake

Whee, this is a shoujo-ai title, yeah currently it's serialized in this magazine called Yuri Shimai which is now known as Yurihime i reckon, i dunno why they changed the name, probably cos Hime sounds more classy than Shimai? LOL. Anyways Hime means Princess while Shimai is kinda like sisters? The kanji is Jie Mei LoL, so it's like older sister and younger sister. Recently i'm so into sisters-incest love lol, must be influence from socky la lol. Oh, i forgot to talk about Strawberry Shake LOL.

Ok, basically Strawberry Shake is by famous shoujo-ai mangaka Hayashiya Shizuru. Her art is really nice, i saw her debut work which Lillicious translated, V Hunter lol, it's lame but ... somewhat funny hahaha the art is soso la, now it's even better. It's just like how Yuu Watase improve lor, you can see the art in Fushigi Yuugi being 'Hm nice!' then on to Zettai Kareshi and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden being 'OH MY GOD, SO DROP DEAD NICE!' LoL.

Yeah ok back to SS [Strawberry Shake], yeah the main characters are females duh, Tachibana Julia [The one with long black hair] and Asakawa Ran [The short haired blonde] yeah, Julia's in the acting/entertainment business, so yeah so one day her boss asked her to be the mentor/senior of a newbie, then at first Julia doesn't want to do it that is until she saw Ran-chan lol. She was like so hyped up hahaha. Yeah it was love at first sight for Julia-chan. Haha, it's damn funny the way she reacts to Ran-chan every action. Yeah if you wanna read, which i highly recommend for shoujo-ai fans, go to Lillicious's webby and download ba! Muahaha, the link's at my hangout linkys yeah.

Oh yeah, i have already read till Chapter 6 le but Lillicious translated up to Chapter 3 only, lol i read Chapter 4/5/6 from a chinese shoujo-ai forum muahahaha, i think it's down at the moment, i can't seem to get in le! NOOooOoOoOoOoOo! But i'll put it in my fave hangout linkys section anyways lol. Yeah look out for more shoujo-ai and probably yuri manga reviews in the future ... hehehehe.

LoL, a click the picture below!
LoL This Is Funny!

Hahaha, i was reading Chapter 6 of Strawberry Shake when my Disk Health warning programme pop this warning out LOL, i was juz reading that particular page when suddenly this pops out lol just right sia, hahaha, overheated! LoL. Even Julia's spouting out blood XP.

I didn't purposely wait for the warning to come out then screenshot it de hor, cross my heart, it's purely by coincidence lol. I laughed quite a while heh.

Oh i almost forgot to talk about the Suntec City thingy LOL, yeah so it was Sunday, 6th August 2005, the last day of the roadshow, so everything went well i supposed, i reached there at around 12.15 noon and we tried our very best to get people to sign up lol. I love the last part best, cos we were like having a sale sia LOL. We wanted to clear all our prizes mah, so the last few people who signed up, we were like giving 3-4 boxes of tissue, two boxes of cable organizer and a stack of pizza hut and EzVideo vouchers LOL. It's like so cool! LoL, then i bought home a teddy bear, the maple story installation cd, a mug, some postcards and two Cathay movie tickets XP. Hahahaha, but it's fun la, we had really great fun, my friends took some wild pictures on the big Monopoly set hahaha, doing some actions haha. Yeah that's about all i guess.

Later i'm going to type out the ISM test tips for LC ... yeah cya and watch Inuyasha too! Oh yes, i bought 4 mangas today! Whee! The long awaited Full Metal Alchemist #1, Fushigi Yuugi #12, Saiyuki Reload #5 and Astroboy #2 Wheee, i read Fushigi Yuugi the first chapter only ha, oh yes i love Saiyuki Reload #5's postcard!!! SANZO! SO COOL SIA!!! XP Hahaha. Ok cya cya!

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FMP - The Second Raid Ep 1 + vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 2

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LoL, i didn't post last night XP lol, what was i doing huh ... hmmm i think i was slacking around LOL. Watching the NDP05 Live on TV and on web lol, ah it was fun but boring heh. New anime title screenshots tonight whee! The long awaited Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid!!! Ep1 screenshots!! WHEE, nothing much actually, all mecha. Heh but the art's great as usual!

So Cool!!!So Cool!! Again LoL.Lambda Driver!
LoL, Ep1's Baddie.Kyaahh~ Sousuke~Sousuke x Kaname =D

Hm, the seiyuus are the same, the op's not bad, i quite like it. The animation is still great heh, that's what i like about fmp muahaha, the art is 'AWESOME!' constant throughout the 2 season and this 3rd one. Heh, more robots and more robots ... and so it started with some place kena wreaked and people hurt, baddies came and attacked the innocent refugees and stuff. My bros were are glued to the screen when they saw the arms, weapons and tanks lol. So Sousuke aka Uruz 7 come to da rescue whee, and we see many great battle scenes, nice robots and stuff, oh Sousuke still had the white AS, ha it's cool. So a helicopters came and help the refugees up the plane and blah blah. Oh then the baddie got more backups and was going to destory them, so they retreated with Sousuke backing them up.

Yeah, so we see Sousuke whacking up the baddies' butt haha, oh this particular scene where Sousuke saw an unexpected missile coming and with no armo, he used the Lambda driver!!! Woo so damn cool lol~ Yeah Sousuke was out of armo and stuff and calling for help when Tessa replied to his help and stuff yeah. Then he stopped over at a bridge and waited for da submarine to come up and save him ahaha, tat scene was damn cool too and dived down running away hahaha, leaving the baddies ... burnt, crashed and hurt. Heh. Nice battle start for Ep1. =) Oh yeah, after the battle, Sousuke still had to study haha. Hahaha then when Sousuke came back to school, Kaname was burning with rage cos she lent him her notebook and he haven't returned it yet ... [Sounds familiar? LoL refer to FMP-Fumoffu! Hahaha]

Haha so when Sousuke entered the classroom, Kaname asked for her notebook and Sousuke sweated and said he forgot lol, then when Kaname said that they go back to his room to get it, Sousuke said it was impossible cos he left it in the submarine LOL! And he got whacked LOL. Hahahaha, as usual. Then some serious talk at the back, i wasn't interested lol!!! ED ... hmm it's quite soothing and nice ba. Heh. Waitin for the single to come out~ Whee. Manz, i love the animation, i've been watching too many CRAPPY animations these days, lol THANK GOD FOR FMP! WHEE! BANZAI! LoL. Next Ep promised more humour ba ... heh.

Wheee lol, i think Sousuke is probably the cutest and funniest guy character i would ever like ba hahaha, he's just so cute hahaha XP. He's not preverted nor sex-craze nor STUPID like other guy characters ... eh with the exception of Gin and all the male character created by Shinjo Mayu LOL!!!!!! Kyaaahh~ Recently i 'discovered' Shinjo Mayu's web!!! LoL, i was replaying the intro flash for 5-6 times hahaha. Manz, i'm so going to put it in my link as my fave hang outs. I like Gin alot, he's soooo cool! LoL, I think i'm to update my fave hangout links ... heh~


It's almost 8cm long! LoL. As big as my Samsung Handphone sia lol. Hahaha, my brother found it i think 2-3 weeks ago on our rambutan tree lol and i just remembered when i took the bear bear picture on monday. Heh. It's really cool haha. Ok on to 'vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 2'!

Ook, i woke up at around 6.30am, went to the bathroom, bathed and then cook maggie mee, eat ... then left home at around 7.20am, reached there at around 9am, then walked to the dumb booth, noone there and it's 9.15am le. Oh yeah i fall when i tried to cross over the stupid eh line? I dunno wat to say la, it's a border surrounding the booth la, then i tripped over and fall sia lol, damn i look so stupid hahaha. I was even carrying my lappy!!! Luckily it's ok, if not i won't be bloggin LOL. Yeaah so i waited for C and XT to come .. and then C told me not doing data entry so no need to bring lappy, i was like WTF!!! LoL.

Yeah, so we started the whole thing at around 10am and i went around giving brochures as usual and promoting vPOST stuff, actually nothing special on that day, just i stood all day my feet were SO SORE lol, damn i never felt so ... horrible in my life, i feel like as if i'm going to die lol. Oh luckily my dad fetched me from Suntec City on Saturday if not i'm going to die on my way home hahaha. Then we went out to some place to eat porridge, slices of YUMMY raw fish and Kueh Chap [I dunno how to translate into english la, it's just a dish with pigs' small and large intestines + Flat rice noodles] Hahaha it's soooooo yummy, it's actually supper but it's dinner for me hahaha ...

Oh yeah, i realized something today, lol 'Oreo is a cheapo!!!' LOL, cos my brother was eating Oreo today then he twisted and open the cookie then saw the cream inside not fully covered LOL, there's a hole in it LOL then i was like saying hmm if in every packet of Orea they leave a hole in it, how many cream would they had saved for 1000 packets? LoL, i dunno if it's like tat in the first place or what hahaha, but ... hahaha it's just so funny hahahaha. Anyways i gotta go rush to watch Inuyasha le la!! CYA!

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PS: Inuaysha Inuyasha cya cya

Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 + vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 1

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LoL, the time has finally come! Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 screenshots are out and up for grabs! Whee!

Chee Koh Pek Rino LOL LOL.Rein's Having Sayuri For Dinner?!Ahh ... Kanade-sama.
Smash Da Ball!I'm Going Blind Blind Blind!Kuon x Nanaho =D

Sigh, it starts with Mayura telling everyone that they don't have enough money. LoL like the rest cared hahaha XP. Kuon was like, ok, the meeting's over, byebye hahaha. Then Mayura goes on complaining how they were wasting money by using them for blah blah reasons ... haha funny, especially Rino's sleeping face LOL, [See screenshot 1] Hahahaha. Ahh, then when Mayura said that both the Assault and Convert will have no money to spend for the next month, Kuon and Nanaho suddenly became serious haha. Later Kuon and Nanaho argued with each other on who will get the money. Then Kanade was saying why don't they battle each other and the winner gets the money. Kanade then looked at Rino, Rino was still sleeping dreaming about curry rice haha. So Kanade decided that the two teams go into a battle of the curry rice! Ha.

So starting with the Assault side, Sayuri, Rein and Kaori each made curry rice for Nanaho to test, starting with Sayuri. LoL, Nanaho tasted the curry rice and asked Sayuri if there's a secret to the curry rice and Sayuri showed Nanaho the instant curry rice packet haha. Next, Rein, Nanaho tasted it and said it was good ... then asked if there's a secret to it ... lol then the Chef knocked the door and asked if there's any more plates lol, Rein obviously didn't cooked it. Nanaho was like -.-|||| however was saved by Kaori lol, Kaori's actually a pretty good cook~ Kuon and Seina ... looking relaxed aha, especially Seina ... she's playing with da rubber bands haha. Rino was walking around and saw Kuon standing in front of this suspicious looking building ... and asked what she's doing. Kuon said she's scouting people ... so they went in ... and stuff.

They went in through this door, then suddenly this male statue 'talked' lol and said he prepared this three curry rice sisters team to represent the Convert team lol. Then over at the Assault team, Kaori was teaching Rein and Sayuri to cook the curry rice lol and Rein made a fool out of herself haha. Nanaho was actually sleeping lol! So the battle begins~ Red VS Blue. LoL, Kaori got jealous of Rino again aha, and had this little dream hahaha [See screenshot 3 for dreamy look LoL] The animation is abit falling here, looks a little weird ... lol, then we have the ingredients rock climbing wall! LoL, Mayura was like wat the heck?! LoL, Rein climbed up the rock wall easily. Lol, then Kuon's team sent this helicopter hahaha and brought the whole box down ... Rein climbed down from the rock wall and forgot about the basket of ingredients LOL!!!

Seina came up with this game again lol, a fighting game where they have to hit this balloon on one's head lol, the loser gets the average curry mix while the winning get the premium one LOL. So when the fight starts LOL, Sayuri was sent of course, but when it started, a wind blow and a piece of paper knocked off Sayuri's glasses!!! LoL so she went 'Megane, Megane, Megane ...' again! LoL [See screenshot 4] and lost ... lol. So the curry rice battle was coming to an end ... but there's a last challenge! LoL, they throw this dart and get what is the surprise stuff on the wheel ... LOL and Nanaho's team got 'Indian helper' LOL. Lame sia. Pucc-chan actually knew that Indian lady LOL and he recalled stuff about them hahaha. 'Namaste~' LoL. LOL then she rubbed her hands and some sparking golden light appeared and Pucc-chan said that when she prayed even an average curry will become great! LoL.

So the battle was over and each team's curry rice were served ... Rino then mixed up both team's curry and said that they taste the best when mixed LoL. 'Wind blows effect' HAhahahaha ... so the verdict was, 'They taste even better if mixed!' Lol, so it's a draw ba, hahaha Mayura was like ... Nooooo~ LoL! Haha, twist ending ... but funny. Pucc-chan then sent the Indian lady to the train ... a 'touching' moment for a while haha. And then end. =) nice ep lol.

Hmm, ook, LoL, because i got SOOoooOooo many things to say about the vPOST booth over at Suntec City that took place for 3 days LOL, 5th, 6th and 7th ...so I'm going to cut this story into three parts LOL ... Yeah ook, on to part 1!

First day ... actually, 5th August 2005, friday's not my shift de hahaha, but i just wanna go so that i can prepare myself mah, i'm slow and stuff yeah. LOL, i realized how BIG Suntec City is lol, damn tower1, tower2, tower3 and tower4 .... red zone, yellow zone, blue zone and green zone ... wat the hell LOL! I was lost for around 30mins there trying to find the god damn booth and noone told me it's at tower3 LOL they were like at Suntec City mall, you know at the Carrefour? What the lol. So after 20mins of searching like a mad dog, i walked the same route over and over for 3-4 times and even walked OUT of the mall to see the god damn thing lol.

So the smart me after 20mins of search looked at the freaking map lol, so i see where the hell is Carrefour and oh, it's at the red zone ... tower 3 ... ook, so i walked down to the Fountain of Wealth and went to tower 3 and finally found my friends over there ... at a corner lol. It's really lame la ... anyways so i put on my name tag and yeah went around giving brochures and trying to get people interested ... I didn't do much on the first day cos i went there at around 1pm le then i give out brochures then trying to memorize vPOST services and stuff ... i think i got 10+ people to sign up ba haha, cos my yellow stickers on one and a half side is used up le, haha not bad for a day's work lor. I realized that it's better to get people to sign up if you're around the booth.

Yeah, it's easier to get people interested and stuff. Besides with the colourful wheel of fortune and the lucky dip as incentives, it's really attractive lol and you just have to sign up =). I hanged around there till 7.30pm then i left cos my shift's at 10am the next day lor, which is saturday haha and have to reach there at 9am ba ... so yeah. Stay tune for part 2.

Oh, i took a picture of the teddy bear i bought back from the roadshow LOL. Cute huh.


Hahahhaa. I like it alot, cos it's the cutest of all bears!!! Well, gotta go watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep7 and FMP - TSR Ep2 ... cya! Tomorrow's screenshots would be ... hmm Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep1 ba ... haha oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE LOL ...

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PS: Lalalalala~