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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

C85 Doropanda Tours Haul from Yahoo Japan Auctions

[Posted @ 10:46 PM]

Happy new year to you guys xD

A great!? start to year 2014 because I managed to secure Doropanda Tours' [どろぱんだTOURS] latest doujinshi in Comiket 85 by bleeding my wallet dry bidding on Yahoo Japan Auctions this afternoon. Initially, I bid ' しずなつ年末マンガ・2013' V14 for 1000 YEN, someone tried to bid 2 hours after that for 1600 YEN. But I outbid him back and at the last minute or less, someone else bid again D< and increased the price to 2500 YEN. Since I capped my bid at 3000 YEN, buyee auto outbid and top it to 2600 YEN.

Hence the result.

3 of them for a whooping 5200 YEN ;-; not including both domestic AND international shipping charges. It might total up to 7000 YEN :V

After I've successfully bid for them, guess what? I found out that Nagomi has all 3 of them above AND cheaper too. UGHHHH. I head-desked for a minute. Even though the items are listed as used but it's in perfect condition. 3150 + 1050 = 4200 YEN and I think shipping charges won't exceed 1000 YEN. Could had saved myself 2000 YEN there.

Anyways, if anyone of you are interested, just click on this link or go to the main page and search for 'どろぱんだTOURS'. 

But then I did checked Nagomi and Mandarake before bidding, it was AFTER I won the bids that I see them pop out from Nagomi D< Y U HURT ME SO.

What is done is done, didn't expect someone to increase the price to almost triple at the last 30 seconds *CURSES THE ASSHOLE* T_T

Oh well, *eats chocolate to calm down* let's await the packages, it might take a while since it's the new year holiday period for buyee and they only process the packages after 5th January.

Until then, enjoy ShizNat Webs/Mai-Multiverse's scanlation of Mai HiME Volume 12 - トリコ仕掛けと優しいケモノ [Toriko Shikake to Yasashii Kemono]. Yay!


  1. Woah. Those 3rd party services sure can be expensive sometimes...but alas, sometimes it might be the only way to get stuff. :''''3

    But, thanks to your link. I ordered the new Tours doujinshi. *3*/
    I was tempted to get the other one of Evangelion but I stopped myself since I have to save money for a trip. So...maybe when you get yours, you could scan it to please fangirls like me. Pretty please~~~?? :3

  2. Indeed they're expensive and I'm trying to psycho a friend who's going to Japan to study this year to be my yuri distributor (she tells me to gtfo tho) lol.

    Great that you got your copies too yay! =D There are a lot more on Yahoo Japan Auctions going for 700-1000 YEN for one book (I got a bundle for the price of 2600 YEN, shiznatsu & evangelion). Considering buyee charges you 700 YEN for each transaction so it totals up to around 1400-1700 YEN per book.

    Hence if there's a bundle, try to grab them instead. You guys should be able to do the calculations which are the better buys.

    I'll try to scan it.. probably be phone scans =x

    A little update; I'm eyeing this http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/k172883905 C84 森永みるく ジャンルごちゃまぜ百合再録集 コミケ84 myao; I'll try to get it xD

  3. That would be awesome!! Hopefully this friend of yours accepts. XD

    Yeah, I've been following the auctions, but they can become very expensive with all the fees... TTATT
    I didn't mind the price of that one too much since it's a bundle. And I wanted some the MarixAsuka doujins from Doropanda since I saw them.