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Friday, August 16, 2013

Doropanda Tours Doujinshi Loot 2013 Part 4 Yahoo Japan Auctions & Mandarake

[Posted @ 11:07 PM]

So, I subscribed Mandarake to inform me any new items regarding any Doropanda Tours [どろぱんだTOURS] related stuff and guess what? どろぱんだTOURS(南崎いく)「優しいケモノのあやし方」 コミケ84 SHOWED UP ... I squealed and quickly got to Mandarake to order a copy. I also googled Yahoo Japan Auctions and I was pleasantly surprised to see a live auction on the exact same copy [or buyee link] that is closing in about 4 hours.

There were two copies and I wanted to get both then get a friend of mine to scan it for me but alas, someone bought out a copy :< In the end, I had to buy the last copy for 1200YEN. Ugh, I wanted to wait until the auction ends in 3-4 hours [since I was the only bidder] and get a copy for only 500YEN, I took a gamble and lost one copy ;-;

Anyways, I googled more and I found out that the seller had already sold 5 copies [including mine] of Comiket 84 Yasashii Kemono no Ayashikata [優しいケモノのあやし方]. So if you're looking to buy a copy, maybe the seller will post more tomorrow? since C84 is still on-going ... Or you can go over to Mandarake to get a copy if they're not sold out yet.

You have to sign in Yahoo Auctions Japan though to look at Adult or 18+ items and I suggest you google with keywords such as 'どろぱんだTOURS Yahoo Auction Japan' or 'コミケ84 どろぱんだTOURS'.

Good luck!

Oh yeah, I will update this post once I get my copies xD

Updated on 16/08/2013:
Got my shipping notice from Mandarake! Super excited, I think we can expect the parcel within this week or ;-; next Monday.  No news from buyee yet but soon, probably by this week as well and shipment next week =D Also I've noticed a seller putting up Doropanda Tours' Vocaloid LukaxMiku 'Love Match' Volume 1 [Not the 0.5 preview copy I own], Evangelion Asuka '幼年期の終わりに' and Evangelion MarixAsuka 'BEAST X BURST'. They all going for 2500 YEN each and 4000 YEN to buy out ... kind of expensive :\ so I'm waiting it out since I don't really NEED to get them heh.

Got my copy from Mandarake =D and also the shipping notice from buyee, expect arrival next week. Contents in 'どろぱんだTOURS(南崎いく)「優しいケモノのあやし方」 Vol.13.5' is roughly the same as Vol.13 but with 3 side stories as shown above.

I'm planning to send this copy to my friend for her to scan and translate but I think we need another Japanese translator to PR her translations :|  [I suspect she uses Google Translator LOL] anyways if you're interested, please post a comment and ah also we need an editor. Plans are still tentative until I see how the scans turn out. Until then, make do with the phone scans above xD


  1. Oh!! This is the good thing!! After 1 year or so of previews and copies, at least this is what the usual Doropanda works look like!! Can't wait to see it.

    I used a 3rd party service to try to get my hands in this jewel. I just have to wait to see if it was possible to get it or not. :3
    And I see that there is still 1 available in Mandarake.
    I wonder if it continues or left just where the copy ended...

  2. =o good luck, hope you get a copy too. Ah, as for the contents, I'm happy even if it is the same but I'm hopeful for a few extras/4koma strips inside :3

  3. I'm as well hoping for a few extras or something.
    It sure took Nanzaki-sama a while to release this one.

  4. Woo hoo, it was fast. Thanks for those pics you've updated xD I see jealous Natsuki, so cuteee <3

    I'm sad that neither of my Japanese skills nor English skills are not good enough to be a translator or editor so I hope some good ones will contact you soon :( (Well, this is the reason I keep my comment short to make less mistakes as possible lol)

    Off topic for a little, do you take any interests in other doujin-s at C84? (^^ )

  5. :3 welcome, I don't think she was jealous though. She probably thought Shizuru and Reito were discussing something important then (zoom in) Shizuru's lewd-like fingering actions tells otherwise xD

    Eh, not really interested in getting any other than Shiznat stuff but if I see any up for steal, I would try to get them, like Kohagura's Nanoha doujinshi I guess. I will leave the others to awesome people out there =D