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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doropanda Tours - Mai HiME Volume 13 Teaser

[Posted @ 2:01PM]

Hey there, a quick update as I got my copy of Doropanda TOURS' 優しいケモノのあやし方 [Yasashii Kemono no Ayashikata] yesterday xD It's her 13th Volume of Mai HiME doujinshi and was released last year late December.

Here's a teaser page as I figure out how to scan it ;D

Oh Shizuru~ You're so possessive lol
Basically it continues from Volume 12.5 and it deals with the after-morning thoughts of my favourite characters :3


    Could you tell me where did you buy it please?? oAo
    oh gawd!!! Now I would like to see those raws so bad D:

  2. I got it from yahoo japan auction ; http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f129063587 this is my bid link but the auctioneer listed it under 'adult or +18' so you have to log in a yahoo japan account in order to see it. Also, i got it via buyee, it's expensive but for DT, WORTH IT lol

  3. Can you translate at least this part?

  4. I'm looking for a translator. If you know someone who's interested in translating, just inform me.