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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Tomorrow's HRM Day ...

[Posted @ 9:36 PM]
Hahaha, as usually i didn't study for my HRM test yet, ack to the hell with it yep, i'll juz study later in the late night haha... i can only study in the night when noone is around and the whole freaking place is quiet, peaceful and noise-free~
Blasting my ear piece with my fave anime mp3 woo, it's the life.
Later i'm going to watch The Apprentice, it's a coooooool show haha.. "You Are Fired!" haha..
I read Tsubasa R.C vol 2 and 3 in one shot today, it's touching.. oh yeah speaking of touching, i watched Mai Hime Ep15 today too, manz, it made me cry... it was so touching and the darrrrnnn background music playing when Miyu carried Alyssa to the freezing pond.. juz so touching ...
*oh brb i go bath*
ok back, haha ok continued from b4, oh yeah, she said wat i will be with you forever or we will be together forever or something like that i forgot le... but it's juz so touching manz... next ep will be a great one too haha, the preview looks so funny haha.. esp Natsuki.. heh, she's so cute with ponytails.. hehehehe...
Oh yeah i watched Jurassic Park : The Lost World on channel 5 juz now woo, it does bring back memories and i watched it at least 3-4 times le hahaha.. i was like telling spoilers to my brother haha and they were like "Shut Up Plz" Yeah haha...
Ok going to watch The Apprentice CYAAAA

[Signing off @ 9:58 PM]

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