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Friday, January 28, 2005

... I'm so dead ... Part 2

[Posted @ 9:40 PM]
... First thing in the morning, i missed my bus, then i had this VERY BAD feeling that the rest of my days would be hell... and yes i was right, i FREAKED [Wish i could had type tat four letter word] up my IEF test paper yep.. that's right..
I JUZ PRAY that i pass, at least 50 is fine manz! I don't really wana go for re-test.. waste my time ...
Then when i go home, i missed my stop cos i was too sleepy haha... i only slept 2 and a half hours... manz, so damn tired. Since i missed my stop i might as well go comics connection to buy TSUBASA vol3 and SAIYUKI RELOAD vol4 ~ yay i love da postcard haha...... haiz haiz..
When i reached home, i had my lunch, i bought KFC from northpoint yepz, i love da cheese fries and popcorn chicken! YUM, after eating i went ta bed haha, too tired.. i slept 2 and a half hours only le!!!! So I slept like a dead dead dead rottening log from 3pm-8pm lol ... woke up, feed my parrots, wash my face, eat then online heh...
ok off ta read my kaguya hime scanlations and boy was the last few volumes i think 20-23 freaked up haha... poor Mayu... a freaked up mother, now a freaked up father ... and she's also so freaked up ... [Replace the freaked up with the four letter words haha] ... manz i'm such a freaked up mood tonight ... cya cya la..

[Signing off @ 9:49 PM]

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