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Saturday, December 5, 2009

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 17

[Posted @ 3:19 AM]
I just watched Kämpfer Episode 10 and felt that it deserves to be mentioned in this post. Episode 9 was freaking awesome as well especially at the end, totally unexpected.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Spoilers ahead!

OMG! THE EVIL KAEDE IS HOT LOL [The Kämpfer version of Akane's hot as well xD]. At first, I thought, 'Oh. Another irritating good-two shoes.' but after Episode 9-10, I've changed my mind. Kaede-sama~!!! <33 She even has her own harem to boot! I doubt she suffers schizophrenia, she's just pure evil >=D a wolf in a lamb's coat. Wow, I didn't expect that she'll be a villain, thought she'll just be a key to the 'Moderator' or the 'Moderator' herself but not in a manipulative and bad way hmmm.

So after that I went to read the manga version of Kämpfer, more or less the same with some changes and additions here and there. Chapter 15 seems to be the latest chapter and hanged around the School Festival arc [Ep 6 of the anime?]. Not sure if the development will be the same as the animation as it finally seems to be entering the climax and interesting part of the series. It almost felt like a 'Mai HiME' moment, 10+ episodes of fan-service, nonsense fun and then BAM! The plot starts to kick in.

At the beginning of Episode 9, that scene where Kaede smiled at those girls walking by, I was like ... 'That smile kinda look evil ...' and thought it's just the stupid animators' doing a shitty job again. Like this;

But towards the end, after saying that she'll support Shizuku-chan, Kaede suddenly turned ... feral which made me go O_O The scene whereby she cornered Natsuru, accompanied by the BGM and that evil expression Kaede had as she cajoled Natsuru to go with her was totally awesome xD

Finally it hit me, Oh Kämpfer HAS a PLOT! Haha. Somehow it felt too late, will they be able to wrap this up in ... 2 episodes?

Basically, it's confirmed that Kaede's the Moderator and apparently has hypnotic abilities but somehow a kiss could break away the hypnotic state hmmm. Kaede's actions are getting bolder, from the previews, she will reveal her true nature next episode, perhaps psycho Natsuru to her side once again and then final showdown in the last episode? Can't wait to see how everything unfolds \O/

Now to random anime thoughts;

Sasameki Koto is starting to get into the pace I think, the hand sign conversation between Sumika and Ushio is funny xD depicted the manga's version well maybe better (y). The scene where Azusa was crying was well depicted as well, glad to see the pacing speeding up. Sadly, it has only 13 episodes ... hmm I wonder where will they stop ...

Shin Koihime Musou; hmmm can't remember what's it about ... oh yeah Ryuubi finally got her back sword only to lose it again ... and that's about it I can remember haha.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun; Episode 8 was awesome, <3 headdesking Kuroko haha, at first I thought her voice was irritating but after a while I got used to it and thought it sounds interesting and distinctive now =D. Episode 9 sure felt like a filler episode, the battle scene between Kuroko and that bad guy really took too long, too much yabadaba talking and all.

Kiddy Girl End; Episode 6A was ... interesting hahaha, 6B was =O and some parts were disturbing ... like Dia asking for more milk ... and stuff anyways, it was enjoyable.

Hmm what else ... that's about it I guess, cya next time. I should really sleep early hmm.

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  1. This is the last cool episode in Kampfer. The 11th, where the misteries are explained sucks like hell ;/