[Manga] Yuri Hime S Vol2 - Honey Crush Chapter 2

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I never wanted to continue summarizing Honey Crush cos I was thinking of leaving the job to Dynasty Scans. Then I figured, hell with it, since I done Chapter 1 why not 2 lol. I believe noone minds right?


I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Click on the scans and a new window will open and bring you to the larger and clearer version.

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Honey Crush C2 1. Honey Crush C2 2.

Continuing from the previous chapter, Mitsu's depressed that the person [Madoka] she's in love with has a boyfriend and even though she really liked Madoka, there seem to be no way to convey her feelings because her rival's a life human being while she's just a spirit. Mitsu's also pretty upset over the fact that Madoka doesn't seem to have any spiritual sense at all and so Mitsu's existence is practically zero. However, Mitsu stated that she still likes Madoka so she will NEVER give up and went on to whine at Madoka holding hands with boyfriend, Yamada-kun lol.

Honey Crush C2 3. Honey Crush C2 4.

Mitsu thought of a way to disrupt their relationship by making Yamada-kun late for their date. Little did she know, Madoka was late too and was impressed that Yamada-kun waited for her LOL. Mitsu then tried to use her 'scary' face on Yamada-kun but Yamada-kun's also one of those kinds who can't sense any spiritual energy LOL.

Honey Crush C2 5. Honey Crush C2 6.

Next, Mitsu had added some toothpaste in the sandwiches Madoka made the night before for the date and anticipated Yamada-kun to make a fool out of himself. Unexpectedly, Madoka told Yamada-kun that she forgot to bring her share and so they shared the toothpaste flavoured sandwiches together ... and to Mitsu's horror, both of them doesn't seem to have taste buds and even thought the sandwiches to be pretty good LOL. In the end, Mitsu lost to the natural abilities of Madoka and Yamada-kun lol. As Mitsu's worshipping the ground in despair, Kyouko showed up beside her and reprimanded her for the underhand tricks of hers. Seemed like Kyouko has not given up too.

Honey Crush C2 7. Honey Crush C2 8.

Mitsu thought of tripping Yamada-kun but accidentally tripped Madoka instead as she was moving forward to pet a cat lol. Yamada-kun tried to grab hold of Madoka but also fell along with Madoka. With Yamada-kun suggestively on top of Madoka, it created a rather romantic atmosphere for them to kiss lol. Mitsu tried to stop and push Yamada-kun from doing whatever he might do lol.

Honey Crush C2 9. Honey Crush C2 10.

As she was desperately clinging to Yamada-kun, Mitsu suddenly found herself in the body of Yamada-kun! LOL. Mitsu found it to be disgusting but seeing Madoka's cute face in front of her, Mitsu remembered that he was about to kiss her and was going to stop but Madoka's ... lips were just too irresistible and she moved forward ...

Honey Crush C2 11. Honey Crush C2 12.

But was interrupted by Kyouko whacking her head lol and that got Mitsu out of Yamada-kun's body. Kyouko then told Mitsu off that the body she's in was not hers. Meanwhile, Yamada-kun woke up confused lol. Madoka smiled at Kyouko's display of jealousy and Kyouko gallantly admitted to it and declared that she likes Madoka. Madoka replied that ... but Kyouko's a girl, Kyouko answered back that she wants to have a lesbian relationship with Madoka. Kyouko went on to hug Madoka and told her that she likes her again ...

Honey Crush C2 13. Honey Crush C2 14.

However, Madoka bluntly refused Kyouko's confession by stating that she doesn't feel her heart beating fast when she's with her lol which brought relief to both Mitsu and Yamada-kun lol. Back home, Kyouko thought to herself that she's merely seen as a mistaken male childhood playmate lol. Kyouko added that they even promised to get married and their relationship was so good that it doesn't matter whether she's a male or not. Kyouko sighed and thought to herself that she doesn't feel that depressed as she thought and wondered if it's because of Mitsu who was beside her weeping her eyes out lol.

Kyouko suggested Mitsu to give up on Madoka as it's an unrequited love and go attain nirvana instead. Come to think of it, why is Mitsu in Kyouko's house? LoL. Mitsu replied that she felt sad when she's with Madoka and her own house was occupied by her grandparents LOL. Mitsu then changed her reason to her supposed concern for the 'heart-broken' Kyouko lol and Kyouko wondered who's the one crying just now. - END of Chapter 2 -

This chapter is interesting, seemed like Kyouko's interest is moving some where else ... heh heh heh.

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Candy☆Boy [ONA] 7.39 Mins Short Clip

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Don't think, there's shoujo-ai in this! LoL. It's an ONA aka Original Net Animation so you can catch it online via nico by clicking the thumbnail below ;

It's twincest though haha but it's really sweet and quite easy to understand even though the clip is RAW =). Hopefully more developments in the future XD.

Candy☆Boy (ONA)

More info at animenewsnetwork.com and offical website.

Fans of seiyuu, Nabatame Hitomi [Also seiyuu of Hanazono Shizuma in Strawberry Panic!] can try watching the clip too cos Nabatame-san voiced the younger twin sister, Sakurai Kanade [The brunette].

... ... ... ... What are you waiting for? Watch it now! LoL.

PS: I really think the title's weird, I mean Candy Boy? lol wth. Oh I just started playing dota, complete newbie though.

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Happy Thanksgiving to Punk'd ODEX

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I juz got home from my Malaysia trip last night so I didn't managed to 'catch' all the actions which happened in the early morning of Thursday, 22th November 2007 regarding ODEX. Check out bj0rN, THAT Animeblog and Dark Mirage sites for more info.

Well, technically, I was online that fateful Wednesday, 21st November 2007 night but I was hm reading fanfics, feeling sleepy and lurking in yamibo for new updates. Was in ChuangYi forum for a little while, randomly reading some threads but went offline after a while lol. Think I slept at around 1AM and only did woke up at 1PM this afternoon LOL, I was wayyyy freaking tired.

While I was MIA for the three days, ODEX hits the limelight;
Odex takes on the world (by mistake) - Credits to Konpaku no uta

LOL was my reaction.

Needless to say, I was pretty amused that my ranting post was 'featured' in the hacked site of ODEX and thanks to the hacker, my blog ratings went up! LOL.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

However, I must really state that I'm in no conditions related nor in any conspiracy with the hacker. I was dead to the world at the 'scene' of crime lol.

Oh well, I wonder what will happen next.

Oh yeah back to safe grounds, I'll probably be summarizing Honey Crush Chapter 2 tommorow or saturday, not sure.

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EDIT @ 24/11/2007, I just realized something, okay I'm slow. If ODEX's website is that easily hacked, won't our information [From signing up the VOD service] be made known to the hacker? Won't everything be revealed? Is ODEX really jumping the gun? Can't walk and wanna try to fly?

Happy 15th Birthday Fish!

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Fish's Birthday Cake.

Fish's birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it tonight cos we're going to Genting Highlands tomorrow morning.

Away from 19/11/2007 to 21/11/2007

Didn't manage to summarize Yuri Hime S #2, Honey Crush Chapter 2 today cos I was out from 10am till 7pm lol, mum woke me up to go have lor mee at Clementi for breakfast then went to IMM for some shopping, went to dad's office in Choa Chu Kang, watched ADVFilm's [IT'S LEGAL OKAY!?] Chrno Crusade DVDs with the boys and finally went to a coffee shop near IMM for claypot rice XD.

Reckon I'll do the review when I'm back, so, cya!

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[Manga] Hatsu Koi Shimai Chapter 6

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Please buy the manga when it's out next year!!!


As this series is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC, please buy your own copy to show your support for the mangaka and Seven Seas so that they could licensed probably more shoujo-ai mangas for us =).

I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Click on the scans and a new window will open and bring you to the larger and clearer version.

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Hatsu Koi Shimai Volume 2 Cover.

I really like Volume 2's cover, Haruna and Chika in embrace looks so sweet~

Hatsu Koi Shimai 1. Hatsu Koi Shimai 2.

It seems to be a brand new school term as the girls were dressed in summer uniforms. Just then, a new character arrived with style via bike, attracting the attentions of the fangirls around. Akiho greeted Chika as they met but Chika seemed a little sadden, so Akiho teased Chika by apologizing for not being Haruna lol. Chika changed the subject by pointing them to the crowd swarming the new character. The new character amused by the mob, asked if they could bring her to the school office, sending the fangirls into a frenzy and knocked over the bike.

Akiho noticed the bike falling and rushed over to hold it, along with the new character. The new character then asked Akiho to bring her to the school office, to the disappointment of the fangirls. The new character smiled and sent the fangirls into a frenzy once again by winking at the fangirls. As Akiho and Chika brought the new character to the school office, Akiho asked if the new character's the new relief teacher.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 3. Hatsu Koi Shimai 4.

The new character teased Akiho by stating that she's curious in her hm? Akiho agitatedly yelled that it's natural isn't it, if not the new character would not be allowed in school grounds, thus making the new character chuckle at Akiho's reaction. The new character moved her attention on the unsuspecting Chika, calling her cute and naive. Feeling a little pissed, Akiho walked off with Chika and told the new character to make her way to the school office which was around the corner herself as they had to go prepare for their classes.

Chika wondered at Akiho's sudden actions which Akiho merely replied that she had an annoying feeling and didn't want to listen to a person as the new character talk lol. Akiho then advised Chika to be more cautious but Chika said that the new character's all smiles and friendly, looked to be a good person and added, cool too. Akiho apparently doesn't think so lol. Chika's surprised as it was quite rare that Akiho would comment that badly on a person. Akiho replied that a person like that new character's difficult to deal with lol.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 5. Hatsu Koi Shimai 6.

During lesson, the new character was introduced as their new relief English teacher, Hiiragi Touko-sensei lol. The girls in classes instantly began fangirls while Akiho and Chika were like, 'Ah! That person from that morning!' [Akiho called Touko as cheater though lol]. Chiori immediately stood up and reprimanded the girls for being rude, creating a din as the other girls commented that Chiori's bullying people again. Touko-sensei managed to stop the noise by making this pitiful? worrisome? looking expression wishing the cute girls will get along with each other, to which the fangirls with hearts in their eyes gladly listened.

During lunch, Chika told Haruna about the new teacher, Touko-sensei, however Haruna said that she already knew about her, rumours spread fast about cool teachers lol. Chika too agreed, wondering why Akiho would say Touko-sensei to be a difficult person to deal with because she seemed to be a friendly and straight-forward person. Haruna listened with a grim expression on her face.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 7. Hatsu Koi Shimai 8.

Chika suddenly changed the topic by complaining to Haruna that she felt lonely that she didn't see Haruna that morning and she had wanted Haruna to be the first person to see her in summer uniform lol. Haruna grasped Chika's hands, apologized as she had duties that morning and went on to comment Chika looked cute in her summer uniform. Chika blushed and thank Haruna for the praise. In her mind, Chika told herself that even though Touko-sensei had called her 'cute' earlier, compared to Haruna calling her 'cute', this made her feel like she was bursting with joy. Although they had been through alot since they first met, to be able to enjoy sweet moments with Haruna in their secret garden, brought her the most happiness.

As they were walking down the stairs, they noticed Touko-sensei in the centre of attention in the crowd like an idol. Suddenly, Chika missed a step and fell down the stairs, spraining her ankle. Touko-sensei noticed the commotion and went over to help by carrying Chika bridal-style to the infirmary. Haruna could only looked worriedly at Touko-sensei carried Chika there. Chika felt like a princess and very embarrassed being like that but later relaxed by Touko-sensei's soothing warmth.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 9. Hatsu Koi Shimai 10.

In the infirmary, Touko-sensei help bandaged Chika's ankle as the teacher in charge wasn't around. Haruna, with a worried expression on her face asked if Chika's alright. Not wanting to see that expression on Haruna's face, Chika bolted up on her two feet while trying to control her pain lol. Haruna then offered to assist Chika back to her classroom. As they were walking back, Haruna tried to explain probably her helplessness just now, but Chika said that the incident reminded her of the first time she met Haruna.

Chika continued that she had fallen that day too and clumsy her brought much troubles to Haruna. However, Chika added, because of that day, she had met Haruna and be with her now. Haruna felt touched by Chika's words, smiled and agreed. Unknown to them, Touko-sensei heard their conversation and seemed to conclude something. After school, Chika felt agonized by the glares of Touko-sensei's fangirls lol.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 11. Hatsu Koi Shimai 12.

Touko-sensei made matters worse by coming over to offer Chika a lift home lol because it was her fault that she's too mesmerizing that Chika fell. Akiho then went to Haruna's classroom and told her that Chika went home already, no thanks for Touko-sensei. Akiho angrily added that Chika had wanted to walk home with Haruna but was forced away by Touko-sensei. Haruna smiled and remarked that it's rare to see Akiho so worked up lol. Akiho blushed and stammered that she's not angry, just that Touko-sensei's a difficult person to deal with and seemed to be a liar. Haruna didn't mention more and suggested that they go home then.

Hatsu Koi Shimai 13. Hatsu Koi Shimai 14.

Meanwhile, Chika was on Touko-sensei's bike, still attracting glares from fangirls and wondered she could spend her school days tomorrow normally lol. Touko-sensei told Chika to hold tight as they speed off. Chika thought to herself that she felt relaxed at Touko-sensei's soothing warmth like earlier spreading from her back and body with a girl's softness and she smells good too. Feeling her heart beating fast, Chika quickly stopped her thoughts lol, bringing a chuckle from Touko-sensei. Chika regretted going off with Touko-sensei as she felt like walking home with Haruna and her last thoughts were about Haruna ... - END of Chapter 6 -

Hm, seemed like I was off when I stated that Akiho likes Chika romantically in Chapter 5. After this chapter and ... lol okay I was spoilt by the next 3 chapters that Akiho likes Chika only as a friend and likes Haruna alot haha. And no, Touko-sensei's not a bad person, she's just probably more realistic and trying to speed things up between Chika and Haruna which is good isn't it? Ahhhh, no more spoilers, await Chapter 7!

Oh I'll be posting up the summary for Yuri Hime S #2, Honey Crush Chapter 2 this saturday!

Random rants;
I finally watched 'Blue Drop Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku' today and ... I found Wakatake Mari's voice very familiar and it turns out that the seiyuu for Mari is the same as the seiyuu for Nohara Shinnosuke in Crayon Shin-chan LOL. I was constantly reminded of his witty lines in Mandarin [I watched the anime on VCDs in Mandarin], '呵呵,我没那么好啦!' and his '我是野原新之助,今年五岁!' pick-up lines lol.

I also watched Minami-ke a few days ago, I skimmed through the manga first before watching the anime and episode 1 was totally hilarious lol. Especially the scene where Kana-chan tried to kiss Chiaki-chan and chased her around when she refused. I love episode 5 too, when Kana tied and hanged Chiaki to the pole and treated her as the Weather Doll LOL and later prayed at Chiaki, that was totally priceless!

Okay, it got me interested cos of Mako-chan lol, the potential successor to the Best Trap Ever, Miyanokouji Mizuho hahahaha. Seriously, Haruka's really dense -.-||| but BURNINhotcute nevertheless.

Hmm, HQ's and S's birthday parties fell on the same day [which is this coming saturday], so I had to make two trips since both of them came to my party, so it's polite to go to theirs. Not sure what to get for them, probably ... heh, I dunno lol.

Oh yeah, I'm going to Genting Highlands next Monday~~ Miss the KFC and Pizza Hut there, yum and won't forget to scream 'I LOVE KFC' when on the Dragon ride lol.

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[Manga] Yuri Hime Wildrose Volume 1 - Part 2

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Ichijinsha - Comic Yurihime has published an ecchish yuri manga titled 'Yurihime Wildrose' [百合姫 Wildrose] on 18th October 2007 along with latest issue, 'Yurihime Volume 10'. This will be Part 2 of my review, click here to view Part 1 of my review.

Yurihime Wildrose Cover.

As this is primarily a PG-13 sometimes M-18 uh blog, I'm not going to directly post any explicit images here, just gonna post up some teaser images and worksafe pages. If you really want to read the whole thing, buy the real thing or go yamibo [wait patiently] and I will not elaborate any further than this.

So, don't request for downloads as they WILL BE IGNORED and DELETED.

Here's the list of mangaka and their works in 'Yurihime Wildrose';

- Cover Illustration by Monchi Kaori [門地 かおり]
- Illustration by CHI-RAN
1. '好きときどきキス' by Miyashita Kitsune [宮下 キツネ]
2. 'アーケディア~楽園の花~' by Mizuno Tohko [水野 透子]
3. '温室の魔女' by Mikuni Hazime [三国 ハヂメ]
4. '好!' by CHI-RAN
5. '女の子合わせ' by Morishima Akiko [森島 明子]
6. 'くちびるにの・せ・て' by Jounouchi Nene [城之内 寧々]
7. 'いちばんすきなひと' by Tokitsukaze Otoha [時津風 おとは]
8. 'Sweet Little Devil' by Nanzaki Iku [南崎 いく]
9. 'BLUE' by Hashiba Hayase [速瀬 羽柴]

I will continue from mangaka [Author], Morishima Akiko [森島 明子], to view the ealier reviews of the first four mangaka, check out Part 1 of my review.

I would suggest you not to view these at work lol, anyways, enjoy!

Yurihime Wildrose C5 1. Yurihime Wildrose C5 2. Yurihime Wildrose C5 3. Yurihime Wildrose C5 4. Yurihime Wildrose C5 5. Yurihime Wildrose C5 6.

5. '女の子合わせ' by Morishima Akiko [森島 明子];
Morishima-sensei, a regular contributor in Yuri Shimai and Yuri Hime, with her short work, '天使たちの羽音' in Yuri Shimai 2 of cosplaying girls lol. I really like her works, very interesting reads, for example, 'そして僕らわ愛お目指す' about a relationship between a senpai [senior] who took care of her cute kouhai [junior] in their youth. When they grew up, the kouhai became taller and more mature looking than the senpai lol however the kouhai still looked up to the senpai spiritually. Oh yeah, her work in Yurihime Wildrose is kinda PWP though, girl confessed then the other girl reciprocates the feeling and they start doing the 'deed' [!?] in a rather cute and amusing way haha.

Yurihime Wildrose C6 1. Yurihime Wildrose C6 2. Yurihime Wildrose C6 3. Yurihime Wildrose C6 4. Yurihime Wildrose C6 5. Yurihime Wildrose C6 6.

6. 'くちびるにの・せ・て' by Jounouchi Nene [城之内 寧々];
Also a regular contributor with her still continuing work, 'アップル・デイ・ドリーム' aka 'Apple Day Dream' in Yuri Hime and was published as a Tankoubon [Volume] two months ago. Jounouchi-sensei also do BL stuff and personally, I like her art when she does BL charactrs better than she did GL characters, I don't know why lol. In this work of hers, the characters kind of reminded me of Yumi and Sachiko from Maria-sama ga Miteru except the Sachiko look-alike here was more cheeky and forward later XD. Yumi look-alike confessed to Sachiko look-alike and it turned out that Sachiko look-alike liked Yumi look-alike despite how aloof she looked lol.

Yurihime Wildrose C7 1. Yurihime Wildrose C7 2. Yurihime Wildrose C7 3. Yurihime Wildrose C7 4. Yurihime Wildrose C7 5. Yurihime Wildrose C7 6.

7. 'いちばんすきなひと' by Tokitsukaze Otoha [時津風 おとは];
I believe Tokitsukaze-san started out doing CG art works of BLEACH, BLOOD+ and others as seen on her site and she recently had her BLEACH, Rukia x Byakuya M-18 doujinshi published on Comiket 72. I liked the way she drew the girls rather than the guys lol, reminds me of Itou Ei-sensei's art. The plot of her work in Yurhime Wildrose is pretty straight-forward, the characters were childhood friends and one of the characters was agonizing that she liked her best friend, little did she knew that her best friend liked her too. Best friend then asked friend to embrace her and it's okay if she's her first person and they knew that they liked each other and stuff. It was a sweet story in the end.

Yurihime Wildrose C8 1. Yurihime Wildrose C8 2. Yurihime Wildrose C8 3. Yurihime Wildrose C8 4. Yurihime Wildrose C8 5. Yurihime Wildrose C8 6.

8. 'Sweet Little Devil' by Nanzaki Iku [南崎 いく]
More famously known as his circle, 'どろぱんだTOURS' aka Doropanda TOURS, Nanzaki-sensei is the man behind the utterly god-like gorgeous art of Mai HiME/Otome doujinshis we see in the Manga Page of this blog. I was thrilled to see his name among the list of mangaka in Yurihime Wildrose and can't wait to see the original characters of his. Needless to say, the two main characters beared a close resemblance to Natsuki and Shizuru of Mai HiME lol but the Shizuru look-alike, Sayo [minus Kyoto-ben] was two years younger than Natsuki look-alike, Ritsuko. A little like Morishima Akiko's [森島 明子], 'そして僕らわ愛お目指す' story I mentioned earlier, small Sayo grew taller than Ritsuko when they met in the same high school lol. This is probably THE hottest work of the list of mangaka in Yurihime Wildrose lol.

Yurihime Wildrose C5 1. Yurihime Wildrose C5 2. Yurihime Wildrose C5 3. Yurihime Wildrose C5 4. Yurihime Wildrose C5 5. Yurihime Wildrose C5 6.

9. 'BLUE' by Hashiba Hayase [速瀬 羽柴];
Hashiba-sensei contributed some of his works in Yuri Shimai and did a Maria-sama ga Miteru, Sei x Shiori doujinshi, 'Sakura' under circle name 'Red Dragon'. One of his major works would be his manga adaptation of 'Simoun' which I believe most of us would be familiar with. His work, 'BLUE' is quite weird yet teasing lol, it's about this girl who finds fault in the way the other girl tied her shirt ribbon. The other girl found the fault-finding girl sleeping on the rooftop, went on to untie her ribbon and touching her. I believe the fault-finding girl liked the other girl and probably thought she was dreaming when the other girl was touching her. Towards the end, the other girl told her subtly that she likes the blue ribbon [The bra ribbon was blue lol] and left grinning.

Ah, that's all, it was fun and I hope you enjoyed it =). Since yamibo is up and well, I can get working with Hatsu Koi Shimai, so expect Chapter 6 pretty soon.

Random rants;

I finally went to get my student visa done at IDP, submitted the dorm application and went on to do the medical checkup near town. After doing the X-ray, I happily trotted to a clinic at the Paragon, to my horror, the lady told me they were closed ... for lunch break lol. So I went to Takashimaya, had lunch at KFC [Not a good idea to eat fattening food before a check up? LOL who cares] and buzzed up to Kinokuniya to sniff out manga.

Kamikaze Girls #1 and Otomen #1.

I spied a lonely 'Kamikaze Girls' [Manga] #1 in a corner and set on to buy it lol. I watched the movie a few months ago and I enjoyed it pretty much. Well, there's like 0.01% of shoujo-ai between Ichigo and Momoko and that 0.01% was towards the end when Momoko mumured that she likes Ichigo alot, more than her BABY's clothes lol. HOWEVER. My hopes were dashed when I read the bonus chapter, 'Ichigo's case' as I painfully witnessed Ichigo's interest in ... the twin of her ex-love O_o sigh. It was a fun read though despite the shock lol. After picking 'Kamikaze Girls' up, I went to browse through the Chinese and Japanese section.

I don't dare to buy much cos I didn't bring the Kinokuniya vouchers I got for my birthday with me, -.-||| it was an impromptu trip okay? Talking about the vouchers, LOL I have absolutely no idea what to spend that S$60 voucher, hm, do I spend it on Loveless?, Princess Princess? or wait till December and spend it all on Seven Seas' Strawberry Line manga? HMM HMM, decisions, decisions lol. I figured I better buy Loveless soon yet I'm not sure if ChuangYi will ... license it ... I'll cry if they do cos I would had paid twice for the TokyoPop version. Anyways, I'll just leave it and see first =).

Btw, Happy Deepavali! Below's some of the yummy food I had last night at work place;

Yummy Food.

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