Amazon Japan and USA Purchases September 2010 Part 2

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IT'S TEN TEN TEN! And my birthday \O/

YES! MY FUJINO SHIZURU WAVE FIGURINE IS HERE~ xD along with Marimite OVA 4th Season DVD, Yurihime Wildrose #6 and Line.

Pictures intensive post ahead! A few selected shots from my StarCruise Virgo trip and sample snapshots of my Amazon Japan Purchases! Click read more to view them =D

How can one not get fat from this luxury!? TELL ME!!

Next up as promised, I've snapped 14 shots of my purchases from Amazon Japan. You can request a few more pages from any title if you wish but I do not want to damage my books so don't ask for proper book scans. Just holler in the comments section, for example - "I WANT PAGE 56 of [title of book] PLUZ" and I'll take a shot of pages 56-57 or 55-56 depending on the positioning of the page requested. I'll take a max 3 requests for each title, not including what I've posted. ENJOY!

1. スリーピングビューティーの見た夢 by 四ツ原フリコ;

2. ラブフラッグ★Girls!! by 高橋依摘;

3. 少女ホリック by 青井はな;

4. キミ恋リミット by 百乃モト;

5. くちびるに透けたオレンジ by ロクロイチ;

6. sweet guilty love bites by 天野しゅにんた;

7. フィダンツァートのためいき by 田中琳;

Anddd, not to forget; 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Fujino Shizuru Wave Version

Hope you liked the previews, if you want moar, request a page in the comments section! =D

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Shezaei Neko's ShizNat Fanart Contest

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On behalf of Shezaei-Neko, I'm here to promote a ShizNat Fanart contest that she's holding based on the ShizNat fanfics she had done. If you have been reading her fanfics, what are you waiting for? DRAW HER SOME SHIZNAT FANART NAO! If you're new to her fanfics, check out the list of ShizNat stories on her fanfic profile here and you can also find more details about the contest at her LiveJournal =3

1st Place: A Natsuki Figure and the newest Doropanda TOURS Doujinshi - Kanjou Seibutsu EX [OMG!]
2nd Place: A Gashapon Midori Figurine
3rd Place: A Mikoto Key Chain

The deadline for this contest is on 20th November 2010 so get drawing now! =D

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Amazon Japan and USA Purchases September 2010

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=O Singpost exceeded my expectations lol, paid on 29th September and got my parcels [All 5 of them!] today! Even though those 5 parcels were already sitting in SG for days, still! I expected them to dig out my parcels and deliver next week or something haha. Anyways, they didn't, so good work to them!

Click continue reading more if you wanna see what's inside that hugeass amazon jp package lol.

Meh, it sucks that vPOST upped their vJPN shipping charges [$2/kg] but I got a 25% discount [Around $30!], still it's expensive overall. I might be switching to AmazonJPN's International shipping instead. vUSA is still awesome, with US exchanges rates low, I get my HxB #6 at around S$16 including shipping charges.

21 [1 more coming soon] bloody manga! It was a heavy parcel, almost 7kg! I'll post some sample/sneak pages of each title later cos I'm busy rolling around on them eh I mean reading them haha.

Bought Loveless #3 and #4 because of KouyaxYamato ♥ and also, a book and my copy of Marimite Season 4 DVD are coming up soon, most probably next week. I'mma bring HxB to my cruise this Sunday YAY.

Alrighty, going back to reading, cya!

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