[OVA] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 3 - Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA

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YEAH! It's finally here!!!! Grab your NSFW dose of yuri at hongfire or yamibo if you have an account there with 20+ posts. Yamibo has torrent, MF and VS links!

I've only briefly scanned through it ... and it was awesome *_* Enjoy it over the weekend guys ;D

Updated @ 1.30 AM;
Mandarin sub's out, they're fast as usual so grab them at yamibo, same thread as I've posted above. I'll give a brief summary if anyone cares what they're talking about hm?
Click continue reading to read more!

The animation opens with Reo and Mai doing the ecchi at the infirmary. Reo protested weakly saying that she's cold, Mai promised that it'll be alright soon because she'll warm her up in no time. Mai told Reo that she wants to listen to her ecchi voice, Reo reminded her that they're in the infirmary and people might hear them. Mai assured that everyone's gone home already ... and continued, whispering in Reo's ear that she feels it when she listens to Reo's voices. They started complimenting each other, you're cute ... no, you're the cute one! You're both cute okay!

Mai added that she felt it when Reo suckled her and touched her hmm okay, TMI, I don't have to explain that lol. Uh so they started doing the 69 and make each other call out in their ecchi voices. - Insert Title - Reo caught a cold from their tryst in the infirmary [It's all Mai's fault!] and she missed Mai desperately. To her surprise, Mai visited her and Reo tried to hide her happiness by acting tsundere xD Mai noticed that Reo's still flushed and bended down to touch their foreheads. They stayed that way for a while before Reo announcing that she's thirsty. Mai cheekily fed Reo water via mouth to mouth [GJ!].

Mai suggested that Reo change her out of her sweaty clothing and offered to wipe and change her clothes. Reo resisted, Mai turned aggressive and pulled off the blankets. Reo muttered that Mai's too aggressive. Mai apparently toned down and offered again to help Reo. As Mai got down the bed to get a hot towel, Reo instinctively grabbed the tail of Mai's blouse sleeve. Mai assured Reo that she'll stay by her side all day and kissed her cheek.

-Flashback- Mai was chasing after Reo. Reo turned and asked why Mai's chasing after her. Mai replied that because Reo's running away from her and thought she hated her. Reo said no, rather it's the opposite way ... and confessed her love for Mai. [LOL Mai's reactions are so amusing] Mai can't believed it while Reo's like realize it already you idiot! In Reo's mind, she don't care if Mai dislikes her after confession but she just had to say it out. Mai didn't and replied that she likes Reo too. Reo didn't believe it so Mai proved her love by kissing her. - End of Flashback -

Back to Reo's room, Mai returned with a basin of water and towel and helped Reo wipe her sweat off her back. Mai's hands started straying towards the front side \O/ and Mai whispered into Reo's ear that she can't control herself any longer and suckled Reo's neck. Mai passionately declared that she wants Reo, now. Reo protested for a moment saying that she's a patient ... Mai replied that if Reo runs a fever again, she'll continue to stay by her side and taking care of her. Reo smiled, internally happy that Mai will be by her side. Mai tried to seal the deal by kissing her. Reo gently pushed Mai away, worried that Mai might catch her flu. Mai said that she don't mind if she catch a flu but Reo refused to let that happen.

Mai apologized and backed away. Reo grabbed Mai as she was about to get off the bed again. Mai said that she's just going to cool her head off and promised that she'll stay by Reo's side all day after that. Reo blushed and kissed Mai, telling her she don't want Mai to stop touching her. Mai warned that she's not stopping when she starts, Reo added that even if she protested, Mai wasn't going to stop either. So they magically got naked in a second and yeah, see it for yourself. Hmm Mai's ass looks awfully huge from that point of view lol. Reo got too excited when Mai whispered in her ear that she loves her. Before changing their positions, Mai apologized again for her lack of control and promised to take full responsibility for Reo's illness. Reo wants to hear Mai's voice too so they changed positions again with Reo on top of her.

LOL the bgm is awesome, makes me feel like singing In the Arms of an Angel~ hahaha, especially at the moment when Mai asked if Reo loves her. Reo replied that it's embarrassing and refused to say it. Mai said that she wants to hear Reo say it *pouts* Reo complied and Mai asked for one more and another and more. Reo exclaimed that she loves Mai [Awww] and words cannot describe how much she loves her. Mai replied that she too loves Reo. Both of them then basked in the afterglow, smiling. Turned out that Mai really did caught Reo's flu [I giggled]. As Mai laid on her bed resting, Reo seemed reluctant to go to school. Mai assured Reo that she'll be alright after a day's rest and pushed Reo out of her house lol. Reo seemingly went to school but naw, she didn't and demanded Mai to get well soon!

Mai was touched and cried a little. The flustered Reo told Mai to get well soon and added that she'll stay by Mai's side until then. Mai questioned until then ... only? Reo [awww] replied that she'll always stay by Mai's side regardless of sickness ... [=o proposal!?] before exclaiming that rather, she won't let Mai out of her side, never! adding that because Mai's her class president ... Mai smiled and gently called Reo's name. Reo's expression turned honest and they met with a kiss. - THE END -

Awwww, it was a great OVA! I NEED MOREEEEEE! RAWR!

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[Morinaga Miruku] Girlfriends Chapter 34

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GIRLFRIENDS Chapter 34 raw is out at yamibo, grab them now! They are kind enough to scan them, don't whine about anything, BUY THE COPY if you're not happy about it.

Thanks for the 1 million visits \O/ and Yamibo has the Mandarin version churn out in record time =o, so here's spoilers/summary for those who can't wait ... I guess. I don't think it'll be long before Ris/MakiMaki Scans get the English version out =3

Picking up from the previous chapter, with their bikini tops undone, our favourite heroines were passionately tangling their tongues together before slipping their bodies down to the floor [o.o Bed's more comfortable isn't it? But that's not the point]. Akko, goodness know what, stopped and stared at Mari who looked deliciously flustered. Akko apologized which momentarily stunned Mari who probably thought that Akko don't find her attractive enough to make love to her.

Akko wasn't worried about that, of course. Akko said that she's sorry that it's her first time. Mari went, 'Huh?'. Akko added that she's about to explode from what they were doing so far. Mari questioned about the time with whatever-kun [I don't remember his name ... oh that Ouji-sama of Akko's friend], which we all knew that nothing happened. Akko asked back about Mari and that time with her whatever-kun boyfriend and Mari said this was her first time \O/. Mari continued that she's very sure what she's going to do with Akko though ;D but wasn't that confident about it or that she's afraid that Akko will be disgusted with her. Mari went to the extent of saying that it's okay if they stopped or Akko laughing it off by saying it's a joke because they haven't taken off their bottoms yet ...

Akko assured Mari's feelings by covering them with the blanket [=A=! Whatever for!?] and taking off both their bikini bottoms. Now completely naked, they faced each other, Akko asked Mari what she wants to do and Mari replied that she wants to touch Akko. Akko gave the okay and they touched and groped each other ;D Akko slides her thigh in between Mari and she gasped. Akko said she's in the same situation as Mari too and guided her hand towards her wetness. Mari seemed relieved that Akko's the same too and cried. Akko gently caressed her face and kissed her forehead, murmuring that Mari's an idiot [probably for Mari's insecurity?].

A few hours later, both of them basking in the afterglow with Akko caressing the flustered Mari's hair and giggling. Akko suggested that Mari grow her hair out but Mari replied that Akko's the one who helped her snip her long hair off before. Akko replied that she's fine with Mari, short or long hair, both of them cute! Akko added that Mari will be even cuter if she has longer hair than she had before and they can probably style their hair together --- Akko's tummy growled. Seemed like both missed dinner [they were busy!] and it's after 12 midnight =o Akko remembered that she bought bread for breakfast and got them out. The shy Mari put on clothes first before joining Akko.

Mari commented that it's not healthy/nutritious for Akko to only eat bread. Akko replied that it's okay because she get to eat Mari's bento during afternoons~ Akko complimented Mari's cooking and stated that Mari will make an awesome bride! Mari got insecured again, thinking that they're going to be separated one day but Akko surprised her by adding that she's hers, meaning that Mari's is HER bride =D. Mari softly replied that she too decided to be Akko's bride xD, unfortunately Akko didn't hear it nor Mari repeated her statement. Instead Mari said that she's going to be a nutritionist to make sure Akko eats well and that she enjoys cooking and making bentos for her too so ...

Akko's so touched that she lunged for Mari, hugging her and exclaimed that she loves Mari and her bento. In Mari's mind, she was glad that her great feeding plan was a success. Akko started making plans, saying that Mari should make bento for their outing, to theme parks and camping. Akko lamented that they didn't really enjoy their first class outing together before so she wanted a time where they will enjoyed it together. Akko sleepily added that she want them to wear the bikinis they were wearing before to beaches or swimming ... Mari replied that they would have to wait until the next break to do that ... Mari turned and noticed that Akko dozed off [DEJA VU!?].

Mari recalled that it was Akko's room that she first kissed the sleeping Akko. Mari never thought that she would be in this situation again and remembered that during that time she had not realized her feelings for Akko yet. Caressing Akko's lips, Mari thought to herself that she wants them to be together ... no, they must be together. No matter what happens, she will never give up.

Fast forward to April, they are now in their 3th year, the girls greet their friends happily and discussed about their new seating arrangements. Mari told Akko that their seats were separated to which Akko whispered to Mari that if she continued to seat beside Mari, she might not to able to control her feelings to be lovey-dovey with her xD. Akko commented that they're finally in their 3th year and felt that their 2nd year was really long. Mari thought to herself that they only have 1 more year to go but 1 year is a long time for them. - END -


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akayuki's not very otaku? corners 2

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Woohoo, never expected I would do a Part 2, got my arse up to do it after browsing around the awesome Worldwide Work Space post at Danny Choo's site. Warning; long post!!!

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ July 2010

Current work space of mine ;D it's nice and cosy, love it.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ ?? 2005

Haha, I have only a small picture of it, man, that Compaq Presario was my second PC and I remembered I was using Windows Me [Millennium] on that, it was okay until it died. But I did backup my files, so I was alright ;D My first PC was a second hand idk what with a red on button, I think I got it when I was around 13-14?

Before that I was playing games [like Hocus Pocus, Rayman, Wolfenstein 3D etc] on my aunt's office PC [Windows MDOS and 95/98] =o. My first laptop [seen above], an IBM Thinkpad X30 series weighs basically nothing without the docking base. It was with me all throughout poly life [3 years] and work life [1.5 years], pretty hardy I should say as I often left it on for days to torrent anime lol.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ December 2006

Got my Acer Aspire Desktop [AAD-chan~] at Sitex Show 2006, I blogged about it too xD. I was really excited at that time because it was my first largest purchase ever and I was very happy of it ... although it's kinda sitting on the side of my desk now =x It overheats and shuts down when I play L4D1/2 on it.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ October 2007

This was taken before my 21st birthday =3 I got more into collecting manga especially GL genres and as you can see, a stack of unread/read manga on the right corner. Note that the wall had been painted yellow too =D.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ October 2007

Anime Singles/DVDs collection, not much but growing =D

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ October 2007

My manga collection 3 years ago =o I love the cabinet, easy access to my precious manga anytime.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ January 2008

Note that X30's gone lol, cos it died :< and I got a Lenovo T61 \O/ complete with webcams so that I can see my family when I'm in Australia.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ August 2008

My small and cosy desk in Australia, it was okay, as long as I can put my laptop and mouse on it.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ August 2008

I like my wall, decorated with; on the extreme left, the map of UQ - St Lucia Campus, timetable for the semester, Yuri Hime calender wallpaper, 2 Stefanie Sun posters, printed Strawberry Panic! wallpaper, awesome Sakurazaki Setsuna with her wings, two amusing NanoxFate comic strips, Doropanda Tours' Ritsuko and Sayo, Soubi and Ritsuka from Loveless, Gin from Love Celeb, Harumi from Family Complex and Tsukasa from Uwasa no Midori-kun.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ October 2008

I guess I was starting to study for exams? Not so sure lol. This was probably taken after dinner, *stares at the brownie on the corner*

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ November 2008

Indeed I was lol. Exams 大嫌い!!!

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ November 2008

LOL, this was my one page, one sided Doing Business In Asia note that I was permitted to bring in the exam hall xD. I squeezed so many stuff inside that it scared me ahaha.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ May 2009

My Doropanda Tours loot in Australia \O/

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ June 2009

I was preparing to go back to Singapore and I got a new and bigger desk too \O/ That's why it looks so messy haha.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ September 2009

Attempt of a blueprint of my room hmmm. I do have fugly handwriting lol.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ September 2009

I deemed this TEH Awesome Room, because it's awesome! It has a nice carpet floor and great for group work discussions especially in the corner over there, people lie on the carpet flooring and do their work sometimes ;D

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ November 2009

The view from the Bio-sciences library with Cafe World app on ;D, I was only level 40 then ... now I'm 90 xD

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ December 2009

My 2 years worth stack of notes excluding the assignments and stuff =o not much?

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ December 2009

Added some "Inspirational" posters on the wall and a nice calender. Starting to spring clean my stuff and preparing to go back to Singapore for good =3

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ December 2009

Waiting at the cafeteria with my graduation gown on, taking a photo of my square hat, skyping and doing last minute downloading lmao.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ December 2009

My corner in one of the serviced apartment in Gold Coast - Surfer's Paradise =D I was nuts about Cafe World back then ... still are, but not as much.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ December 2009

Back in sunny Singapore with a new laptop =o courtesy of daddy in an unknown location xD. I stayed there too in June when I was quarantined because of Swine Flu :<

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ December 2009

My bros and my corner ;D PC was half-dead when I came back ... no wonder no one uses it until I came back.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ January 2010

Used the sweet 19" LCD screen for the Sony Vaio laptop ... the CPU was dumped in at the back lol. And look! K.K's [Name of the Maneki Neko] on the top! Amusingly, Cafe World app on my screen as well haha, I wonder why.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ March 2010

Yes, I used the ladder to CLIMB up and stack my manga, lol made me regret that I have so many manga orz I forgot how many times I climbed up and down the ladder ... enough to feel my body ache the next morning.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ July 2010

=o All of my purchases laid on my bed, love them.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ July 2010

And the ODEX VCDs on the corner under the TV.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ July 2010

CPU still hidden in the corner with my classic Kannazuki no Miko wallpaper and Vampire Knight's Kaname x Yuki.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ July 2010

Lenovo T61 with same old wallpaper cos it calms me down. I've never seen sea water that crystal clear in my life, it was life changing lol. I still got my favourite
"Inspirational" posters on my wall.

akayuki's not very otaku? corner @ July 2010

And that's all =3 From my farm house to Australia to unknown location and finally here. Man, I've shifted 4 places in 2.5 years. That's enough to last for me ... another 5 years? Haha.

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 19

Scroll down to read more! A kind Anon has provided a summary of C34 from Yuri na Hibi in the comments section. Boy, am I glad I checked out yamibo one more time before going to bed lol.

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Wowie, quite a number of GL books released this July. There are some back orders from May/June I have yet to order orz, although they are already in my shopping cart. Well, *stares at her shopping cart* ... *ADDS MORE* Haha xD

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

So getting them;
- Candy boy #1 by 峠比呂
- 少女ホリック [Shoujo Holic] by 青井はな
- キミ恋リミット [Kimi Koi Limit] by 百乃モト
- GIRL FRIENDS #4 by 森永みるく
- スリーピングビューティーの見た夢 [Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume] by 四ツ原フリコ
- オレンジイエロー [Orange Yellow] by 乙ひより

Hmm, I've around 15 items in my cart, Shitsurakuen #2 and #3, Octave #4, Yurihime Wildrose #5, Love Flag Girls!!, GIRLFRIENDS #4, Shoujo Holic, Kimi Koi Limit, Candy Boy #1, Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume, Orange Yellow, [Newly releases] sweet guilty love bites, Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange, [Yet to be released] Yurihime Wildrose #6, Ebisu-san to Hotei-san. I might add more, idk.

Newly released;
- フィダンツァートのためいき [?? no Tameiki] by 田中琳
- Raubritter* by 再田ニカ
- sweet guilty love bites by 天野しゅにんた
- さくら文通 [Sakura Correspondence] by ヒマワリソウヤ
- くちびるに透けたオレンジ [Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange] by ロクロイチ
- ナイフエッジガール [A Knife Edge Girl] by 古街キッカ
- HONEY CRUSH #2 by 椿あす
- flower*flower #2 by 石見翔子
- 死神アリス [Shinigami Alice] #1 by いづみやおとは
- 百合姫 Collection [Yurihime Collection] Vol.1
- 百合姫カラーアートワークスCHRONICLE [Yurihime Colour Artworks Chronicle]

フィダンツァートのためいき looks interesting and I like the art style ... hmm but Amazon JP seem be to out of stock, *waits*. Raubritter hmmm, don't like the art =x. sweet guilty love bites, YES PLEASE. Sakura Correspondence and ROSE MEETS ROSE maybe, maybe not. Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange, yep, I love the two stories from YH Wildrose #2 and #5. The two characters from A Knife Edge Girl reminds me of Mai and Reo from Hanabira xD, the short blonde Ai has the same tsundere attitude [calls her stupid and go die haha] towards the tall short-hair brunette, can't find her name. It's rather cute. Not getting HONEY CRUSH although it ended a while ago at Chapter 13 [Yurihime S #13] with a bittersweet ending *pouts* Not getting flower*flower, Shinigami Alice, Yurihime Collection and the artwork book as well.

Coming soon;
- エビスさんとホテイさん [Ebisu-san to Hotei-san] by きづきあきら+サトウナンキ
- しまいずむ [Shimaizumu aka Sisterism] by 吉富昭仁
- 星川銀座四丁目 [Hoshikawa Ginza District 4] by 玄鉄絢
- その花びらにくちづけを 「あなたと恋人つなぎ」 [Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 3 - Anata to Koibito Tsunagi] by Fuguriya
- くっつきぼし [Kuttsukiboshi] by Primastea
- 百合姫 Wildrose [Yurihime Wildrose] #6
- オクターヴ [Octave] #5 by 秋山はる
- ときめき☆もののけ女学園 [Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls' Academy] #2 by 南国ばなな

Getting Ebisu-san to Hotei-san because I liked it. Not getting Sisterism [Misleading cover lmao] and Hoshikawa Ginza District 4. Can't get Hanbira 3 OVA and not getting Kuttsukiboshi cos they're both expensive as hell *hugs her Candy Boy DVDs* Yes to Yurihime Wildrose #6, Octave #5 and no to ... Mononoke Girls' Academy, long name. Oh, Primastea just updated a DVD cover for Kuttsukiboshi, check it out here.

Ichijinsha ; Yuri Amagasa

Oh yeah, spoilers of GIRLFRIENDS C34 for those who speak moonspeak; Yuri Amagasa, a summary anyone?

All I could make out from happygoluckygoogletranslator is that they kissed with tongue [熱く舌を絡めあう2人 WHOA!], both of them realizing that it is going to be both of their first times and it had been one big misunderstanding with xx-kun and xx-kun who can't get it up lol.

"「まりは……どうしたいの?」と聞くあっこに「さ……さわりたい……あっこに」と恥かしがりながら答えるまりは、望みどおりあっこの裸の胸などを触っていきますが、そうしている間、ふと触れたあっこのひざがまりのアソコに当たってビクンとした際、あっこはまりがすっかり濡れてしまっていることに気付きます。" Sounds damn hot lol, shyness, touching each other, glances, naked, boobs, more touches, akko, mari, wet haha, cool.

"恥かしがっているそんなまりを見て、あっこも「私もだよ?…ね?」とまりの手を導き、自分のものも濡れていることを確かめさせてあげます。" Hmmm looking shy then Akko going, me too ... I'm wet too!? =O

OMFFG, I have high hopes for this chapter after that summary \O/ I can't wait for Monday when AE gets her copy and scans it wheee!

*goes off to watch tv*

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A poster in yamibo [You need to log in before you can view the thread] grabbed these two scans of GFC34 from 2chan. Before you click the links below, it's NSFW, YES INDEED. NOT SAFE FOR WORK ;D


Haha, now I'm too excited to sleep orz.

[OVA] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 3 - Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA Trailer 2

[Posted @ 5:00 PM]
Hey there, here's a quick update, the second trailer for Hanabira 3 OVA is released, now with voices of Mai and Reo, watch it here.

I've also uploaded the file in mediafire which I grabbed from yamibo, click here. Oh, they changed the voice actresses but it sounded okay to me, miss Reo's husky tsuntsun voice though haha.

Random rants;

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